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  1. colinjackson1990

    Impact Las vegas

    Nice I saw that one in market place I like the look of it good job😎
  2. colinjackson1990

    Jitc mpu4

    I got a video yesterday of the fault but it was an easy fix for now took the reel deck out and apart give the sensor a clean and put everything back together just not as tight and it worked ok again . So all is good thank you folks, 5817EB5E-0160-419A-A83F-61380AEEEDD7.MOV
  3. colinjackson1990

    Jitc mpu4

    I will get a video up during the week and show
  4. colinjackson1990

    Jitc mpu4

    That’s an old picture the machines is inside now works fine up until jackpot then middle reel has fault
  5. colinjackson1990

    Jitc mpu4

    Was blocked last night 🥴 hope they make more sense today 🤨
  6. colinjackson1990

    Jitc mpu4

    Old pic of my machine
  7. colinjackson1990

    Jitc mpu4

    Fault with middle reel on jewel in the crown mpu4 when you get a jackpot. Could it be reel deck or game card fault ?
  8. let me know how much post i will have them

  9. colinjackson1990

    scrapping a machine :(

    Got reelbands and game card can post if someone wants them:)
  10. colinjackson1990

    scrapping a machine :(

    I've the game card for this can post it to whoever would like to make it for online use had this machine from January but had to make space and use the mpu4 inside
  11. colinjackson1990


    ill have to get a good look once i get the children to bed thank you
  12. colinjackson1990


    I had tested it on 3 different machines and got the same fault is that the same as swapping over reels?
  13. colinjackson1990


    Looks like some fresh fuzz on it should I was it again
  14. colinjackson1990


    Think it's the oldest 1 I've had and looks slightly different to most of the ones I can remember having In my hands it's had a long time running by how dark some parts of the underside look 😃
  15. colinjackson1990


    I've an mpu4 from a machine I want to get running again I cleaned the board last was suprised it was running after I dried it, It's been in a box and when I checked again it says reel 1 fault any advice how to fix fault I had mentioned it in an another post a few months ago but could find it:) had recalled psu recently and have a few non running mpu 4s