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  1. Nemo

    Amber full size cab

    The story continues on: http://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1491-nemos-virtual-slot/ Dang ! just saw the date on the previous post........sometimes things take a looong time !
  2. Nemo

    Sinbad fixer upper

    Unfortunatly those pics got lost with the death of my nas, but rest assured Sinbad lives ! MPU4 has proven sturdy and reliable.
  3. Yup, was on a mini vacation (beetje veel regen maar toch lekker) ahhhh, a whole week just doing nothing......bliss
  4. As an electronics hobbyist i do want to know: what needs repairing ? Have you pinpointed faulty components ? DO you have the parts to replace ? I have TON's of stuff and pile's of components for all my other E-Hobby's, so just maybe i can help you out.
  5. Nemo

    Amber full size cab

    Thanks Guitar ! And you can count on pic's dx11 is no problem, i'm using a GT730 on a E8400, that's plenty overkill for a fruity... @ kdservices, almost ANY touchscreen is seen by windows as a HID so it will work, 99.9 % sure....... I was thinking going that route, but just love the "Button Feel"
  6. Nemo

    Amber full size cab

    Thanks Guitar ! I am a VERY patient person, whenever you feel right to add "stretch to fit" option is up to you, i'm glad to have this already. Cool though that it can be done, it's going to look just awesome. This weekend i'm going to fiddle around with the keys, fingers crossed
  7. Nemo

    Amber full size cab

    @ Guitar, well the scaling "issue" is more a problem with stretching the image height AND width to make it fill the screen, now you can only stretch one of those. I know the picture will be distorted, but true fullscreen looks better IMHO. I have my tv on it's side so desktop resolution of 1080x1920 is with a flipped portrait image. Also is there a possibility to have a way to assign keys ? For the sound issues i have found that whilst running MFME in a VM gives less problems with sound, still a bit distorted but playable. Now with my somewhat strange resolution i found that apart from the IGT slots almost all slots have more or less issues with said resolution. So i think i have to build my own layouts, maybe in the autumn i will give this a go, i have some experience with editing script's and altering graphics in the virtual pinball world so maybe i can do something with fruity's ...... @No1Stoney, thanks for the kind words, now i have showed you mine, you have to show me yours
  8. Nemo

    Amber full size cab

    All hardware is on an ipac ps/2 version i had gathering dust, the coinmech hasn't been hooked up (still need an interface for that). Well the software is something i'm going to tackle the upcoming days, all IGT's run great, Amber has some scaling issues, and mfme has audio problems amongst other issues..... We're getting there though !
  9. Nemo

    Amber full size cab

    Update: It lives So today i started with lot's of coffee and did put it all together, with all those pre-assembled parts it went fairly quick, still some things to do though: 1) coinmech needs an output with some kind of coin shute, 2) the lcd needs an acrylic "smoke grey" tinted plate to cover the whole front, 3) a pedestal needs to be build. And 4) The software....... So i had to decase the lcd to make it a more slender fit, all is kinda modular, parts can easily be removed if something goes wrong. Here's the interior: And here's the money shot: I am by no means a carpenter, i only have mediocre "wood skills" at best, but it turned out great and with not so much hassle as anticipated. Now with the wood, lcd, coin acceptor/hopper, buttons, and all trim/paint etc, i did spend close to €350, i call that reasonably good value. On the other hand, as with my pincab & mame, i don't think it EVER will be done, to much fun stuff to add
  10. Nemo

    Amber full size cab

    Update: So today i sorted out ALL buttons and the coin intake, pffff that intake was a bitch to fit, had to alter it quite a bit. Lot's of soldering went on today ! Also partially assembled the cabinet for test fitting the top & bottom buttonbar, they will go in tomorrow . I think i will have it in a playable state tuesday-ish, great project so far, but can't wait to play.... Here's the rat's nest with lit marquee.....
  11. Nemo

    Amber full size cab

    Update: Despite the crappy weather i pressed on, fun project, i find it relaxing, it's just me and my two hands & plenty tools. Did all woodworking, routed the t-molding groove, and put on the first base coat, it's going smooth this one The online print service did a TOP job with the marquee, i'm thinking of also giving them the side-art printjob, it just came out nice. (this is still with the blue protective foil on it.) AAAAAAAARRGGGHHHHH
  12. Nemo

    Amber full size cab

    Well, first week of my vacation and it's just horrendous weather here, sooooo much rain, unbelievable ! I need it to be dry for slot routing (T-molding) as this is a DUSTY job ! Nevertheless there is progress, all panel's are cut, sides still need figuring out, but best of all i stumbled upon a neat little coinmech with hopper, so that's now going in from the get-go. Also have ALL the buttons made, sixteen in total, so that should be more than enough. Currently making the final version of the button bar and top plate (rest of the buttons and coinslot). So this pile will become a slotmachine ........ aaaarghhh
  13. Another cloggy ! Welcome here, i usually use services like dropbox to store pic's, then just copy the link into the editor. As for your alpha display, i've got some mpu/4 spareparts including a display, if need be.....
  14. Nemo

    Amber full size cab

    Yes, there will be a coin acceptor and hopper in the future, and indeed the cabinet is going to give a headache for sure, but i'm enjoying a two week vacation, so i've got time-a-plenty, If peeps want i can do a somewhat more extensive build log with some more pictures. @ stoney , it seems we're building more or less the same cab
  15. Nemo

    Amber full size cab

    Mini Update: Well there's been a lot going on with sourcing parts and doing some part of the woodworking. Currently i have decided on the shape; it's going to be 122 cm tall, so a mini cab, easy to put on a pedestal later on. So this week i'm going to measure a lot and start with cutting the massive MDF board into the several pieces. Then routing of all the edges for T-molding (i ordered chrome & black). Additional buttons should arrive tomorrow, so i can then build the new button bar (some functions added ) I also decided the cab needed some artwork as a marquee, nicely backlit with some led's. First one i made (long live photoshop) was just a simple design, no thrills... But the blue clashed with my fruity Sinbad, mostly gold'ísh color, and it needed some more bling ! So redesigned it to make it more a match to Sinbad. I already sent it to a online printservice. I will stick it between two plexi plates and then use some led's to lite up that DIY marquee.......