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  1. Phil1974

    My Gamesroom

    Top machines Chris, thanks for sharing 😄
  2. Phil1974

    New member hello all :)

    Hello John and welcome to the forum 😄
  3. Phil1974


    Fantastic job joe, she looking better already you will be surprised how much you can restore and bring her back to life , keep up the great work
  4. Phil1974

    PCP Royal Line :)

    There are all looking great Barrie,
  5. Phil1974

    New addition exchanges galore

  6. Phil1974

    New addition exchanges galore

    line up and snappy £1,500 only prob is I have them both already but without the so called cheat, otherwise I would of picked them up this morning (
  7. Phil1974

    New addition exchanges galore

    he only as six, he as a snappy and line up £2 original with the so called cheat installed and big shot for sale .,
  8. Phil1974

    New addition exchanges galore

    I bloody did lol then I looked yet again at the 20p win had the unlimited nudges tho and a nice jp tune
  9. Phil1974

    New addition exchanges galore

    the other one I picked up is rolla replay they were side by side
  10. Phil1974

    New addition exchanges galore

    Just picked this up with another yesterday mpu3 exchanges galore 2 plays 10p £1.50 jp nice little machine to go with others
  11. Phil1974

    Heartbreak hotel Renovation

    that’s not very loving rich
  12. Phil1974

    80`s awp glasses & acrylic panels

    it’s been over two months since lan was last on here , fingers crossed for everyone who is still waiting theses things don’t happen over night
  13. Phil1974

    PCP Super Spoof :)

    never seen that one Stev , looks like a great machine
  14. Phil1974

    PCP Super Spoof :)

    Looking great Barrie, you are nearly there, bring on more mpu3 machines for you