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  1. quattrohead

    NEW Machine / Project - PCP Hit Money!

    Not a bad conversion on Lootshoot or Special Reserve but I will take a Lootshoot anyday
  2. quattrohead

    MPU4 Motherboard Repair WELL ATTEMPT

    I should have said I have replaced all 16 lamp drives as I was getting inconsistent readings from several of them.I had also replaced IC14, the ULN2803 as that chip was driving the drives that were having the most issues. I have since noticed that they do turn off at reset but come back on in a second. Looking at all 32 lamps that are stuck on now, they are all driven from the green connector. Green 1, T37, IC14 pin 11, IC3 Port A7 Green 2 T36, IC14 pin 12, IC3 Port A6 Green 13, T26, IC13 pin 14, IC3 Port B5 Green 15, T24, IC13 pin 16, IC3 Port B3 So I am thinking when the PIA is reset and then told to switch the ports to outputs is when the faulty drive is set and the lamps driven full on. So I am going to replace IC3, the 6821 next.
  3. quattrohead

    MPU4 Motherboard Repair WELL ATTEMPT

    I'm still working slowly on mine Bob. Quick question, if the stuck lamps turn off at reset then turn on again, does it mean the outputs from the 6821 (IC3) are knackered but are forced off during reset ?
  4. quattrohead

    Introduction + Eprom info

    Those Coinshoot are probably a 5p conversion kit for Lootshoot, but ROM 2 is missing unless you have it too. ROM's are always worth dumping, you never know what might turn up.
  5. quattrohead

    MPU4 number 2 lamp problem!

    First check the connections on the orange and black inputs. My board now has corroded pins due to the old battery damage. If all good there, test diodes D17 through D48. After that it depends what switch inputs are not working, that will narrow down the chips to look at....but start with the easy basic's of rot first. Also not unknown for the IDC (insulation displacement connector) connections to pull out/fail.
  6. quattrohead

    Castle Big Fifty Repair

    I think the board has made it's own battery from the leaked battery contents lol
  7. quattrohead

    MPU4 Lamp Matrix Fault Help

    Older pinball machines used 1 transistor per lamp and these you can ground the tab to light a lamp, very helpful as most of those transistors went open. However, MPU4 uses multiplexed lamps that are way more complicated but very efficient on drivers. Please read the MPU4 and MPS manuals for multiplexing, they are very well written and easy to understand.
  8. quattrohead

    Castle - 15 mins of fame, unforgotten.

    The hi/lo gamble on the cards is your best chance to win a gamble, the regular gamble is a tight fisted swine. Jackpots are very infrequent. These 2 things are common to all Castle machines and I think limited their popularity. Watch out for feature hold/reel hold swaps. Make sure Mr P has the volume turned up, these machines sound great.
  9. quattrohead

    MPU4 Lamp Matrix Fault Help

    No, you are looking for a shorted transistor. You were doing it the right way by comparing the resistance of each transistor. You can also do the same for the outputs of the ULN2803...do you have the MPU4 schematic and how's your reading skillz of it ?
  10. quattrohead

    MPU4 Motherboard Repair WELL ATTEMPT

    OK new cheap arse temp controlled iron from Amazon and some time on my hands today. I replaced all the rot components and used 2N3704 to replace the BC338 making sure to adjust for the different pin out. Payouts seem fine again. However, the lamp problem has progressed to all lamp driver transistors randomly failing !!!! I suspected T35 was shorted but noticed odd readings on a couple other drivers, indeed T37 looked like it was melting off the tab, so T32/35/37 were replaced. Another resistance check now showed another driver that did not seem right, but I wanted to test what I had done so far. Well, it did not blow up lol and booted up fine. However, now have another stuck lamp drive. So I am going to replace them all. What has everyone else been using ? Schematic suggests BDW46 were used but I have BDX34B in my board. Also the volume pot has decided to crap out, fucker.
  11. quattrohead

    Castle Big Fifty Repair

    Yikes, almost as much as when it was new lol. Tell us the whole story of how you found it and eventually got it home.
  12. quattrohead

    MPU4 Lamp Matrix Fault Help

    Did you replace the resistor networks on the driver ?
  13. A screaming introduction lol Yes the earlier EM used 1 or 2 motors and clutches and trip arms to run the reels. Studs and wipers then told the unit where the reels were. Then they went over to stepper motors and opto sensors, just to verify the reel was where the MPU had told it to go to. The MPU4 and MPS manuals have excellent write ups on how the whole system works.
  14. quattrohead

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    I believe it, at First Leisure we ran all JPM and Barcrest until the late 80's. Only then did Bellfruit and Maygay start to make an appearance, followed by a few Famous Games.
  15. quattrohead

    MFME v6.1 Released

    file/preferences menu, the boxes are ticked for button/meters/triacs/coins/notes etc This was the configuration I had not found. Thanks to Steve for pointing me in the right direction. Maybe should be the default when the software is updated.