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  1. daveo138

    cam setting tools on ebay

    Blimey, that was a good price. I was only thinking about these recently. I remember using the ‘non-offset’ tool and the light grey wheel, back in the day.
  2. daveo138

    ebay machine

    Seller has removed it.
  3. I wouldn’t scrap it, as anything electro should be fixable, theoretically. I’m not familiar with Collosus, unfortunately. Do you have a wiring diagram for it?
  4. Bell Fruit were operators, nationally. They had several branches around the country and I worked at Birmingham - later Bilston. All we did was repair faulty machines, black boxes, etc. We also prepared new machines - our own, as well as other manufacturers: JPM, Barcrest, Maygay, etc - which were going out to pubs. There were six guys with three Transit vans, each taking about ten machines each day, as well as videos, Juke boxes and the occasional pool table. The best pubs, in terms of takings, would get the new machines. The old machines would come back to base to be refurbed and sent out to other pubs, the oldest would be scrapped.
  5. Blimey, I remember when people wore suits! Great photos - takes me back. I worked for BF in Birmingham from '80-82. Had a week in Lenton in '81 for my Grade 4. We scrapped hundreds of electros during that time. We used to take a Transit full of machines to the local tip and throw them off the back. They broke up as they landed. Brings a tear to the eye to think about it.
  6. daveo138

    New addition to the family

    Nice machine. I would like one, too...or SNG.
  7. daveo138


    Could this be related to your reel alignment problem?
  8. daveo138

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    I've probably got a few of those keys, somewhere. When I was at Bell Fruit (Birmingham, then Bilston) we had the occasional lorry load of JPMs turn up. First job was to remove the top lock on the back door, then fit a lock from the big box of locks salvaged from scrap machines. Reading this thread really does take me back. Edit: Oddly enough, having looked through my key collection - another weird hobby - I can't find any 92250s. However, I have found half a dozen 92208s, which I have a feeling may have been from Maygay machines, but please correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. daveo138

    Wanted bell fruit electromechanical power cable

    Yes, as you can see, this one's been not too professionally modified. I'll have to sort this out before I plug it in for the first time!
  10. daveo138

    New Bell Fruit Project

    Probably more a case of getting it playable, rather than a full resto, particularly as Ron has pointed out that it is a conversion. I can now see that it was originally a Fruit Drop, according to the control board layout schematic on the back door.
  11. daveo138

    New Bell Fruit Project

    Excellent. I might try printing them on matt photo paper. There will have to be more than one join, though.
  12. daveo138

    New Bell Fruit Project

    Thanks, Ron. I had noticed that the Fruit Drop and High Kicker games looked remarkably similar. Although the token coin-mech is still there, you can't see in the photos that the tube and solenoid for the tokens has been removed. There are also a few wires floating around on the control board. Once I get it fired up and see how it plays, I will see how to go forward with it. It's been a long time since I've had my head in the back of a fruit machine. This one's been out of action for so long, it doesn't even smell of stale beer!
  13. daveo138

    New Bell Fruit Project

    Due to the damage suffered by the reelbands, I was thinking of trying to print some replacements. As well as the damage, the white background has become quite discoloured in places. I have photographed the symbols and have cleaned up the background, using MS 'paint'. However, it has occurred to me that I might be trying to re-invent the wheel. Does anyone know where I might be able to find scans of Bell Fruit symbols, or even complete reelbands? This is what I've done so far.
  14. daveo138

    New Bell Fruit Project

    No fire, fortunately. It was stored in a shed, I believe, and it looks like there was some ivy growing through it. I paid less than the start price, thankfully.