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  1. hi dave just taken one of your boards out of the machine its been fine send me your details so i can send it back to you then i can put another board in the machine and run it

  2. Tilly1

    I won the day !!

    Nothing wrong with asking questions mate It’s the best way to learn 👍
  3. Tilly1

    Moving machines...

    I bought my supertubes of des 500 mile round trip but worth every penny Des is a top bloke and super tubes is still going strong today
  4. Tilly1

    crystal mpu4 board with a jpm rom [ update ]

    Are you sure your not tempted by this one mate now your the king of crystal machines 😂😂😂
  5. Tilly1


    No more “alright scrap it “ more like “ baby you can drive my car and baby I luv u toot toot toot toot yeah! “ nice one gents
  6. Tilly1

    Jpm mps psu rifas

    Thanks gents I originally bought this for spares thinking that i might be able to salvage some bits from it to keep my other mps machines up and running as I thought the art work would be in really bad condition as you can never tell from the photos on eBay but after I got it home and checked it over I couldn’t see much wrong with it and it and after checking to see if there were any videos of other ones around I could not find any so I thought I would see if I could get it running and with the Mecca’s help and a spare mps 2 board which Louie had fixed for me previously it lives again thanks Louie and hopfully it will for a long time as it’s a simple but quirky game thanks again to all who have helped me on this and for the great comments cheers dave 🍻
  7. Tilly1

    Jpm mps psu rifas

    Sneaky hold after jackpot , sad they never did a jackpot tune ☹️
  8. Tilly1

    Jpm mps psu rifas

    dont ask me how but after four attempts I’ve done it 👍
  9. Tilly1

    Jpm mps psu rifas

    Ok thank you I will have a go at that 👍
  10. Tilly1

    Jpm mps psu rifas

    Thanks gents it’s all touched up and polished now just got to try and do a decent video now and work out how to up load it on here ?
  11. Tilly1

    Jpm mps psu rifas

    Filters have arrived 😀I bought 2 as they were a good price from RS components £5.28 each with free delivery thank you to Popeye and stonyat421 for pointing me in the right direction 🍻
  12. Tilly1

    Jpm mps psu rifas

    I used the one that was in there mate I was impatient and took a chance with no rifas and no filter and it worked but now I won’t turn it back on until the filter arrives ,I’ve blow enough boards up it’s getting expensive 👍
  13. Tilly1

    Jpm mps psu rifas

    Thanks mate ,yep my test pilot has salt coming out of the chip board on the inside where it’s lived by the sea but luckily it’s not rotten I just keep hoovering it out every now and then ,if your lucky someone might have a big banker lying around with no glass or reels that can donate it to you if it’s not going to get used you never know your luck mate
  14. Tilly1

    Jpm mps psu rifas

    No I had to put a working one in mate
  15. Tilly1

    Jpm mps psu rifas

    Hopefully I can get one sorted over the weekend I tried to do a quick one yesterday evening but it wouldn’t down load from my iPhone to the site