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  1. Has anyone got a picture of back of alphanumeric display wiring to the green plug on a jpm red arrow fruit machine 

  2. Phil1974

    Tales from Midibobs workshop, Sys80

    Well done bob, another notch in your belt, very interesting thread 😄
  3. Phil1974

    Wanted mpu3 ram

    Just might have had a solution to my dilemma off an a member off here :)) Thankyou
  4. Phil1974

    Wanted mpu3 ram

    I have bought a few more mpu3 machines,, and had the boards repaired by a mecca member but unfortunately the ram as seen better days, otherwise an easy swop over as you say :))))
  5. Phil1974

    Wanted mpu3 ram

    I fella, yes she is fine no prob at all, been busy removing several parts back to what it should be any clues who the chap up north is ? That could be a long shot to find who he is .. but cheers
  6. Phil1974

    Wanted mpu3 ram

    Evening all, as the title says I have a few boards here which need some new mpu3 ram , I am abit wary to where to get some from and knock off fakes, I would appreciate any info in this matter, and Thankyou in advance phil
  7. Phil1974

    Wanted - PCP Blue Streak / Cash Alarm / Test Pilot

    They are looking awesome :)) plenty to play on with them winter nights coming in soon ..
  8. Phil1974

    my grail ..after all this time is secured .

    Welll done rich, never seen one b4 enjoy if you get stuck for any parts drop us a line ..
  9. Phil1974

    MPU2 test rig

    Another fantastic piece of kit, excellent work
  10. Phil1974

    My Gamesroom

    Top machines Chris, thanks for sharing 😄
  11. Phil1974

    New member hello all :)

    Hello John and welcome to the forum 😄
  12. Phil1974


    Fantastic job joe, she looking better already you will be surprised how much you can restore and bring her back to life , keep up the great work
  13. Phil1974

    PCP Royal Line :)

    There are all looking great Barrie,
  14. Phil1974

    New addition exchanges galore