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  1. Richy1976

    Hit the six £4.80 decal

    Made one up now, but if someone comes up with original still that would be good. Thanks.
  2. Does anyone have a hi res pic, scan or glass scan with the £4.80 decal on for a new dx?, as it's missing from glass scans I have. Thanks.
  3. Richy1976

    Impact Las vegas

    Even the caesars one lol.
  4. Richy1976

    Impact Las vegas

    Thanks Matty, thought they would have made some effort with the sounds as doesn't seem to match the theme to me.
  5. Richy1976

    Impact Las vegas

    Sound rom seems to be from ceasers palace.
  6. Richy1976

    Impact Las vegas

    Lovely restore, any chance of some pics for dx as Vecs said
  7. Richy1976

    Impact ROMs

  8. Richy1976

    Scrapping if anyone needs anything

    Would'nt mind some nice pics of pinball wizard for emu
  9. Richy1976

    MFME v6.0 Bugs Thread

    Cant get this one to pay out, errors on all hoppers. Tic Tac Tut 1280 DX.zip
  10. Richy1976

    MFME v6.0 Bugs Thread

    Not sure if bug or config, can't get partytime deluxe 3 player £25 to go, bad terra or something on the displays.
  11. Richy1976

    MFME v6.0 Bugs Thread

    Thanks Ploggy that done the trick It let me fill the hopper £125 with back door & refill ticked, must have been because they were ticked.
  12. Richy1976

    MFME v6.0 Bugs Thread

    Couldnt get big ghoulies to payout either.
  13. Richy1976

    MFME v6.0 Bugs Thread

    Sonic the hedgehog IOU on collect, hopper is full & tried untick them.
  14. Richy1976

    MFME v6.0 Bugs Thread

    Any one else having touchscreen problems. Access violation errors?
  15. Richy1976

    Cash Attraction DX

    Remake of bellfruits cash attraction, one of my old favorites. Bigger res for Mfme v5 Thanks to Vectra666. Tommy C. Wearecity for playtest. Wizard for the emulator. Rom provider Buttons: 0 = £1 9 = Token Cancel = ` Hold 1 = 1 Hold 2 = 2 Hold 3 = 3 Stop \ Collect = S or C Exchange = E Start = SPACE Enjoy. Cash Attraction DX.zip