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  1. Andrew96_

    T7 Mpu5 Serial Coin Mech Failure

    blimey £40 they have gone up! they used to sell them for a £10
  2. Andrew96_

    Scorpion 2 Board

    some types are definitely on the rise upwards!
  3. Andrew96_

    T7 Mpu5 Serial Coin Mech Failure

    yes I did too, but I gave them away and just have the one left just in case I ever do any more with the T7 units
  4. Andrew96_

    T7 Mpu5 Serial Coin Mech Failure

    Yes it is one of these you need
  5. Andrew96_

    Jpm sys80 frog hop rebuild

    ah that's good having someone nearby that does all that! I have some pinball legs that would look fantastic if they was polished but after loosing metalwork from a jukebox (sent to the re-chromers to never be seen again) I am reluctant to get things like this done now
  6. Andrew96_

    Jpm sys80 frog hop rebuild

    wow very nice! Perhaps you can do a thread showing what equipment you use to get the metalwork like that and how you do it?
  7. Andrew96_

    JPM Impact repairs

    No more troublesome ZN404 either 😁
  8. Andrew96_

    JPM Impact repairs

    So here it is powered up!! YES!! The reset light works great too!! There is always that pause when you wonder ‘is it going to boot!’ And with the original led on the main board having to be disabled it’s nice to have one you can see to take its place!!
  9. Andrew96_

    JPM Impact repairs

    Built it up tonight less the rom sockets new style against the old type!!
  10. Andrew96_

    Mpu3 frustration!

  11. Andrew96_

    Mpu3 frustration!

    that's great!!! hopefully WD40 NOT used!!! 😁
  12. Andrew96_

    JPM Impact repairs

    Smaller “improved” version on the left
  13. Andrew96_

    MPU4 Motherboard Repair WELL ATTEMPT

    Ah ok there are threads already on this, luckily the search facility IS currently working to find the threads https://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/index.php?/topic/21260-mpu4-board-parts-numbers-required/&tab=comments#comment-325483 And https://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/index.php?/topic/20963-mpu4-board-capacitors-parts/&tab=comments#comment-321934
  14. Andrew96_

    Old Member re-registered..

    buy the flyer from him! , then you can scan it to your hearts content and upload it everywhere you want! not so sure he will sell it to you now though!