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  1. Andrew96_

    JPM system 80 cpu board repair

    how about this, a old MPU5 board and a surface mount,chip with pins quite close together an now I can quite clearly see the solder fillets on the chip! this is going to be great for making sure smd chip pins are wetted and making a connection!
  2. Andrew96_

    JPM system 80 cpu board repair

    Mine arrived today! so put another suspected blown rom put in the wrong way round in it's life! sure enough its got the melted internal wire! bit more zoom on the chip die! can read the numbers on the die! it is better when using eyes rather than a camera phone! and finally a smd chip I soldered on (epoch board) this is going to be great in making sure the joints flow good! bit closer!
  3. Andrew96_

    Epoch board not reading dips

    that is the best your gonna get!!
  4. when the battery is flat in the mpu5 as above you get this when that green battery on the program card is flat you get this
  5. check the battery on the main MPU5 with a meter, it will most likely read flat! remove the little blue link to isolate the battery then replace the battery and it should read over 3v then put the blue link back and assemble. If your lucky turning it on with the game card will clear and reset the ram, if your unlucky you might need a ram clear cart
  6. that is NOT the battery that is causing your issue, the battery you need to replace is inside the main motherboard
  7. and if it is mpu5 with a varta battery then it won't charge and never will ever charge as mpu5 does not charge any batterys at all ever
  8. no idea, you put in your post it was MPU5 with 2 red and 12 green flashes which matches up with mpu5, but varta battery it is not, so if it is not that then no idea what you have there!
  9. if it's a mpu5 it is NOT a varta battery! so that wont work! 2 red 12 green is battery flat!
  10. Andrew96_

    JPM system 80 cpu board repair

    yeah at work we have them on long arms just for that reason! Like this but there out of my price range! I was very lucky to get this one so cheap! beggars can't be choosers!
  11. Andrew96_

    Maygay EPOCH MPU repair

    lol it is the same sequence every time! you just got to stick with it and plough through not thinking about the time spent on it as it is a hobby, then hope it all works in the end!
  12. Andrew96_

    Epoch board not reading dips

    there is no full diagram, only the poor to read one in the blue cover epoch technical manual which came with every machine
  13. Andrew96_

    Epoch board not reading dips

    https://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/index.php?/topic/20733-maygay-epoch-mpu-repair/&page=3 the dip problem one is now posted
  14. Andrew96_

    just got this

    it lays a lot better set to £6 tokens by the way!
  15. Andrew96_

    Epoch board not reading dips

    one of them things!! still you live and learn!!