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  1. quattrohead

    Barcrest MPU 3 reel problem

    Transistors driving the reel motors can leak voltage and cause this. The leaky ones can get rather hot, you might be able to find them with your finger lol
  2. quattrohead

    Starpoint tube sensors wanted

    They can all be made to work with other machines, it's just a case of links and pads to change the output to active high or low etc. I cannot remember details, perhaps a picture of the board will help.
  3. quattrohead

    Bar Sevens DX

    Thanks for this. I ran several of these in the "Casino" on Eastbourne Pier, the grannies loved them.
  4. quattrohead

    sys80 no lamps atall ?

    You are missing the lamps power rail. There are several different supply units for System 80 so really cannot say a fuse or bridge rectifier until we know which unit you have.
  5. quattrohead

    Tms9902 alternative help.

    I would think just enough code to make the CPU happy it was getting a suitable reply from the 9902 would do....we don't need no friggin serial coms lol I know NOTHING about programming.
  6. quattrohead

    Top Streak DX

    Lovely System 80 at it's best. Yes JPM did use a PCB for the lamps and displays on a few machines in this era and I think 1 or 2 on the bottom glass too.
  7. quattrohead

    WANTED - Epoch MPU

    Enough about a shitty machine, wot you been up to Mondeo wanker lol
  8. quattrohead

    Ace Barcrest MPU 3 Cash Attack

    That's it's target payout %, 78. Optical sensor is bad, do they have a tell tale red LED on them ?
  9. quattrohead

    Old 50p - New 50p issue

    Great. I have been out of the country so long I don't know the coins anymore....is the half penny still around lol. Actually I see the 50p only shrunk by 3mm
  10. quattrohead

    Old 50p - New 50p issue

    Spa, you mean the drop out the bottom of the pay out slide, right. I think you are going to have to change the tube and payout to a smaller one. I don't know the size if the new 50p, maybe a 20 token setup ?
  11. quattrohead

    my new project,just collected

    A google search for "phillips GL42W" brings up a few, mega expensive. Maybe a regular small appliance bulb or LED with suitable dropper will have to do...green or orange would look good.
  12. quattrohead

    slot machines

    Canonman will be along shortly to help you. Very accommodating young chap, you will love his customer service.
  13. quattrohead

    Tales from Midibob's workshop. MPU3

    So does IC18 have on open/floating inverter output ?
  14. quattrohead

    80`s awp glasses & acrylic panels

    Maybe try what BFM did for a while, drilled and routed chip board with a flat piece of plastic also drilled for the lamps. I think I may have seen a machine with an aluminium plate instead of plastic once.
  15. quattrohead

    frog it stuck lamps

    That is a tantalum capacitor and well known for doing their own reefa impression. Real short term, just remove it and/or replace with a regular 10uF at 35v electrolytic capacitor. This is not your lamp problem though, you have a short tranny....they always feel hard done by !!!