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  1. colinjackson1990


  2. colinjackson1990

    MDM No Limit Nudge

    Good work mate the wee cab looks real cool 😎.
  3. colinjackson1990

    Golden ghost/golden stepper inbreed

    Good work some interesting looking machines in the pics .
  4. colinjackson1990

    Another project for £15 (Electrocoin RED BAR)

    Been such a long time from I played any of those games arcade I used to visit had loads, and then they where all gone one day replaced by modern video slots did enjoy getting lucky on them could be brutal tho . 💩
  5. colinjackson1990

    Project golden rings has arrived

    I wouldn’t know sorry but I think it looks interesting.
  6. colinjackson1990

    Project golden rings has arrived

    Nice old machine good stuff
  7. colinjackson1990

    Alpha display backwards ?

    I plugged the number reel wrong way round gave error 203 , when it was giving error 203 call attendant was correct on alpha but once I changed it back again the display was wrong way around and it ran fine in demo mode.
  8. colinjackson1990

    Alpha display backwards ?

    I think it is the original alpha in the machine could I have a plug in wrong way around ?
  9. colinjackson1990

    Alpha display backwards ?

    I took out the number reel to get a look at the alpha display and turned on the machine ( rushing I put the number reel back in and ) turned on machine booting up had an error 203 and call attendant the correct way round think I put the number reel plug in wrong way round turned off changed it and error is away but now display is back to front ?
  10. colinjackson1990

    Alpha display backwards ?

    I’ll get a few pics tomorrow and see if I can swap the alpha out for a spare I have , know more tomorrow thanks folks 🧐
  11. colinjackson1990

    Alpha display backwards ?

    This is a new rom on the mpu and then there is a sound card on the mpu
  12. colinjackson1990

    Alpha display backwards ?

    Not that I’m aware I have only got the machine running I thought it was German at first but soon realised it was backwards. Could I have cable round wrong way on mpu ?
  13. colinjackson1990

    Alpha display backwards ?

    Hi folks I’ve got an L of a day machine by project. The display is coming up backwards any ideas how to fix it ? Sure it’s an easy fix thanks in advance .
  14. colinjackson1990


    Great to see the adverts thank you for sharing them , I have had a browse and think dje. Stands for David John Ellis . 🤓detective Jackson away .
  15. colinjackson1990

    My new project for £10

    Class, looks good for the age.