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  1. fruit58

    PAL ic

    what is your machine doing or no doing
  2. fruit58

    mazoma monopoly bellfruit

    on a lot of theses mazooma games the five pound software was not written such as red hot x and other games
  3. fruit58

    Epoch fruit machine bizare problem

    nice one ben
  4. fruit58

    Epoch fruit machine bizare problem

    make sure you discharge the main caps
  5. fruit58

    Epoch fruit machine bizare problem

    i think its a mpu fault
  6. fruit58

    Epoch engineers!

    thanks for sharing matty useful info top man
  7. fruit58

    Solder Joints!

    like the guys have said good solder is the only way oh by the way happy birhday
  8. fruit58

    Solder Joints!

    its nice to see you guys fixing you own boards its a ten from me
  9. fruit58

    Solder Joints!

    the first pic looks like its had lot of heat and the caps are removed to stop the house burning down and the second pic could with some flux with that solder
  10. fruit58


    ok tony no probs mate
  11. fruit58

    Yet another test rig!

    i dont see anything wrong with recycling parts off other boards if they look good and get boards working to the way they should lol
  12. fruit58


    did you say you have no sound what mpu do you have in there mod 4 or mod 2
  13. fruit58

    Hello and help

    just pull the audio plug out of the mpu board or take off the speaker wires off
  14. like barcrest player said just try the plugs first
  15. i reckon its the board