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  1. scooby1970

    bally 1070

    only 75 euro paid for it, glass is in really good shape, the reels also. it works fine mechanical, if i had time i make more pictures
  2. scooby1970

    bally 1070

    thanks,! found out that he is also used in pinballs,
  3. scooby1970

    bally 1070

    I'm looking voor a manual for a Bally one armed bandit type 1070 , mechanical he is oke, but the powersupply is defect.
  4. scooby1970

    MPS2 No light

    I have a Dutch "Zilvervloot" witch i'm giving a restauration. The MPS2 is working well, except the lights are not working also not from the wheels. The Transformer is oke, (yellow) Does somebody know the problem, seems like that one component that is broken.? Trying another MPS board, then the lights are working.
  5. its a system85 indeed, but with the same sounds as the dutch "club2000" from the cabinet 85 are also 2 versions. one version (the first) has three mechanical coin acceptors and a bigger backdoor the "second" version has two mechanical coin acceptors and one electrical acceptor
  6. scooby1970

    jpm mpu 85

    Help! have a dutch superflush , about 1986. In the motherboard was a small burning from a bad battery. the question is now, dont know how the tracks are , they burnt away.
  7. scooby1970

    Video: JPM - Goldrun (MPS2 1986)

    the one i have is a "german" , that has not the mps but a system5. Also waiting for repair of the board
  8. i'm looking for the first cabinet from 1985 , but never find one
  9. Just waiting for the repair of the board and hope that my machine will work
  10. scooby1970

    Video: JPM - Goldrun (MPS2 1986)

    you lucky basterd rogier, I have the same goldrun, but then in a wall unit. Unfortunately its a system5 , and doesnt work yet.
  11. scooby1970

    MPS PSU (Red Label)

    Rogier, Contact me, i can repair them for you. Drink some coffee (senseo) and i explain the problems with the red and yellow ones
  12. scooby1970

    MPS PSU (Red Label)

    I have repaired some red label's . in the mps1/2 manual is a drawn of the redlabel
  13. scooby1970

    jpm impact 3

    That is not possible. The connector can only in one way connected
  14. scooby1970

    jpm impact 3

    I think its difficult, But i'm looking for a manual for a jpm impact 3. The problem with the machine is that the pionts are not showing in the credit display , but in the winbank display , see picture If the pionts are more then ten, the 1 is showing in the left display end the 0 in the right. If i win 10 points and save them, the 10 is in the right display behind the 0 The reset button is not good i think, dont feel a "click" is i push him. The machine is not responding at the button Anybody? ps, its a dutch machine jpm breakout
  15. scooby1970

    cmos tc5514p wanted

    I am searching for 2 pieces of cmos tc 5514p toshiba for a memoryboard from a system80 fruitsnapper. It must send to the Netherlands.