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  1. RamonNL

    Scorpion 4, bright lights

    I found the problem, when testing this mpu there where a few light that burned verry bright (for a short time🤣😋). After replacing a few transistors I thought I fixed it, but still no light on a few places. But no bright light any more. After checking those light bulbs I found out why they burned that bright😋. Replaced them all, and I got a working mpu again! And yes, wrong placed circle on strobe 4
  2. I got a scorpion 4 mpu , a few lights are burning verry bright. All light are on stobe line 5, already replaced a few transistors (tr41 tr40), but still got that problem. What did I miss or forgot?
  3. RamonNL

    Help . JPM Money Multiplier

    Make that part with a 3d printer?
  4. RamonNL

    Light Hearted

    I got a similar problem. After start-up a few lights at stobe line 5 keep on burning bright. Already changed the transistors, 1 was faulty. Still the same problem. What did I do wrong?
  5. RamonNL

    Who knows?!?

    Thanks for the offer, but i'm living in the Netherlands. I think the shipping cost more than the parts🤣
  6. RamonNL

    Who knows?!?

    Working on a barcrest mpu4 on the moment. Only missing one part, I think it's a bc328, can someone confirm that? Location t21 I think
  7. RamonNL

    psu needed for maygay m1b

    Did you check off the back-up battery is leaking on the motherboard ?
  8. RamonNL

    Who knows?!?

    Yes thats right fruit58
  9. RamonNL

    Who knows?!?

    Yep, to bad, but if I save only 4 of them I'm happy. The rest will be for donor
  10. RamonNL

    Who knows?!?

    This one is missing a few parts and tracks. Here is a list of all the parts. 🤣
  11. RamonNL

    Who knows?!?

    A lot of damage and missing parts on the mpu's, lots of acid damage and dust. The impact board is clean and looks fine, scorpion 4 pretty bad, but ill give it a try to restore it. The mpu 4 got a chance, few parts missing, a little acid damage. The scorpion 1 boards...... pff. From the 5 boards there are 2 with potential, 3 with a lot of damage and missing parts. Hope that I can save 4 out of 8 boards, I'll keep you updated. Greets Ramon Photos are from the scorpion. The rest will follow later
  12. RamonNL

    Maygay m1v motherboard repaired.

    Nice job Andrew, What kind of wire do u use for restoring motherboard? Is there a coating around those wires?
  13. RamonNL

    Maygay m1v motherboard repaired.

    Thanks Crest, If anyone got some documentation for the m1v motherboard, I would appreciate that they share it👍😋.
  14. Here are a few photos from a other m1v motherboard from maygay. The battery has leaked a little bit. A bad connector pin, totally burned out. Old pin whas gone, put in a new one en filled up the hole around that spot. A little acid underneath the game card connector. And one broken line underneath the battery. ( the reason why it wouldn't boot) no +12 volt on the motherboard. After all that, I got a fully functional machine again. Hope that it is useful for someone . Greets Ramon
  15. RamonNL

    psu needed for maygay m1b

    Try to measure 5 volt on the connector from the psu, check the fuse and holder off not so