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  1. fruit58

    Diamond geezer help

    if he has erased the soft ware on the mpu you are going to struggle to get new soft ware for it
  2. fruit58

    sys80 psu fault

    yes diodes or transistors or like you say dry joints
  3. fruit58

    Epoch engineers!

    nice one matty at least you had a go top man
  4. can you take some close up pics of the boards in the machine
  5. fruit58

    Funny advert

    dont you just love fleabay
  6. fruit58

    winsprint jpm sys80

    can you put in test mode and dump the coins that way just to see if it pays out
  7. fruit58

    sys80 psu fault

    it sounds like to me you have a short on the board riche
  8. fruit58

    Gold Fever Repair

    nice vid steve thanks for sharing
  9. fruit58

    mpu 5

    no probs
  10. fruit58

    mpu 5

    can you do a quick vid of what it is doing
  11. fruit58

    mpu 5

    the battery is inside the mpu 5 and wont take 5 pound notes its one of the two but i would say its a flat battery
  12. fruit58

    mpu 5

    cant remember of the top of my head but its either flat battery or 5 pound locked out
  13. fruit58

    Help? BFM Crazy Fruits Error 95

    can we see a pic of the program card
  14. can we see some close up pics of the mpu
  15. fruit58

    Help? BFM Crazy Fruits Error 95

    hi and welcome take the sound roms of the card give the legs a clean then put them back make sure you put them back in the right way in and try a not to bend the legs if you are unsure take a pic when you have done this before you put it back in the machine if this does not work faulty sound roms