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  1. Phil1974

    Safe place for Spares?

    You could always save all your spares at my house 😀
  2. Phil1974

    Tales from Midibobs workshop, Sys80

    Excellent work bob , I told you I would send you something easier than them ace boards to repair next time, big Thankyou 😄
  3. Phil1974

    Simply Stunning

    I hope my old corba, you have is still behaving itself 😄 never tho you would find another Stev .
  4. Phil1974

    Super line up mpu3

    You know me too well 😄
  5. Phil1974

    Super line up mpu3

    No but I just picked up a mk1 Ews today from york..
  6. Phil1974

    Super line up mpu3

    They are likes buses, they all come at once 👍
  7. Phil1974

    Super line up mpu3

    There is only one line up to my knowledge on eBay and it’s mine, not sold a rat race for awhile tho
  8. Phil1974

    peter simper fruity

    Bargain at that price, it’s always great to see something different and interesting 😄
  9. Bloody hell bob you must have the patience’s of a saint, I promise I will send you something more easier next time, fantastic write up 😄 thanks
  10. Evening rich, great to see you back on here enjoy
  11. Phil1974

    Nudge Double Up Deluxe

    Fantastic machine, it looks like your going to be busy for awhile
  12. If only we could turn back the clock mate 🙈 look what we could have nowadays....
  13. Phil1974

    Maygay its a knockout

    It’s Looking great fantastic start, looking forward to seeing the finished project , the effort will be worth it 😄
  14. Phil1974

    10PM coin alarm ?

    Have you checked the Mec to see if a coin as come jammed inside it triggering the alarm ?
  15. Has anyone got a picture of back of alphanumeric display wiring to the green plug on a jpm red arrow fruit machine