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  1. mark300

    How about this lol

    Will look a mess when ages catch up on you.
  2. mark300

    Stop the Clock MPU4 Barcrest

    Glad you are enjoying the Stop The Clock mate got to fill the hole now lol
  3. mark300

    JPM sys 80

    Nice going Ian
  4. mark300

    fruit machine

    Nice going mick haven't blow any up for you lately lol
  5. mark300

    Happy Birthday Jonno

    Happy Birthday Jonno Mate.
  6. mark300

    Extremely distorted sound

    The best way to rule out blown speakers is connect an external one and see if the sound is good.
  7. mark300

    fruit machine

    The required part is ztx 550
  8. mark300

    fruit machine

    Glad to help a mate out Mick.
  9. mark300

    fruit machine

    Hi Mick got you a non working board all there a few tracks to do, think Dave is sending it soon.
  10. Hi I am looking for the following machine glasses if anyone has any let me know, obviously I would offer the finished machine to that person when I decided to sell. Smash & Grab full set needed Reel crazy both glassed Big shot reel glass Cheers for your time. Good money waiting.
  11. mark300

    Super line up gamcard and ROMs Inc char chip

    Nor did I Pete told me they do I need a cracked set for the £3 version the ones on site don't work.
  12. Has anyone got a spare mpu3 super line up program card with ROMs and char chip as apparently that's my problem trying to update from £2 to £3 jackpot been told I need a char if chip cheers
  13. mark300

    Starpoint tube sensors wanted

    How much you want mate Inc post On your PayPal can do friends and family.