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    i love fruit machines

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  1. fruit58

    Impact Las vegas

    ok matty no probs mate
  2. fruit58

    Impact Las vegas

    hi matty i will have a go at it for you
  3. fruit58


    welcome to the forum
  4. fruit58

    Club Cops n Robbers pay tubes

    when you put the new mech in your machine did you take the routing plug off the old one and put it on the new one
  5. fruit58

    Display lights Arabian nights

    check fuses on the lamp boards
  6. fruit58

    Scorpion 1

    so are you buying this machine with that fault then
  7. fruit58

    JPM IMPACT CPU drawings - fan made!

    yes magik thanks for sharing love the you tube vidios
  8. fruit58

    Hi Newbie Here

    check the lamp transisters for shorts or dry joints
  9. fruit58

    Mpu4 psu help

    test them on diode or bleep test if the bleep thay have gon
  10. fruit58

    Maygay its a knockout

    just think when its all done and the machine is on and your playing it with one hand and a beer in the other hand you can say i fix that happy days
  11. fruit58

    Maygay its a knockout

    thanks guys for your imput but just recycled one of a scrap board desolderd one off by hand 64 pins later my thumb throbbing .happy days
  12. fruit58

    Maygay its a knockout

    yes mate i agree top man i will be working on the board daily
  13. fruit58

    Maygay its a knockout

    oh by the way top work on the cab mate
  14. fruit58

    Maygay its a knockout

    i mate a few more pics on track repair you asked me how i do it this is how i do it
  15. fruit58

    Maygay its a knockout

    yes dave thats where it came from took 2 weeks for me to get it