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  1. colinjackson1990


  2. colinjackson1990

    Mystery Tech?

    i think its a poker board maybe kimble or noraut or similar
  3. colinjackson1990

    IMG 1871

    i try not too .
  4. colinjackson1990

    project golden sevens 1.jpg

    i have never seen one of these but wee do have very similar machines all over NI and Eire similar game Olympic gold by franco , project machine export market
  5. colinjackson1990

    W Nudge

    Yes I have this machine it was a silver shadow before it was converted to wild nudge I never could get it running when I had loads of spare mpu4 parts hopefully will get it sorted at some stage 😃
  6. colinjackson1990

    Ace - Holiday Club

    Saw two of these a couple of years back in a sorry state.
  7. colinjackson1990

    JPM In 2019

    I saw the 5alive one maybe 10 years ago on the boat over to Scotland mate didn't get a play on it tho. I used to play the online 5liner and clone of it al Murray, good games especially the full house one good fun. think 5liner was 17.50 jp on 25p stake online so strange but it would go over if you got the top same as the al Murray one never go a jp on full house unfortunately as they aren't available to play anywhere.
  8. colinjackson1990


    Yes I'min same boat not sure how I had it fixed but after my latest iPhone fell off the wall (again) the problem is on my android tablet now =/
  9. colinjackson1990

    Rock On Video as promised :)

    RobT really enjoyed the story about the machine and the video thank you for sharing 😃
  10. colinjackson1990

    Found this...

    Nice find roadhog
  11. colinjackson1990

    MDM No Limit Nudge

    Good work mate the wee cab looks real cool 😎.
  12. colinjackson1990

    Golden ghost/golden stepper inbreed

    Good work some interesting looking machines in the pics .
  13. colinjackson1990

    Another project for £15 (Electrocoin RED BAR)

    Been such a long time from I played any of those games arcade I used to visit had loads, and then they where all gone one day replaced by modern video slots did enjoy getting lucky on them could be brutal tho . 💩
  14. colinjackson1990

    Project golden rings has arrived

    I wouldn’t know sorry but I think it looks interesting.
  15. colinjackson1990

    Project golden rings has arrived

    Nice old machine good stuff