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  1. midibob

    Pcb laqueur

    I found the best thing is a ladies nail curing lamp. Mine was only a tenner a few years back and it only takes half an hour, a lot less time than waiting for a sunny day!
  2. midibob

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    I'm sure everyone is loving these old memories so keep with it. Thanks Bob
  3. midibob

    Scorpion 1 Issue 4

    I don't recall ever seeing a Scorp 1 with that resistor? As you now know it's not listed on the diagrams here so there must be an updated one out there somewhere. You're probably going to have to wait till somebody chirps up that's got a later revision board. I wonder if there are any other mods from the earlier boards?
  4. midibob

    MPU4 Test Jig Software

    I've just realised the display says 50Hz , fancy missing that. I could have sworn it said S00Z.
  5. midibob

    MPU4 Test Jig Software

    I've not seen that error before but I notice you don't have a plug on the serial port! You'll need to connect pins 2&3 together or you'll get an RS232 fail message. Oh, you must have the meters connected too.
  6. midibob

    BWB Line Up

    This might be what you want Steve... Line up info
  7. midibob

    MPU4 Test Jig Software

    Yep, you have to reverse the text, but, and this is a big but, it breaks the checksum. It took quite a while to discover how to defeat it. Of course if the program ever gets corrupted you won't know except by it not working correctly of course. if you're smart enough you could just re-write the new checksum but I'm not that clever. Ah, found my original article. If you fancy 40 winks give it a read. MPU4 checksum I can't remember what loading I used now for the meters but the original lamp was 1.2W I think and that must have been fine.
  8. midibob

    MPU4 Test Jig Software

    Here you go. ut2-mod.hex I did do a long winded write up on this a while back but probably trying to find it will be the proverbial needle in a haystack, as has been mentioned before.
  9. midibob

    MPU4 Test Jig Software

    If you end up using that VFD I have a re-engineered copy of the code with all the text reversed as I also use a more modern type in my rig. You're welcome to a copy if you want it. My lamp matrix was built with LED's as was the Triac, meters and motor drives. The meter outputs have to be specifically loaded though otherwise it fails the meter test. The same goes for the lamp matrix. The reason for LED's was to decrease the size (by about a half) so I had to modify the design somewhat from the original. As mavroz says old looms are a must as without a donator the project would be dead in the water. If you had to buy all the different colour wires and connectors it would make the project uneconomic.
  10. midibob

    MPU4 Test Jig Software

    This was my effort. Still going strong... https://youtu.be/gxRVrgL5Mys
  11. midibob

    MPU4 Test Jig Software

    Definitely UT2 is the one. I can't remember which one has all the reel tests in it, maybe that was UT4?
  12. midibob

    MPU4 Test Jig Software

    I'm sure they are on the Mecca somewhere but no amount of searching turns up a link???
  13. midibob

    MPU4 test rig manual

    My rule of thumb is anything is better than nothing so all thanks to those who post, I don't know what I'd do without you.
  14. midibob

    rom burning please

    ...and expensive!
  15. midibob

    rom burning please

    Hi Rich, I'll do them for you unless you've had another offer.