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  1. tommy c

    Maygay money laundry

    It's epoch I think we are missing sound roms for it that's why it's never been done.
  2. tommy c

    How about this lol

    That crazy cobra tat looks mint steve.
  3. tommy c

    Eastenders albert square red version

    The red versions of these m1a games were made by bwb and were set at either 5p or 10p play.
  4. tommy c

    3 classics

    Good luck with these mate. You do a real good job getting these odd ball machines set up and running correctly.
  5. tommy c

    Cops n Robbers Deluxe (red) original

    Hi mate yeah pics of the top and.bottom glass please as many as you can with the machine off. If you can get them without flash burn on them that would be great,thanks.
  6. tommy c

    Cops n Robbers Deluxe (red) original

    Nice machine mate,is there any chance you could get some high res images of the top and bottom glasses for emulation purposes? Finding it hard to find any decent images of this red version, thanks.
  7. tommy c

    Guitar and my Big 50

    Update,he's just posted at fruit emu about half hour ago. He can't log in to here so needs pete to sort his account out.
  8. tommy c

    Pcp this 'n that classic

    Many thanks for the layout.
  9. tommy c

    Astra's piggy banking classic

    Thanks for the layout mate.
  10. tommy c

    Astra Party Time Bingo 5 Player

    What's crack with this. Does anyone not have any manners any more. They must not be reading forum rules.
  11. tommy c

    hit the six dx

    Thanks for the layout mate.
  12. tommy c

    fruit machine

    If you mean this one,then this is the sound rom. onlyfools_snd.zip
  13. tommy c

    couple of roms

    Thanks for these.