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  1. TTX

    220v vs 240v

    My UPS is currently reporting between 238v and 241v.
  2. This is awesome stuff indeed. Many thanks Frank!
  3. Yep, that's the one!
  4. I'm glad you didn't!!! So grateful that you found that for me!
  5. TTX

    Dutch MFME machines

  6. I've noticed that Test Pilot and Blue Streak are a popular pairing!
  7. Thanks, you have a PM!
  8. Hi all, Long story but I MIGHT need urgent help with collecting and temporarily storing a machine from just east of Watford... TODAY! Would anyone be able to help me please? Thanks in advance.
  9. TTX

    Rollercoaster Club

    Maybe you'd find it easier if you tried right-handed websites instead.
  10. TTX

    Rollercoaster Club

    As for the stickers, I have no idea where you can get them. I've had to resort to removing good stickers from worn out bezels!
  11. TTX

    Rollercoaster Club

    Steve (Swallow Amusements) sells new ones... http://www.swallowam.co.uk/coin.php#mars
  12. TTX

    Electrocoin roms

    The earliest Bar-X machines definitely had different reel stop sounds to the later ones and Big7, etc.
  13. The Shinano Kenshi stepper motors found in MPS, Castle and older Electrocoin, etc. DO NOT like to be pulled apart. It seems to dramatically weaken the magnetic field and the reel will just skip all the time.
  14. TTX

    Gold Fever Repair

    Well done Steve, well worth the effort!
  15. TTX

    Lamp Mask Creation

    Well done that man!