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  1. Reg

    Site Donations

    What about the Donations tab, bottom right hand side - did you try that link ?
  2. Reg

    Site Donations

    Looks like your browser things you are running the mobile version of the site by the looks of it. Try this URL... https://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/index.php?/donate/
  3. Reg

    Posting non working roms/rom hoarding

    TBH, all he's done is ruined a surprise. I ignored it the first time when the point scoring exercise happened at DADS during a thread - this was needless and does nothing of any value either way and why it could not have been tacked onto a thread there rather then a public shot at me - I don't know ? The PM I got, well was a little surprising however - it's easier to say "I've been told who you are" and just leave it at that. I apoligised about an attack at FruitEMU which some accepted, others did not - this is just a pointless and needless exercise where points were attempted to be scored that simply ruined a surprise. The valid point - is I got a little too annoyed about the great Concept "leak" after buying roms - I regret that - and the most important person in that chain was DAD who was relasing who I believe I have made my peace with.
  4. Reg

    Posting non working roms/rom hoarding

    Hi Gary, Hope that you are well - it's been a real long time, hasn't it - my god, Viva Espana was a long time ago ? ( so, I have been told behind the scenes that this is you based on this afternoons PM I am looking at - so I may as well be polite and say hello - somebody didn't like your double standards of hiding away that you are doing ) 1. Yes - I was pissed because I had brought them, you brought that up when you posted as NotAT at DADS, appearantly these two accounts belong to the same person. Looking back, I can't help what happened when the Concept games leak happened and perhaps should have been less pissed - I did spend a lot of money tho on them. 2. Yes - I like Mavroz paid more good money for these, you'll notice on the Reflex stuff I've been given I will release when allowed by the person that gave the roms. This was not one of them, so I align with Mavroz about releasing as and when, which is on my timeline not yours. Before anyone comes up with any conspiracy bullshit, the very reason it's in the font is I was planning on giving the damn thing out. I am actually a little fucked the surprise is ruined by somebody that enjoys working in the shadows here. You've kinda scored a +1 by guessing the game and posting this. You'll get it at some point - however although with the contacts you have - I would be 99.99% certain you have the roms anyway. Trade work always bears great fruits. Anyway, as I said at my header - it's been a long time - take care.
  5. Great post. That's going to be one problem for me - Facebook - I really can't be bothered with it, I'd rather talk to somebody then be part of their eco-system. I did have an account that was setup for another use there, but then then they asked to prove ID - which simply I will not do. I refuse to upload legal documents to Facebook, they can fuck right off. So too choices, fake account just to take the releases - then you get more problems - or hope there is some other avenue where we can get them. Brilliant and fantastic that the DX'Cellent releases are - the combination of Facebook and all the shit that goes with that, I'll have to wait for them to be posted elsewhere. Don't think of it as an end of an era, the man and his skills are still with us - think of it as a change of delivery system.
  6. Reg

    Take your Pick £8T Dx

    Thanks for this - will fire up tomorrow - just grabbing, but important to acknowledge - esp as this is an old machine.
  7. Reg

    Double Your Money

    This weeks release is...
  8. Reg

    MFME v6.0 Bugs Thread

    The roms we have were for tubes which is what's running here...
  9. Reg

    MFME v6.0 Release Thread

    In that case you need to find something extact the files. Try WinRAR or 7zip.
  10. Reg

    MFME v6.0 Release Thread

    Take the guide I linked you and follow it step by step. The first error you get - post a screen shot to that guide - yes you might need to sign up etc - but let's work through this please. Go here... ...follow... ...post the first screen show to that thread as soon as you get an error. http://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/topic/927-tips-loading-mfme-for-the-first-time/ NOTE - BY DOING THIS YOU ARE HELPING ME IF THERE IS AN ERROR IN THAT ARTICLE.
  11. Reg

    MFME v6.0 Release Thread

    Ok - this is not likely to go down well - but we have a surge of people that are completely stuck - with this, if you follow end to end you will get a layout running. http://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/topic/927-tips-loading-mfme-for-the-first-time/&tab=comments#comment-3256
  12. Reg

    MFME v6.0 Release Thread

    One more as well for PCL MAXI.