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    i love fruit machines

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  1. fruit58

    Stadium SEA1191/SA schematic diagram

    yes there is a couple of caps in there they are 100uf at 25 volts there is some other stuff but i carnt remember of hand i had two psu doing the same fault as yours i replaced these parts they are still working now
  2. fruit58

    Stadium SEA1191/SA schematic diagram

    i put a thread on here some ware about your problem and what i replaced
  3. fruit58

    fruit machine

    bloody hell andy you now ya stuff
  4. fruit58

    BFM Cops N Robbers

    permant blue marker pen
  5. fruit58

    fruit machine

    yes thanks andy
  6. fruit58

    fruit machine

    hi guys just a quick question can a m1b maygay program card run on a m1a board any help many thanks
  7. fruit58

    fruit machine

    if we go back there on sunday will do a little video on it
  8. fruit58

    fruit machine

    was going to have a look at it and have a go but got called to the pool table and for got a bout it
  9. fruit58

    fruit machine

    hi guys went for a pint the other a day and sore this any body remember seeing one of these who makes it
  10. fruit58

    BFM Cops N Robbers

    yes mate waiting for some think my self from china could have walked there and back by now
  11. fruit58

    BFM Cops N Robbers

    it was a bargain mate
  12. fruit58

    fruit machine

  13. fruit58


    nice one happy days
  14. fruit58

    £500 rainbow riches barcrest

    heres the pic
  15. fruit58

    £500 rainbow riches barcrest

    take the hopper apart and see if you can turn the wheel by hand all so where the red dots are push them back with your finger they should spring back and where that red line is thats where the coins leave the hopper make sure its not blocked