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  1. Andrew96_

    Maygay Screen Play audio fault

    That's for sure! I do it now and again too! luckily mostly PIC chips survive if they are spotted right away when the machine does not work! if left and allowed to get hot there toast! GAL/PAL chips usually the same unless they are old! it varies really!
  2. Andrew96_

    Maygay Screen Play audio fault

    yep it usually burns our the +5v wire to the chip die, only needs a split second for the rom to go up! sometimes if your in the right position when turning on the power you can see a bright flash from within the quartz window. every eprom destroys it's self if put in the wrong way round, (one reason why I use new one time programmable proms as they don't suffer from this but of course can only be written to the once but once the software is in the prom I am never likely to update it as updates for 30 year old fruit machines stopped a good few years ago now)
  3. Andrew96_

    my new project,just collected

    love the old skool neon!! so glad you did not replace it with something modern!
  4. Andrew96_

    Bell Fruit Lord of the Rings issue

    Back in 2015 I spent a lot of time on these stadium psu's, over 3 days I traced out the circuit and worked out there design flaws, I then set about modifying these psu's to work flawlessly being able to set them right down to 9v output on the 12v line before they would cut out! this meant they worked perfect set to there correct voltage of 12v. I did lots for a local arcade and they all performed great! the trouble is to repair one means heavy postage both ways on top of a repair cost, so none were actually done for other people as people would just take a chance on ebay with postage cost of only one way of course! so I never bothered after that. as I said above the Sanken psu's have 2 switchmode power supplies in them, usually one won't start up or cuts off and on again causing the machine to reset. again fixable but buying from ebay again takes over rather than having them fixed and reliable for years to come. I can understand it as most likely a quick fix is needed just enough to get machines working to move on rather than having something that is reliable to keep for years to come, moving machines on seems to be the order of the day...
  5. Andrew96_

    Bell Fruit Lord of the Rings issue

    try these people, least there will be a guarantee https://e-service.co.uk/
  6. Andrew96_

    Bell Fruit Lord of the Rings issue

    Sanken GSK psu's ones have a different set of problems and fail differently as they have 2 switchmode powersupplies inside. this type look like a elephant has sat on one edge with there indentation!
  7. Andrew96_

    Bell Fruit Lord of the Rings issue

    the reason the fan burns out and stops is to get the psu's to run the 12v has to be set at 13v or over!! this over time burns out the fan! the reason for this is because the psu's were very badly designed! any attempt to set 12v near to 12v causes them to cut out! all that SEA0854 range suffer from that, it is known as bellfruit psu disease! bellfruit never did fix this mistake
  8. Andrew96_

    Bell Fruit Lord of the Rings issue

    well watch out on ebay, best to buy a guaranteed tested and working from a reputable place rather than eBAD / eDUD or your get the same again or some intermittently working one that does just that... intermittent!
  9. Andrew96_

    Bell Fruit Lord of the Rings issue

    as fruit58 said was there 5v volts? seems very little (none) information back on the results of your testing? so how can anyone advise anything more when questions were asked from you and there are no reply's answering? we cannot mind read what the cure is for a problem your having a stab at! good luck in your quest
  10. Andrew96_

    sp ace tech

    no payouts or acceptance This is sent from connector PL5 on the mpu board to the secondary board which does these tasks, It is RIGHT next to the battery area, so bad rotten tracks in that area is a good place to start and no comms to reels. Tried changing the reel processor in the socket on the mpu board ?
  11. Andrew96_

    sp ace tech

    cheers! I should now be able to repair the one board I have that's non working
  12. Andrew96_

    sp ace tech

    many thanks
  13. Andrew96_

    sp ace tech

    please post the link to the schematics link
  14. Andrew96_

    sp ace tech

    Perhaps others have had more luck? once I got one board working I did not bother with any more!, funny enough it was for a Grand National too!!
  15. Andrew96_

    sp ace tech