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  1. Wanted club attraction

    Wanted: Scorpion 2 Power Wire Loom

    I'll be having a look tonight or tomorrow morning I will defo have one I know I have a premier manager in storage so worse case i take it from there
  2. Wanted club attraction

    Anyone seen a Cash force before?

    Was this the one on Facebook in the last week or so?
  3. Wanted club attraction

    Wanted: Scorpion 2 Power Wire Loom

    Will try and have a look tomorrow afternoon for one have broke a few just got to find them
  4. Wanted club attraction

    Wanted: Scorpion 2 Power Wire Loom

    I will have a Scorp 2 cable somewhere if you can wait a couple of days I will have a look for you as they will be in one of the many stacks of boxes of spares I have
  5. Wanted club attraction


    No it bored the arse off me to be honest plus I now have space and I quite like it 😂
  6. Wanted club attraction


    You still got my old machine then
  7. Wanted club attraction

    clean up [ Crystal club elite ]

    Is this club Elite?
  8. Wanted club attraction

    Global Cash Crazy

    Yeah I know Nick got a few boards that work but no sound but had a bit off hope with this one as guy said sound was low but you could hear it and the fact that the sound knob has been moved when it's had its repair in the past so fingers crossed I've still got that board that I had off you it's not been in anything so fingers crossed it still works 😂
  9. Wanted club attraction

    Global Cash Crazy

  10. Wanted club attraction

    Global Cash Crazy

    Hi all well I went and picked this up Early Sunday morning was told it's not working got it home had a play with it for a few mins and managed to get the reels to spin and then it died had a bit more time today so got it to boot land running had about 5 mins playing in free play but no sound turned of machine to start having a look at the sound issue i messaged the guy to ask him when it was working a couple of weeks ago did it have sound he said yes but was very low and a clean up of the connectors on the board no joy also tried another spare board that I believed worked with sound put that in still no sound, so not sure if it's the speaker or the boards at thought at the moment so I put the original board back in thinking I'll run with that so I boot it up and all I got was reels spinning with the 3rd just carrying on spinning ended up trying another spare reel after doing the usual swap around and it now works again so just to resolve juat hoping the sound problem is the speaker as from what I can gather it's been kept out in a garage for a while although the board has had some repairs in the past
  11. Wanted club attraction

    Bellfruit big deal sys85

    Did the machine work Nick?
  12. Wanted club attraction

    1991 Bell Fruit Temptation

    Has this not been emulated yet then?
  13. Wanted club attraction

    BFM Crazy Fruits ROM and game card

    It will be 4 Roms
  14. Wanted club attraction

    crystal Frame and fortune

    Its Impact 3
  15. Wanted club attraction

    crystal Frame and fortune

    Bit strange that did it kick out all the coins before it shut down and has the battery leaked on the board?