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    I have around 30 machines from the following brands: ACE; Barcrest; Bell-Fruit; JPM; Rouvoet Electronics. The build dates range from 1986 - 2010.


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  1. Awesome pics John!! Thanks for sharing!! I like the Dutch ones seeing them in between the pics 😉 Your top box testing machine was made of 1Dutch multiplayer fruitmachine. (those triple players with the large top box) These are the more notorious games and for the heavy gamblers. Some had a jackpot of € 8000,- !! 🙄
  2. Rogier

    Happy Birthday Jonno

    Late (just as my father 40+ years ago ) but my best wishes, hope you had a good one!
  3. Rogier

    Security error 1

    This one properly connected?
  4. Rogier

    JPM IMPACT CPU drawings - fan made!

    Thanks for posting the vids and the information here MAGIK, very interesting.
  5. Rogier

    MPS2 doesn't boot

    Good job, luckily for you you are better in renovating a house than a slot 😉
  6. Rogier

    MPS2 doesn't boot

    @Beatpower How was your 2-year sabbatical? Did a hike trip around the world or other interesting things? 🙂
  7. Rogier

    Hallo everyone

    Welcome here Mischa.
  8. Rogier

    Ron says hi

    Welcome here Ron.
  9. Rogier

    Project PC92 mpu repair

    Chico the Bandit was a Dutch game, set on the market by "Hobea International Trade B.V." The license is dated on 10 january 1994.
  10. Rogier

    High roller (barcrest mpu4) sound and light problem

    Hello Andy, Welcome here on the Mecca. I see you have this Dutch market machine for sale in the Netherlands. What is your purpose, do you want to fix it or do you want to sell it off? I suggest you make a donation first if you want advise for this machine. Also you write in your ad that it is in good condition, but a machine with a light and sound problem (and probable tens of years of neglect and a rotting battery) doesn't seem a machine in good condition to me...
  11. Rogier

    Impact JPM tips

    Do you mean those Andrew? This is the Promcard for the Dutch market. (NL = Netherlands) (Rubbish game by the way 😛 )
  12. I made a few for Bell-Fruit mid '80's (scorpion 1) machines. It is a lot of work, but when you are started and the first few looms are connected, it is easy. Tip: lable all wires and lampholders and check it twice! Also had one machine which had a fault in their own wiring diagram paper/booklet. (they had a double strobe/data number on 2 lampholders printed. With a little logic and a few tries with the machine in test mode those print errors are easily fixed. Happened me only once, don't want to scare you 😉 )
  13. Rogier

    Noisy Starpoint Reels?

    Yes the tape mate, it "flaps" and it makes because it is a bit loose a rattling noise when the reel(s) are spun. But biggest chance it is the wear and tear of the motor. But it is worth checking out, it is easy to recognize as the tape is a bit loose in some places to almost completely loose. I have had this a few times... ;-)
  14. Rogier

    Noisy Starpoint Reels?

    It is often wear and tear of the motor, but sometimes it is the tape which has become a bit loose, and when the reels are spun it generates noise because of it "flapping". I had that a few times, and solved it to place a few tiny pieces of clear tape on strategic places to make it tightened again.