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  1. Phil1974

    New arrivals Mpu3

    Second that 😊
  2. Phil1974

    New arrivals Mpu3

    I Did hear someone say he always wanted a deal or no deal machine ? But I might be wrong ... 🙏
  3. Phil1974

    New arrivals Mpu3

    Hi ste, it was knackered more I looked the worse it got, but on the top side anything that was usable as been donated to members on here, trust me tho it was bad pics didn’t do it justice.
  4. Phil1974

    New arrivals Mpu3

    Cheers mike, and these two where realistically priced not like some I have seen advertised lately
  5. Phil1974

    New arrivals Mpu3

    I only wish it had, that’s the first thing I checked for, even tho the previous owner as had it for years sadly they are long gone 😂
  6. Phil1974

    New arrivals Mpu3

    Still on the look out for you, I haven’t forgot mate.
  7. Phil1974

    New arrivals Mpu3

    Evening all, just wanted to show you all a couple of machines I picked up the other week
  8. Phil1974

    Mpu3 options trim cover

    Well that solves that mystery for me , thanks wizard for the info 😊
  9. Phil1974

    Mpu3 options trim cover

    Evening chaps, I recently picked up an option unlimited Mpu3 , my question is does anyone know what is the difference in the purple trim and the black trim which goes around the coin plate and also the top button panel ?? Mine as the purple surrounds but there is one on eBay with the black surrounds.... thanks
  10. Phil1974

    MPU-3 Alpha Display

    Pm you fella 😊
  11. Phil1974

    SRU Processor Required

    Brilliant you have it all up and running it’s always great to see mecca members helping each other out .. fantastic...
  12. Phil1974


    I bet you wish you could turn back the clock,, hello and I hope you enjoy the site 😊
  13. Phil1974

    SRU 2p Each Way shuffle

    This one will be all up and working next week 😊 10p per play tho,, £3 jp
  14. Phil1974

    Hey everyone

    Welcome back enjoy
  15. Phil1974

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    Your a true credit frank to jpm for all your work, what a fantastic read excellent stuff 😊