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  1. Phil1974

    Best of an Era (Community Driven)

    Are these from your own personal collection Nick 😊
  2. Phil1974

    PCP In for a Penny, In for a pound

    It’s looks like you are going to be kept busy for awhile, good find tho 😊
  3. Phil1974

    Rock On Video as promised :)

    Pure class rob !! What a fantastic machine, The new glass puts the cherry on the cake 😊 enjoy her ...
  4. Phil1974


    The only difference I am aware of is the sound chip, mod2 as and a mod4 doesn’t,, regs the mod1 I believe it was a early test board or something like that I have only had a couple of them over the years ..: I maybe wrong ??
  5. Phil1974

    Making 3D EWN - can you help?

    What a fantastic start , they look brilliant looking forward to seeing the finished project 😊
  6. Phil1974

    New addition to the family

    Santa will be coming soon, and if you’ve been good you never know .. 😊
  7. I have limited room at home, but I can’t help myself still collecting them,, it’s fully working spot on, the glasses are in brilliant condition...
  8. It’s like anything they all come at once, wish I could keep them all ..
  9. I have picked this one up this weekend lovely condition
  10. Phil1974

    New arrivals Mpu3

    Second that 😊
  11. Phil1974

    New arrivals Mpu3

    I Did hear someone say he always wanted a deal or no deal machine ? But I might be wrong ... 🙏
  12. Phil1974

    New arrivals Mpu3

    Hi ste, it was knackered more I looked the worse it got, but on the top side anything that was usable as been donated to members on here, trust me tho it was bad pics didn’t do it justice.
  13. Phil1974

    New arrivals Mpu3

    Cheers mike, and these two where realistically priced not like some I have seen advertised lately
  14. Phil1974

    New arrivals Mpu3

    I only wish it had, that’s the first thing I checked for, even tho the previous owner as had it for years sadly they are long gone 😂
  15. Phil1974

    New arrivals Mpu3

    Still on the look out for you, I haven’t forgot mate.