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  1. pager

    Pcp - Crazy Coyote Classics

    Has anyone ever seen one of these in the wild? Got to be mid 90s the last time I saw one in a video shop!
  2. pager

    All JPM Vogue Machines

    Would this turn any areas which have bubbled hard then or?
  3. pager

    All JPM Vogue Machines

    I had a Monopoly 60,had to let it go but the artwork was very poor. Real shame but hard to find now.
  4. pager

    All JPM Vogue Machines

    A bit of creasing like most,but by the 99nudges its lifted pretty badly unfortunately.
  5. pager

    All JPM Vogue Machines

    I thought about having a go at propping a bit behind my Force 10 at the 99 nudge area,but think I will leave it and hope to get a glass one day. Fear it will easy to damage these glasses even more myself trying to take them out.
  6. pager

    MDM Star Trekking

    Looks like someone has already had a go at the board doesn't it? Seems a lot of leads on it.
  7. pager

    MDM Star Trekking

    Insane. I was keeping an eye on it. It's been a while since I have seen one,Lyme regis 15 years ish ago I think? one did pop up about 10 years ago for sale. Don't think Dave has one at any of Mr Ps. I guess it's the usual,it doesn't matter what it's worth, it's what it's worth to the people who want it.
  8. pager

    All JPM Vogue Machines

    I think Football frenzy was? @mabby2000
  9. pager

    All JPM Vogue Machines

    Edited as Found a clearer piccy. Wonder if Mr P has one kicking about come to think of it? Will have to ask when I visit.
  10. pager

    All JPM Vogue Machines

    I believe so,check picture above. 👍
  11. pager

    All JPM Vogue Machines

    What about "Fast Track /Trak) Not sure of spelling? Had a jp feature called Pang where you hit a 6 I believe for Jp. Going back to 1998 ish at a guess.
  12. pager

    MDM Star Trekking

    Just hadn't seen on for years that's why it caught my eye. Yes guessed it would be could see a bit of board green on a photo too. Agree on the price,and heading further north every time I look,hardly near me either.
  13. pager

    Red Eastenders (BWB+Maygay) question

    I'm sure Mick can sort you out,must be frustrating having so many to go wrong,I used to get annoyed with 4 or 5! Debating going for star trekkin but I know it will cause sleepless nights! Hope you get her going mate.
  14. pager

    Red Eastenders (BWB+Maygay) question

    What's up with yours Chris? Mine was a right pain for a while with a lot of random resetting,and little niggles,but seemed to gradually get it all ok,just in time for having to get rid unfortunately.
  15. pager

    Red Eastenders (BWB+Maygay) question

    I had one of these,and never saw it mention Bwb if it helps.