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  1. Tilly1

    Barcrest line up mpu3

    No need to fight there’s two!
  2. Tilly1

    Barcrest line up mpu3

    looks like you have got some seriously strong competition mate ! 🤭🤭🤭🤭
  3. Tilly1

    Barcrest line up mpu3

    Are you sure your not tempted by this little number tony it would look lovely with money belt mate 😂😂😂
  4. Tilly1

    Barcrest line up mpu3

    Ones just appeared on eBay mate magic!
  5. hi dave how are you

  6. Hi I’ve got bwb versions of Andy cap and road hog £4 jackpot 5p play
  7. Tilly1

    fruit machine

    Hi mick send them roms and usb down to me and I will get them over to mark to have a look and see what he can do also have you got any mod 2 sound chips as mark wants one to convert a mod 4 to a mod 2 and he’s now got 4 boards that need fixing mate ( none of yours mate all of yours are working great thanks mate )
  8. thanks mate will do , have you put the coin mech in for Mark to do?
  9. Thanks mate I sent dr who cash pot board up yesterday mate so should be with you today cheers dave
  10. thanks mate can’t beleve after all the checking and changing of reels and boards it was just a dip switch on the main board still at least I’m learning (THE HARD WAY!) but we’re getting there mate
  11. Here’s some pictures if any one can help me out with this I would be greatfull I have also included the £8 jackpot decal from my jolly gems which is a bad photo copy which I would like to get done properly to finish the machine off as it looks a bit naff thanks again any help would be great and again beer tokens donation to the site for help cheers
  12. What do you think mick is this repairable as some of the track has come up as well next to the.legs of the resistors ?
  13. Another board on its way up to you mick , I’ve finaly found out after 2 months what the problem was on my dr who the time lord delux , that the reels were over heating on and landing all over the place after being on for 15-20 mins ,so after seeing this before on scorpion machines I bought replacement reel motors and swapped them all over thinking this would solve it , it did not do anything so my next step was to swop every board in the machine one by one with my cops’n’robbers machine and swopping the reel loom I was left ready to admit defeat but I thought I would give it one last go today, so I decided to have a read of the manual and I noticed that it says there are two types of reels for scorpion 2 machines 12rm and a 15rm then upon further investigation I found out that dip switch 4 has to be on for 12rm reel type on for this machine and bingo no more over heating and it’s working fine now but when I was trying to find the problem I disconnected the cash pot display as I noticed the ceramic resistors were browned round the base where they had been soliderd to the board so I thought this could be part of the problem so even though both displays were working fine once I disconnected it some of the resistors were loose and brittle and the more my fat fingers touched the more became loose now I need them resoilderd if you can please mate so the lesson I’ve learnt is read the manual even if you hate reading manuals it could have saved me hours and money any way mick I will take some photos and post them up on this thread also has anyone got £6 decals for dr who timelord delux as I have got the £3 ones but would like to put it on £6 tokens as it’s just a switch that I flick ,also if any one has a spare set of reel bands for a cop’n’robbers or just the first reel band as when I was removing the first reel the clip snapped and the top of my thumb went through the reel cracking it I’ve managed to tape it back together but it is looking a bit sad beer tokens or donation for any help with finding these bits please thanks heavy handed dave !
  14. thanks mick I will give you a shout as soon as they arrive mate
  15. right can anyone tell me what Louie drinks as this is vital information that I need to know for the future !