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  1. Wanted club attraction

    MPS Machine tripping house RCD

    Where is the best place to get rifas tried eBay but had trouble with the seller cheers Gaz
  2. Wanted club attraction

    BFM Pick of the Pack

    Great machine this I have one and love it
  3. Wanted club attraction

    Mpu4/mod4 sound?

    Hi yes you twist that around for the volume
  4. Wanted club attraction

    PCP Variety Club

    Too early for G for George what a godsend that button is when you own the machine
  5. Wanted club attraction

    Crystal - Buccaneer

    I doubt I’ll ever need it to be honest got rid of a load of machines more to go in the new year more than likely
  6. Wanted club attraction

    Crystal - Buccaneer

    I had one of these sadly it was falling apart when I got it same as it was a good game
  7. Wanted club attraction

    Barcrest Ten Quid Grid quiz machine

    Have you got a picture of it please?
  8. Wanted club attraction

    Bags of cash

    Thanks Rich I found my old buccaneer manual tried using the settings on that for change if jackpot play sadly no joy alpha goes into foreign language when I change it to £100 jackpot setting I’ve also changed the board just in case that was at fault has no switches like barcrest machine’s to change the jackpot very odd
  9. Wanted club attraction

    Bags of cash

    Just a quick vid for you Magic IMG_1079.MOV
  10. Wanted club attraction

    Bags of cash

    I will hopefully do one in next day or so for you Magic
  11. Wanted club attraction

    Bags of cash

    Hi all picked this up the other day only thing is it’s in 5p play £75 jackpot it already has the decals for £100 jackpot installed looks like it’s a dip switch setting on the board don’t suppose anybody knows the setting’s to change it to £100 jackpot save me a bit of time many thank’s in advance ah yeah it’s Crystal Mpu4 mid 2
  12. Wanted club attraction

    few for sale on ukpinball?

  13. Wanted club attraction

    Found this...

    Yeah Sorry I have to go to work to pay the bills and I did say I would need it back to which I got this reply
  14. Wanted club attraction

    Barcrest reel glass/plastic replacement

    Hi Mike Thanks for the reply if you don’t mind sorting it out if I post it down to you probably easier seeing as you have dealt with them before be much appreciated Gary
  15. Wanted club attraction

    Barcrest reel glass/plastic replacement