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  1. Tilly1

    Any one remeber this one

    Defiantly would be pushing my luck on that one again as she threatened the hammer next time 😂
  2. Tilly1

    Any one remeber this one

    Oh yes many Friday and Saturday night up there 😂
  3. Tilly1

    Any one remeber this one

    Nice machine joe great memory’s of this machine from the ferry cafe in newhaven where I used to live , if I’d had had more room I probably would have bought this as well but 17 machines is the limit now not 21 😁
  4. Tilly1

    Big breakfast sound

    Have you tried turning the refill key ?
  5. Tilly1

    Reel Band Production

    They look fantastic mate 👍
  6. Tilly1

    Reel Band Production

    Nice one Barrie they look superb mate 👍
  7. Tilly1

    Reel Band Production

    I’m loving this mate 👍 It will be great to see how the test pilot bands turn out ,Nice one keep up the hard work 🍻
  8. Tilly1

    NEW Machine / Project - PCP Hit Money!

    They look nice mate 👍
  9. Tilly1

    Reel Band Production

    Hi Barrie thank you for the reel bands they look great 👍,I will be popping down hobby craft over the next couple of days to try and find some suitable black backing plastic or paper to block the tube light out like you said , anyway thanks again mate and your hard work is very much appreciated cheers dave 🍻
  10. Tilly1

    777 Heaven Reel Bands

    Here’s the correct layout done by jonno I think ?
  11. Tilly1

    777 Heaven Reel Bands

    Ok so these are a set of bands that came on my machine originally spot the mistake ! The gent who I bought it off got it fixed for me straight away cheers , there is a few things that I would like to get fixed on them to make them better ,the background is more cream than white and when the lights behind the reel bands there is a slight shadow on some of the symbols and the colour when the light is behind them is slightly faded no a strong vibrant colour like the originals , don’t get me wrong I am pleased with these just when you put them next to a original set you can really spot the difference so it would be nice to get another set that are closer to the originals ,the size of these bands are are 75mm wide and 757mm long if someone else could confirm the that would be good and please don’t copy the graphics from these bands as they are wrong this is just for Barrie for size and basic detail
  12. Tilly1

    777 Heaven Reel Bands

    Hi mate I think there the ones for the classic version of 777 heaven as mine dose not have the black 7s on just the red and blue 7s I will get some pictures of my reels unless some one has johnos files already to put up on this thread 👍
  13. Tilly1

    777 Heaven Reel Bands

    I m sure johno shared his hard work on here that he did on his 777 heaven bands ?,Good luck I’ve been begging for a year now for a decent set but no joy yet but with the work people are doing on here hopefully there getting closer 👍
  14. Tilly1

    Reel Band Production

    Nice one Barrie and hopefully the backlit bands solution isn’t far away mate with the hard work you and the others have put in so far cheers 🍻
  15. Tilly1

    Reel Band Production

    Hi barry yes please , I will have a set as my existing reels aren’t backlit so that’s good enough for me mate drop me a pm an I will get the money sent over to you cheers 🍻