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  1. midibob

    Tales from Midibobs workshop JPM MPS2

    A giant leap for mankind more like! Andrew are you thinking of making a full test rig? In that case I suppose it would make sense to build 2 the same rather than me riding off into the sunset and making something completely different. If you are it might be better if we start another thread in case anyone else wants to build one too.
  2. midibob

    Tales from Midibobs workshop JPM MPS2

    Whoopee, lamp tests working. Now I can build a proper test rig.
  3. midibob

    Tales from Midibobs workshop JPM MPS2

    Wow, thanks for that Chris you are a star sir. I'm sure I tried 6,8 & 9 to no avail but most the others are down as 'not used' on my manual so will give them a go later. Cheers Bob You sure you didn't have to say abracadabra too?
  4. midibob

    Tales from Midibobs workshop JPM MPS2

    Ooh err missus! Put me out of my misery Chris, what am I missing? I can see the code running but can get it to do anything. I'm using somone else's layout to try it with but none of the switches do anything, same as on the board itself. You've obviously found the magic switch or link! If so how did you find it? Maybe a magic word even?
  5. midibob

    Tales from Midibobs workshop JPM MPS2

    I've never won either but being a pensioner is the next best thing. All I've got to do now is see if I can crack this before the grim reaper calls. Thanks for all your input so far and everyone else too.
  6. midibob

    Tales from Midibobs workshop JPM MPS2

    I think you're right but there's obviously a magic switch that needs to be thrown or maybe a special link in the tester that kicks it all off?
  7. midibob

    Nudges Unlimited

    Have you checked there are no solder rings on the 15 way connector on the main board?
  8. midibob

    Tales from Midibobs workshop JPM MPS2

    Yep, that's pretty good. Let me know when you want some beer tokens Andrew. ...and get the software to do something.
  9. midibob

    TIL143 conundrum

    They probably are Rich but not for me I'm afraid. Space is the reason I got rid of all my old ones years ago. On fitting replacement emitters and sensors you may have to be careful if they are polarised! What I mean by that is I've noticed that ones I've removed from the original sensors have a small dome shape on one side and I assume this is to focus the beam. In the case of the sensor side if the pin-out is different, as they will only fit one way round, you'll be back to square one. Also that would be an expensive way of doing it.
  10. midibob

    TIL143 conundrum

    Thanks for that Andrew, I threw away all my old data books years ago never thinking they would ever be useful.
  11. midibob

    TIL143 conundrum

    Looking at quite a few of the TIL143's some are easy to remove the sensors others aren't as they are sealed! Andrew the pin out on the later datasheet is different! The numbers are in the same place on both, but 3&4 are swapped. Please tell me I'm not going round the bend.
  12. midibob

    TIL143 conundrum

    Blimey, where did you get the TIL143 datasheet from? I've been searching for weeks! Unless I'm going potty, which is getting more likely the older I get, the 143 has the collector on 4 and the emitter on 3 whereas the later ones on the bottom sheet are the opposite.
  13. midibob

    TIL143 conundrum

    Checked some more different types and they all work. Here's a little tester I made up.... 20200124_183615.mp4
  14. midibob

    TIL143 conundrum

    This has been bugging me for a while as I have a load of reel sensor boards to look at that are faulty. Anyone that's been down the path of repairing these knows that the TIL143 are very difficult if not impossible to buy as they were obsolete many moons ago. A seller is listing an equivalent on Ebay and I have sourced some from eleswhere and these are OPB866. I've also stocks of various other types which are the same footprint but I couldn't understand why none of them worked?? After endless searching on the net I was unable to find the datasheet for the TIL143 and came across loads of other's posts not being able to find it either. To cut a long story short I'd made the natural assumption that all these photo interupters would be identical. After many hours of head scratching wondering why it was only the TIL143's that would work on the boards it dawned on me that perhaps they were different to all the modern ones. Lo and behold that's what it turned out to be and not really in technical sperformance either, it was simpler than that. From what I've found, playing about with them, is that the detectors are fitted the opposite way round to all the modern types ie collectors and emitters reversed! From here the next thing was to design a new circuit board to take the newer types and as a proof of concept I've come up with this. Mine is on the left and I've added the luxury of taking both widths of pin spacing too. So far I've tried 3 more modern types and they all work. I have a few more to test later so I'll update the thread but there's no reason to suspect that they won't. I haven't posted before as I was a bit unsure that something so simple was amiss and that noboby else had come across it but I'm feeling a lot more confident now I've made the new board.