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  1. Andrew96_

    M5L8279 chip needed

    What’s different in the data sheets to the others like toshiba ones
  2. Andrew96_

    Glass reproduction and reprint

    no this was years ago what I described happened!, sg gaming won't deal with public, just people that can prove they hold a licenced premises gaming licence
  3. Andrew96_

    Glass reproduction and reprint

    They was mass produced back in the day, and I heard there was someone doing glasses for maygay M1 a good few years back, I think they was some kind of conversions kit, I can’t remember now, but maygay actively went after him and got him to stop with threats of copyright and fines etc, the person that told me this knew this as he knew someone from maygay and was going to ask about what was needed to be able to (licensing) and if maygay would go after people that produced new PCB’s for maygay machines, but he never did even ask for me! Just a long line of promises that never happened!!
  4. Andrew96_

    Glass reproduction and reprint

    The mirror effect is not something anyone seems willing to produce these days, if you want something possibly vinal is the way to go and sacrifice the mirror effect
  5. Andrew96_

    Yet another test rig!

    Cheers rich! I do avoid getting things from places that customs can hit me for, been caught too many times now, but it shows even if you do try you can still get caught out, it’s only going to get worse when we leave the EU as customs is going to be rubbing there hands together as they can charge custom fees from products coming in from Europe to people like you and me!!
  6. Andrew96_

    Yet another test rig!

    Good job I am not planning to sell them lol!! I heard someone could get impact cpu cards done for £15 fully built! I said good luck to them as I can’t see that happening with the price of blank pcb’s!
  7. Andrew96_

    Yet another test rig!

    Yeah!!! So all in it works at a total of £171 for 20 pcb’s!! And these are smaller than even impact cpu cards, only a extra £1 per pcb and now the anger has resided I will pay dhl later ! A expense I did not bank on getting! It is more hassle to start again and claim money back from this transaction, just the hint of brexit is putting prices up so most likely what was cheaper pcb manufactures last week will cost more this week with the exchange rate! So roughly £8.55 each blank PCB! In life you will never win! The best you can hope for is to break even!!
  8. Andrew96_

    Yet another test rig!

    Well looks like I am not getting the boards now till I pay DHL for what looks like custom charges which I specifically asked the pcb maker to include a low value invoice ( which they sent me a picture of) but seem to have put the normal one in so costing yet more money!! If they had said they would not do the lower invoice I would not have used them! This is what increases the already fairly high price for each pcb as low quantity! Good luck to anyone that wants to produce fruit machine pcb’s!!!
  9. Andrew96_

    Jpm casino crazy

    can be quite involved, if battery rot is the case you need to find someone that can repair it, I don't do repairs but this is my thread on one way of doing it https://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/index.php?/topic/20230-jpm-impact-repairs/
  10. Andrew96_

    Yet another test rig!

    Cheers Bob and Mike! the tracking says delivery this thursday! I got 5x lamp load boards pcb's made, 10x led display boards made as I am hoping these will also be able to be used for the led drives from the boards as well (like scorp 4 and MPU4) and 5x reel load board too which should put a much more realistic load on the reel drivers on the board under test and also means LED's can be used to display the reel state rather than lamps which will only put a small load on the drivers, more pics when they arrive!
  11. Andrew96_

    Scorpion 1

    Red should be on when you turn the machine on for 1 to 2 seconds then go out!
  12. Andrew96_

    Jpm casino crazy

    Battery leaking has eaten tracks away on the board, so board needs repairing
  13. Andrew96_

    Scorpion 1

    Scorp1 just green, if the red is on or flashing then board is not booting, most likely bad tracks
  14. Andrew96_

    Club Cops n Robbers pay tubes

    I cannot really be any more help as it was most likely 2015 or earlier I messed with it and remember it was a nightmare but that's all I remember now.