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  1. stuart

    MFMEv5 Non Runners Thread

    Thanks hitthesix, that's great
  2. stuart

    MFMEv5 Non Runners Thread

    Hi all, These are the ROMs for 'Bust Out' - which I'm just starting a DX of - but I can't get the ROMs to run. It's Maygay MMM and, as far as I can see, there aren't any other MMM layouts at the moment so there's nothing out there to compare with. On loading and starting the ROMs the reels move about half a stop, then it's just a continuous beep. Any ideas anyone? Bust Out.zip
  3. stuart

    Golden Oldies - BFM Sys83 and Maygay MMM

    Thanks Magik. To be honest I don't know what / where the switch input buffer is - am I looking at a straightforward fix?
  4. stuart

    Golden Oldies - BFM Sys83 and Maygay MMM

    Thanks for your comments Sadly Bust Out isn't working either. I did when I first got hold of it but now, as soon as you plug it in, it starts playing all by itself. The credits just rack up and up uncontrollably, the reels spin, the feature board works and it pays out wins correctly... but the buttons have no effect at all. So that's in the repair queue after Club Monte Carlo. The ROMs were copied yesterday and I should have them on my PC within a few days - so I'll be able to see whether they run in the emulator ok. Fingers crossed... Stuart
  5. stuart

    Golden Oldies - BFM Sys83 and Maygay MMM

    It's not what you'd call a fast game Quite advanced for its time though. We had one in our Snooker Club - never got more than a £25 out of it!
  6. stuart

    Golden Oldies - BFM Sys83 and Maygay MMM

    Yes definitely a DX. The machine is here and the whole thing is pretty much mint - except that it doesn't boot up Having said that, other than swapping boards around and finding that it's the same with all of them, I haven't really invested any time yet in finding out why and trying to fix it. Further down the line (probably quite a lot further given current rate of progress!) will be this:
  7. stuart

    Golden Oldies - BFM Sys83 and Maygay MMM

    Club Monte Carlo. Trying to sort out the lamping at the moment. Also, it seems to crash whenever you get the feature. However I need to make it at least playable before I start looking into that...
  8. stuart

    Golden Oldies - BFM Sys83 and Maygay MMM

    It's all coming back to me now. I'd been opening the layout through File / Load Game, instead of Design / Layout / Load Layout. Doh.
  9. stuart

    Golden Oldies - BFM Sys83 and Maygay MMM

    Thanks Vectra, that is in fact about as far as I'd got. When ever I try to save my progress the save options are greyed out because it thinks the layout is read only. I've found my WIP folder for Noughts & Crosses which has lots of images at different stages so hopefully I'll be able to work it all out. Yes Superbank, I'm looking forward to doing Bust Out - it'll be a while though...
  10. Hi all, I'm back after a long, long absence. Good to see so many familiar names still around, and amazing to see a new version of MFME As I've mentioned in a couple of other threads, I've got the resources here to do BFM's system 83 machines 'Club Monte Carlo' and 'Temptation' (90% sure I have the right ROMs for that one). I've also got ROMs and images for a proper Maygay MMM classic called 'Bust Out' which, along with Temptation, was an all time favourite of mine. I've had the BFM ROMs running, but it's a long time since I did a DX and I'm struggling to remember how to kick it off. I used to have a tutorial on this for MFME 2 - is the process still similar, and is that tutorial still around anywhere? Thanks Stuart
  11. stuart

    Cops 'N' Robbers Sys83 DX

    Right. From some very basic playtesting it seems like the ROMs that I'm hoping are 'Temptation' are on a £2 jackpot. This is how it was initially released but they were converted to £3 quite early on; I'm not sure if that would have meant new ROMs or if it might just be a switch. The big problem is that, having not done it for 10 years, I can't really remember how to kick off a new layout. I used to have a tutorial on how it was done (in MFME 2) - is the process still similar and is that tutorial still around anywhere?
  12. stuart

    Cops 'N' Robbers Sys83 DX

    A quick test shows that both sets of ROMS do run, and the ones that I thought were for 'Temptation' do indeed seem like they might be.
  13. stuart

    Cops 'N' Robbers Sys83 DX

    This looks familiar It's been 10 years+ since I did a layout, but I should be able to use this as a starting point to do a DX of 'Club Monte Carlo' 10p/£100, for which I have an original machine here. I also have a flyer for the Sys83 'Temptation' and some ROMS that just might be the right ones. That really would be a blast from the past. Further down the line, a Maygay MMM 'Bust Out' is a possibility... Stuart
  14. stuart

    Tales from Midibob's workshop SYS83

    Hi Bob, I haven't been brave enough to take the board out of the working machine (which is a Cops n Robbers) yet ) I try it when I get the chance, maybe at the weekend... Stuart
  15. stuart

    MFMEv5 General Questions

    All done - thanks. Not sure why the volume was turning down from the second launch - seems ok now though I haven't done a layout for over 10 years but I have the resources here to do Club Monte Carlo and Cops n'Robbers (both BFM Sys 83) and Bust Out (Maygay MMM).