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  1. fruit58

    Scorpion 4 display unit

    has all the plugs been put back on
  2. fruit58

    donkey kong maygay jackpot

    have you got the ten pound rom files and i could burn him a set many thanks
  3. fruit58

    donkey kong maygay jackpot

    i thought that percentage only
  4. can we see a pic of the other board that got fried aswell
  5. fruit58

    is this a trusted seller?

    was thay from bermingam
  6. normally it ropes both them ics out so i would replace both of them ics
  7. fruit58

    Scorp 4 Questions?

    i have faith in you matty lol
  8. fruit58

    Scorp 4 Questions?

    i think you have done a good job matty top man
  9. it sounds like to me the psu plug has been put on wrong and killed the ics on the mpu 4 board
  10. fruit58

    Another Maygay M1 board repair

    nice one dave another one saved
  11. fruit58

    Rainbow riches mpu5

    put the refill key in the machine and turn it and fill the hopper with coins through the front of the machine than take the key out
  12. can we see some picks of the mpu 4 board out of its case
  13. fruit58

    Thank You MattyL

    matty what a top bloke you are mate
  14. fruit58

    Italian job epoch

    if you get stuck just bring them i will have a look ok