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  1. fruit58

    JPM system 80 cpu board repair

    nice piece of kit andy i'm impressed
  2. fruit58

    Jitc mpu4

    is there any track corrosion from the battery
  3. fruit58

    Jitc mpu4

    can you do a video of the fault
  4. fruit58

    Jitc mpu4

    is it cold and damp were these machine are kept
  5. fruit58

    MPU6 Flash

    so was the machine working when you had it of that guy all so where did you get the soft ware from whats on the usb stick
  6. fruit58

    Good Afternoon

    welcome to the forum
  7. fruit58

    MPU6 Flash

    you have deleted files on the mpu
  8. fruit58

    Maygay eastenders

    nice one mate happy days
  9. fruit58

    Maygay eastenders

    nice work mate keep on at it top man
  10. fruit58

    maygay m1a/b board repair thread

    you know what they say you get what you pay for
  11. fruit58

    maygay m1a/b board repair thread

    im still here andy
  12. fruit58

    MPU6 Flash

    hold the plus and minus in together on the the mpu 6 then turn the machine on it will get you in to menu go to ram test and do a ram test some times this works
  13. fruit58

    Maygay eastenders

    hi simon if you get stuck send me the main board and psu board and i will test and check them for you if this helps