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  1. Andy Marra

    Working MPU 4 MOD 4 wanted.

    Hi All, If anyone has a working Barcrest MPU 4 MOD 4 board with battery flywired away from the board that they are willing to sell me please pm me. Would be greatly appreciated and Cash waiting. Regards, Andy.
  2. Andy Marra

    1st time owners

    Welcome to the forum. The machine looks really smart. Don't worry about stupid questions , I'm in that category.
  3. Andy Marra

    Barcrest Action Note Sound chip

    Nice flyer Vectra666 hope b doing some pics & filming Sunday
  4. Andy Marra

    Barcrest Action Note Sound chip

    Thanks everyone. I would like flyer but not paying £8 for it thanks. If it were original might think bout it.
  5. Andy Marra

    Barcrest Action Note Sound chip

  6. Andy Marra

    Barcrest Action Note Sound chip

    Please can some one help I have a video on usb of my Action Note but do not know how to post it on this site. Help please.
  7. Andy Marra

    Barcrest Action Note Sound chip

    Many thanks to Steve Lancett for his time and help. I now have sound on my Barcrest Action Note.
  8. Andy Marra

    Barcrest Action Note Sound chip

    Hi Steve, Thankyou for your help & ebay link. Have just bought a couple of chips. This is a silly question but not for me as i don't know. Will i have to get the chip programed before it will work or is it just fit and play as sound stuff will be on game card.
  9. Andy Marra

    Barcrest Action Note Sound chip

    Hi, I won a bid to buy Barcrest Action Note January and with some great help and advise it is up and running but their are sound problems to sort. Think it the sound chip as everything else tests ok. The chip that came with machine has 24 pins but where it sits is for a 28 pin chip. The machine is MPU 4, MOD 4. Any help appreciated please. Andy.
  10. Andy Marra

    Conga Wonga

    I'm sure he is selling that machine on ebay.
  11. Andy Marra

    Morning nudgers

    Welcome and nice collection of fruity's !!
  12. Andy Marra

    A long overdue hello

    Welcome Marra & Nice one
  13. Andy Marra

    Hi everyone

    Nice to hear from you and hope you find it interesting.
  14. Andy Marra

    fruit on ebay

    Hi, Already cleaned mech with no joy. It a 129 mech with separator. Swapped mech with a 126 and same. Purchased a 129 mech & separator sold as working off ebay from a seller TRACEY485 a topic that has been mentioned other posts and guess what ? It never appeared along with various vague postage , gone missing stories. Got me money back and paws burnt. Won't be going their again.
  15. Andy Marra

    Another Hello

    Hi Marra & welcome