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  1. Your need to buy a crimping tool, housing and pins, this is part of the thread on recrimping i did https://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/index.php?/topic/20015-maygay-m1ab-board-repair-thread/&page=3&tab=comments#comment-321191 sorry but after Sunday’s comments you made there is no way I want to help you, especially sending you my address!! Perhaps someone will!
  2. Andrew96_

    Stadium SEA1191/SA schematic diagram

    you will be very lucky to find one as one for these does not exist... well it does at Stadium but they won't release it! it is the type where the 12v HAS to be set to over 13v for it to stay running which then burns out the 12v fan inside causing it to overheat! If you set the 12v to 12v then the psu would keep cutting out or worse not even run! bellfruit never did fix that problem! If your very lucky you just might find some bad joints on the connector output pins to the pcb
  3. Andrew96_

    fruit machine

    proper old school crt monitors too
  4. Andrew96_

    fruit machine

    Well I used to buy non working neo geo boards with errors and repair them, so yep recognize them a bit! these are 2 I have working ( and about 6 more stored), not a very good pic but they were testing boards hence the 1943 monitor being on its side ( I could not be bothered to turn it) and the neo geo on the right running puzzle bobble
  5. Andrew96_

    crystal mpu4 board with a jpm rom [ update ]

    ah ok, there are many quirks to mpu4!
  6. Andrew96_

    crystal mpu4 board with a jpm rom [ update ]

    Ok, I am looking at this thread on my phone, so bear with me if you have already covered this... where did the roms come from that don’t work? Did you program them yourselves? And if so do the files fit the roms or are they for bigger capacity roms?
  7. Andrew96_

    MPU3 Lighting Tubes

    yeh T5, just measure whats there if they look the right length
  8. Andrew96_

    crystal mpu4 board with a jpm rom [ update ]

    Make sure the links on the card are set right for the correct eprom size
  9. Andrew96_

    MPU3 Lighting Tubes

    Aren’t they usually 12” 8w t8 tubes? White colour around 4000k
  10. Andrew96_

    Wanted: Scorpion 2 Power Wire Loom

    If you use mpu4 plugs make sure you use the red ones, the reason is other plugs use smaller cables so you risk damaging cores in the thicker cables your putting in! Or damaging the plug, And I am sure the other colour plugs are lesser current carrying capacity you can press the cables in with a screwdriver but beware as it is easy to poke through the cable insulation and cause damage that way! The correct tool is t shaped to push the cables in
  11. Andrew96_


    Excellent work!!
  12. Andrew96_

    Tales from Midibobs workshop, Sys80

    If pad 1 has been torn off look closely to see if it was originally connected to pad 2, no way would it be floating and to me that seems the obvious thing to look into.. well I would!!!
  13. Andrew96_

    fruit machine

  14. Andrew96_

    BFM Cops N Robbers

    Stick a bit of see through red sticky back plastic over it, not ideal but has to be better until you can find something better
  15. Andrew96_

    fruit machine

    That’s just a fruit case with a snk neogeo board and psu put in it and extra fruit buttons added, not the best conversion I have ever seen!!!