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  1. skill chancer

    cash or nudges pics + vid!

    Looks like fun that :'D
  2. skill chancer

    MPU3 12v meter alarm / VTP error

    Hello, My Supaswop has developed an error, it will play normally for a few minutes and then pops up with one of the following errors. Has anyone else had this problem?
  3. skill chancer

    MPS Bluestreak error?

    Well had a look and found a wire off the back door button/switch, putting it on didn't seem to do anything the first times I tried so had a look at the reels as TTX suggested. Couldn't see any problems so fiddled with the switch wire again and hey presto she's working now. So thanks for your suggestions, much appreciated! And on to the next problem.....
  4. skill chancer

    A big row of MPU2's.....

    Don't remember them fruits but used to love them copters!
  5. skill chancer


    "All profits to charity" yea right
  6. skill chancer

    MPS Bluestreak error?

    Thanks Steve, I'll have a poke around and see if I can find owt. It did happen after the nephews n nieces were having a play....
  7. skill chancer

    MPS Bluestreak error?

    Hello, My Bluestreak has developed an error, reels spin up but it then flashes up with this error with an audible alarm. Any ideas where I should start to have a look? Cheers, Lee
  8. skill chancer


    Oh dear, think he's fallen off sommet?
  9. skill chancer

    Another Classic JPM

    Tidy looking machine that Dave!
  10. skill chancer

    fao pete w

    Last active 28th July
  11. skill chancer

    Top up system80

    Loiks nice that
  12. skill chancer

    hey peeps

    Welcome, what brings you down these parts?
  13. skill chancer

    Hi from the Netherlands

    Hello and welcome to the Mecca! Were in the Netherlands are you?
  14. skill chancer

    barcrest mpu4 cash counter

    Yea, it was the skill feature I'd go for. I do like a skill shot, hence the name
  15. skill chancer

    barcrest mpu4 cash counter

    Used to like this machine although i don't remember coming off it up very often