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  1. Emeraldcastle

    What is this fruit machine?

    Whilst we are here. There was another machine in have always wondered about which I only know briefly from memory when I was about 8 years old in butlins skegness . I am sure it was a barcrest mpu4. 3 reels. It had a little man as an extra life symbol! Sorry thats all i have. Always remember that little stick man... Anyone?
  2. Emeraldcastle

    What is this fruit machine?

    Thanks gents and for the photos. Tumble Tumble it was! Great knowledge.
  3. Emeraldcastle

    What is this fruit machine?

    3 reels it was apparently
  4. Emeraldcastle

    What is this fruit machine?

    Good friend of mine only has this memory of a fruit machine. What is it? Around 1986 -1987. Only thing he remembers. Gold silver bronze circles like this.. see pic
  5. Emeraldcastle

    Hi all

    What was your favourite machine you remember playing with your dad?
  6. Emeraldcastle

    Hi all

    Welcome chap
  7. Emeraldcastle

    new pound coin

    Sorry for late reply been so busy. Its a MARS 126 mech. 0nly takes old style 10ps 20ps old 50s and now old quids. Would like it to take all new coinage if possible?
  8. Emeraldcastle

    new pound coin

    Evening all. Can i get my system 5 to accept new quids? If so does anyone know where i can send it to get it converted?
  9. Emeraldcastle

    System 5 help

    And to you popeye of course
  10. Emeraldcastle

    System 5 help

  11. Emeraldcastle

    Crystal Buccaneers machine

    I used to have this in my local. Great game.
  12. Emeraldcastle

    System 5 help

    On order, thanks once again Louie your a diamond.
  13. Emeraldcastle

    System 5 help

    Sorry what's an in line filter!? Not clued up as you can tell! If I just snip them out and replace the kettle lead will that work?
  14. Emeraldcastle

    System 5 help

    Hello again! Left my machine on for a bit last night only to come back in the room to a extremely pungent electronic burning smell coming from the machine. Think it's coming from the psu, it stunk the whole garage out. Someone just said there are RIFAS that blow in the PSU? Could it be one of these? Are there anymore in there that I should take out? Can these blowing damage the machine? It's still working OK at the moment! Thank God.
  15. Emeraldcastle

    System 5 help

    Just got back from holiday and thought I'd have a tinker. Popeye man you were spot on! The main connector was a bit loose on the coin mech pins so I moved them around a bit and reconnected and hey presto it's accepting coins! Really well to, fired 10 in at sub 5 secs and took every one no probs! Thanks everyone for their help. Especially Alan, Louie and Popeye. Much appreciated. One last thing. I noticed the Cashpot is on £150 and for reserve. I take it this is because of the RAM batt being absent. Does removing the RAM batt prevent the machine ever dropping the cashpot? I noticed in certain WMC and on ferries the bloody cashpot were always on max. Bet the conning wankers used to remove the RAM on purpose making people think it was due!