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  1. quattrohead

    my new project,just collected

    A google search for "phillips GL42W" brings up a few, mega expensive. Maybe a regular small appliance bulb or LED with suitable dropper will have to do...green or orange would look good.
  2. quattrohead

    slot machines

    Canonman will be along shortly to help you. Very accommodating young chap, you will love his customer service.
  3. quattrohead

    Tales from Midibob's workshop. MPU3

    So does IC18 have on open/floating inverter output ?
  4. quattrohead

    80`s awp glasses & acrylic panels

    Maybe try what BFM did for a while, drilled and routed chip board with a flat piece of plastic also drilled for the lamps. I think I may have seen a machine with an aluminium plate instead of plastic once.
  5. quattrohead

    frog it stuck lamps

    That is a tantalum capacitor and well known for doing their own reefa impression. Real short term, just remove it and/or replace with a regular 10uF at 35v electrolytic capacitor. This is not your lamp problem though, you have a short tranny....they always feel hard done by !!!
  6. High horse rant !!! Why bother posting it here but not able to download it ? I just do not want to sign up to more forums anymore, life is too short.
  7. quattrohead

    Solenoid accident! can someone help me?

    Any payslide of that type will do as long as the coil and tongue are correct.
  8. quattrohead

    MFME v6.1 Released

    They are, but my whole MFME folder is on a networked drive.
  9. quattrohead

    MFME v6.1 Released

    Hi all, I finally upgraded to MFME6.1 but non of the sound effects are working on MPS or MACH2000 at least. I think I have the folder layout and options correct. It did work before for MPS games in version 5 for sure. Any ideas ?
  10. quattrohead

    BFM 83 Firecracker : Soaking my washers ....

    Take the 2 small bolts out that hold the solenoid to the bracket and clean the shaft and inside the solenoid, make sure the spring is not broken etc.
  11. quattrohead

    BFM 83 Firecracker : Soaking my washers ....

    I am thinking your solenoids are dirty or the drive is too hard from the clutches. Remember, no solenoid should ever have a wet lubricant applied, it attracts dirt and eventually they get sticky and bind up. I used a little graphite power on them.
  12. quattrohead

    BFM 83 Firecracker : Soaking my washers ....

    It depends what you mean by slipping Sammy. The reels could be slow to start turning after the solenoid releases....this means the clutches are not adjusted properly or too slippery due to oil contamination. Or they could be slipping to a halt because the solenoid is not dropping fast enough due to dirt in the plunger. The right amount of drive for the reels should allow them to run and stop properly, too much and they may not start because the solenoid cannot pull the catch up against the drive, too little and they are slow to get going. I cannot remember the way to adjust the clutch pack, it's been 33 years lol
  13. quattrohead

    PCP Super Spoof :)

    The token system can easily be made to work with 20P coins, just adjust the mech. The tube and payout unit will work fine.
  14. quattrohead

    Song samples used in fruit machines

    JPM started using I'm in the money on the system 80 machines with complex sound and the first few system 1 games, then came Happy Birthday with Hot Pot etc and the next tune I do not know started with Special Reserve etc.
  15. quattrohead

    Power requirements

    We had banks of machines connected in the arcade to a circuit breaker panel, just kept plugging them in until they overloaded the breaker then backed off a couple of machines and added another multi outlet extension cord !!! There was one breaker that got so hot, you needed a screw driver to flick it off at the end of the night. No wonder the fucking place burned down....was it ever found out what caused the fire on Eastboune pier ??? Anyway, take superwanks advice, it's the only subject he knows anything about lol