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  1. FruitSim


    I think worked on Big Deal early chip (clubber). Also worked on a 2p conversion by PCP or BWB called Cash Card (Bingo game) Worked on Maygay's version of Club Psycho (Think called Rags To Riches). Also was good on The Italian Job clubber. These were great as some casinos had them set on £1,000 JP hahahaha.
  2. FruitSim

    club funhouse

    Yup, that's the one
  3. FruitSim

    club funhouse

    The one after Temptation; played Madness - House of Fun on the hi lo. Great machine. Early versions way to easy to get both pots and a JP. Later versions made it harder but were still predictable. Low down reel match good for £50 melon win and then unlimited £20 Pineapple wins. Later version stopped the pineapples Good machine and fun to own too. Was one on ebay about 6 months back. Appear from time to time. Don't fetch much either.
  4. Yeah, or a Mike Reid's Big Night Out. I'm in halves to see one of those get the "plenty more where that came from" treatment
  5. FruitSim

    New to fruit machines basic questions

    From memory, you need to play off any credit in the machine before you can put it into test. This may explain why it sometimes does or doesn't work.
  6. FruitSim

    Just got this Club Count Cash

    No idea me!
  7. FruitSim

    superbank rare £2 jackpot

    Lovely. Fantastic machine
  8. FruitSim

    Just got this Club Count Cash

    An underated and very playable BFM. Good choice!
  9. FruitSim

    Unknown 90's 10p machine

    Could be "Double Chance" (also wrongly known as "Winning Streak"), Cash Attraction or possibly even Tri Star
  10. FruitSim

    Games Room 22/2/13

    Great collection Fruit Preserve my fave, by a mile.
  11. FruitSim

    MPU Hyper Viper option switches

    Thanks, will give that a try and report back
  12. FruitSim

    MPU Hyper Viper option switches

    LOL, also, is there one to stop the noise it plays when in attract mode? That might get a little annoying!
  13. Does anyone know the dip switch (if at all) to stop the 30 second reset alarm?
  14. FruitSim


    Awsome machine
  15. FruitSim

    What's this one called?

    I'm with Stevedude on this one. PCP rebuild on JPM base. Name escapes me too for now. Also bugging me now....