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  1. 15591478377244199456062464893904.thumb.jpg.e62886c90396a2dfdaa3ea9d0211cf29.jpg15591478377244199456062464893904.thumb.jpg.e62886c90396a2dfdaa3ea9d0211cf29.jpg15591478377244199456062464893904.thumb.jpg.e62886c90396a2dfdaa3ea9d0211cf29.jpgI dont suppose you have any of these jpm processor boards from a  flintstones viva rock vegas



  2. Andrew96_

    SRU Processor Required

    They are pulls and have a extra identification number on them which I have been unable to find out what equipment they came from so far
  3. Andrew96_

    Diamond geezer help

    OK those files don't appear to be available from Barcrest. you will struggle with that rather like putting please and thankyous in your very 1st post! not even a proper introduction good luck in your quest
  4. Andrew96_

    Crediting up Electro's

    Mpu4, Dip 2.8
  5. Andrew96_

    Crediting up Electro's

    isn't it something to do with the law at the time like for Isle of white or jersey? (cannot remember which area now) single coin entry was usually switchable on machines to comply with the law, usually done on one of the dip switches
  6. Andrew96_

    Dutch MFME machines

    most likely anything he can get for free without giving any resources to the forum, does that about sum it up?
  7. Andrew96_

    Funny advert

    here is another good one! see this today in a junk shop type shop! so asked how much!!! (as you do) £2000 as is was the answer! well needless to say I did not buy it! that's the price it would fetch restored! not the price as it stands with all that nasty white mould on the woodwork under the glass!! chrome metalwork on the playfield was rusty! I never bothered to ask if it actually worked! if it did the mpu would be full of battery rot too! so decided to leave it lol!
  8. Andrew96_

    sys80 psu fault

    have you checked the 5v fuse?
  9. Andrew96_

    Epoch engineers!

    I have looked at a couple where the tracks rot away under the processor, that's why I said not to bother as the rot on the processor pins looked very similar to the ones I had, next move I think is to remove the processor and see what it is like under it, the green rot between the pins needs to be throughly removed, took me well over a hour on each side of the processor to clean up the rot good enough in the pictures above, so that alone was 6 hours work
  10. Andrew96_

    winsprint jpm sys80

    most likely the 50v fuse has gone on the psu for the solenoids especially as the meters are working fine
  11. Andrew96_

    mpu 5

    Battery flat, needs replacing then your get the error 'ram corrupt' and this will then nead clearing of the ram or it still will not work. been covered to death on here, see this thread https://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/index.php?/topic/20915-hola-amigos-barcrest-noob-here-need-some-help/&tab=comments#comment-321441
  12. Door switches will not cause that problem!
  13. Andrew96_

    Maygay m1a repair thread and tips

    well this is a first! first time I have had one of these Toshiba 8279 chips fail causing a M1 board not to boot! It stopped the data lines communicating properly cross the whole of the board!
  14. Andrew96_

    1984 MPU3 Naughty but Nice

    and don't forget ALL the gallery content since about 2014 went too! I guess the developers just decided forums don't need that anymore either along with the search facility! so we are now stuck with a old empty wooden pusher case which by now has either been eaten away by woodworm, or scrapped! but we MUST have to see it EVERY DAY, technology IS actually going backwards now!
  15. Andrew96_

    Epoch engineers!

    clean that rot out between the pins of the cpu! like this