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  1. Andrew96_

    Mario kart epoch lamp problem

    I am sure there was a lamp brightness setting in my epoch wild slide
  2. Andrew96_


    If its run out then nope! you have then to pay a fair few notes to the manufacturer to get another 6 months (or whatever the agreement the manufacture states) to get the machine working again, there different for different manufactures, some are time dongles, some are games played dongles, it's a way of the manufactures getting money out of machine for years to come once they have sold them! clever eh!
  3. Andrew96_

    Mario kart epoch lamp problem

    there is a menu for lamp brightness if i remember correctly
  4. Damage was done to the pcb tracks when the battery was changed, or, battery had already eaten tracks away, or, battery is duff
  5. Andrew96_


    It stops working
  6. Andrew96_

    Bacrest Ambassador

    What is wrong with the program card you have?
  7. Andrew96_

    Tales from Midibobs workshop JPM MPS2

    More good news!!! possibly the last of JPM’s stock they had of the reel cpu chips!! , brand new never used!
  8. Andrew96_

    "CPLD 01 PIC ????" MPU5 Error

    How much is that then?
  9. Andrew96_

    Tales from Midibobs workshop JPM MPS2

    The program card PCB's have now left the factory and are on there way to the UK, the coronavirus does now seem to be taking its toll slowing everything down, they will arrive at some point!, just hope everyone stays virus free over there!
  10. Andrew96_

    Scorpion 4 PSU Help

    definitely some damaged tracks there need sorting and remaking
  11. Andrew96_

    "CPLD 01 PIC ????" MPU5 Error

    do they supply them then if you don't have gambling commission premise licence? would have thought that defeats the point of using the security chips if they do that!
  12. Andrew96_

    Scorpion 4 PSU Help

    Well I hope that cures it, but from past experience there will be more damage on the board than just a decoupling capacitor and a battery, none of those will cause a board to reset,in fact the board would run fine without those being connected for test purposes
  13. Andrew96_

    "CPLD 01 PIC ????" MPU5 Error

    If your wanting circuit diagrams of the boards, none exist
  14. Andrew96_

    Tales from Midibobs workshop JPM MPS2

    I have managed to get this! it nreds some work on it but it does show these things ARE still out there!!! I was extremely lucky to get it!!! make it like this Midibob!!!
  15. Andrew96_

    Coins going in wrong tube

    yes in mars mechs, but its some time since I did any