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  1. pager

    Project 7 Heaven

    What are peoples opinions on their value nowadays? Seem to vary from 450-750 ,higher end obviously for the better condition ones. Always wanted one and been outbid a few times over the years on 500 550 ish. Cheers in advance.
  2. pager

    Project 7 Heaven

    I agree Joe.
  3. pager

    Project 7 Heaven

    That was the valuation I was thinking and hoping. Cheers.
  4. pager

    Maygay its a knockout

  5. pager

    Maygay its a knockout

    Looking good! What do you find the best sprays to use on panels like these out of interest?
  6. Yes I know it now,like the football one with the voices.Cracking slot.
  7. Blimey, long time no see. Must be a good 7 years,I had forgotten about this forum until Chris reminded me on Youtube. Anyone be able to sort my mec, as a friend had a go at redoing it for the new £1 coin and now it won't take any coinage at all. 😕 Great to be able to have a look through these threads,I used to come on a lot until I moved and kind of forgot about tjis little goldmine! Well done on keeping it going guys, will sort you a little donation out soon. Steve.
  8. Was Olympic Gold a board with that snaked up to the top Chris? I vaguely recall one in the video shop I mentioned,but didn't last long as kept resetting. Got a feeling I saw it on your Youtube actually recently?
  9. Quick thanks to Ron for sorting my mech for me. What a bloody nice bloke! Hope I can repay the favor sometime. Cheers.
  10. Type machine? TNT symbols I think got you on the chase board.I think it had a bomb as a question mark and you could hit home run for £3 cash,but was a £6 jpot for red sevens otherwise. Kind of a project cabinet if I can recall. It came to me earlier,thought I bet someone will know here. Never seen one for 20+ years,not even Mr Ps! Steve
  11. pager

    Pcp - Crazy Coyote Classics

    Great,thanks for the hard work guys,awesome.
  12. pager


    Processor Card Kelvin? Another good machine that one. Jpm Impacts are on of my favs.
  13. Mr c's Video shop had it in Yeovil Tim,probably around the time you first got into running Yeovil Cascade! Would love to find one. Just to hit a HOME RUN!
  14. Wow,that's amazing. Cheers for that. Brings back some memories!
  15. I agree,you don't really see many of the Project ones pop up,was it the same kind of cabinet as 7heaven/Fortune wheel by per chance if I recall right? I was bidding on a 7Heaven in Bridgwater before xmas as it's not too far from me,and always wanted one. However i think it was being Shill bidded on,it got removed then back on, reserves changing all the time,got fed up in the end and was outbid on £540. Would like to get one though.
  16. Fingers crossed then! Think they are getting rarer now,even Jpm Impact ones seem rarer on there nowadays.
  17. The kind of thing that Mr P turns up with,but they must all have been skipped by now.
  18. I think it had a little run where it could do 2/3 £6token Jackpots on the pick a win feature on the bomb,that was on 5p play too.But yes it was usually dead like most of the 5p ones back then.Nostalgia.
  19. Ahh Crazy Coyote,so it was a project coin,Was in a local video shop here,on £6 token I think,I did see one a few years later at a fishing lakes place in their clubhouse out by Sherborne in Dorset, I did inquire in case it was left locked up somewhere but to no avail. I'd imagine one popping up would be ridiculously rare then. Shame really.
  20. pager

    Maygay its a knockout

    Used to love this machine,liked to get on it after someone had lost to get that tank red,not seen many about since! Were the sounds sampled from something else or made for the machine does anyone know? "It's over to Eddy" Nice one.
  21. pager

    PCP Super Spoof NEW REEL BANDS!!

    Awesome work guys,read the thread about this. Just shows what you can do with the right skills,ability and work!
  22. Thank you guys,will drop him a pm. Nice to be back hopefully can add some content/help over time. Steve
  23. pager

    Jpm casino crazy

    Blue/green.possibly a vartra one if like my old Jpm impacts. 3legs soldered onto the board.
  24. pager

    Maygay/BWB Corrie

    Hi Guys, Could anyone confirm/deny that this machine needs/needed a dongle to run it at all? Dr slots kindly got me a replacement board some time ago but am waiting on someone doing me some roms due to apparently it requiring some hacked ones to bypass the lack of dongle in my machine? The current ones are £6 jp,and I was told I simply won't work without the dongle? I had never heard of something so old using one,just wanted to confirm either way! Cheers Steve
  25. pager

    Maygay/BWB Corrie

    I have found the dongle for my Corrie,it was hidden away so never thought it had one! There is one on ebay I notice for Eastenders that could be used for a donor to have a look inside and see whats going on with them.