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  1. mark300

    Super line up gamcard and ROMs Inc char chip

    Nor did I Pete told me they do I need a cracked set for the £3 version the ones on site don't work.
  2. Has anyone got a spare mpu3 super line up program card with ROMs and char chip as apparently that's my problem trying to update from £2 to £3 jackpot been told I need a char if chip cheers
  3. mark300

    Starpoint tube sensors wanted

    How much you want mate Inc post On your PayPal can do friends and family.
  4. mark300

    Starpoint tube sensors wanted

    Hi Guys I am looking for a few barcrest mpu3/4 starpoint tube sensors there the ones with the 4 pins at the top of them they must be for barcrest as the same looking Jpm ones are not interchangeable. Cheers
  5. mark300

    maygay m1a eastenders red top glass

    Hi there is one on eBay at present
  6. No problems Mick remember don't use eBay next time
  7. Your mech went back in post Wednesday
  8. Hi I am looking for a JPM reel crazy and a barcrest big shot to go with my other machines, does anybody know anyone selling them cheers
  9. How's the Dr who Dave still keeping you awake lol
  10. Come on Dave you know me I have to go one better lol
  11. mark300

    Del's Millions Bottom Glass

    Hi Paul forgot to say machine got sold compete sorry
  12. mark300