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  1. tommy c

    Alex74 again

    Just speak to Pete Alex he will sort it for you,had the same problem my self.
  2. tommy c

    CROWN JESTER - FAMOUS GAMES - 20p - £4.80

    Excellent layout,surprised this isn't popular on here.
  3. tommy c

    Coronation street original wanted

    It's been ages since I last seen a corrie come up on eBay.
  4. tommy c

    BWB - LUCKY LADY 2p / £1.50

    Thanks for this layout, looks excellent.
  5. tommy c

    Ghost Buster (BWB)

    I loaded that cut in and the lamps were jumbled up even more. Didn't save the layout and reload that could be why. Thanks for that.
  6. tommy c

    Ghost Buster (BWB)

    Well been session-ing this for the last hour and half,and it doesn't disappoint.All the quirky sounds etc are cool and it'#s happy as owt,I have tried editing the character to stop the flashing cancel button and it isn't working so far,it should be the 1st or second string which does the buttons,editing it just sends the lamps out in other positions,and the collect still flashes. Just like to say this is an amazing layout and an amazing game for the price of play,big thanks again for this,love it.
  7. tommy c

    Ghost Buster (BWB)

    Awesome machine thanks a lot.for this layout. A keeper for sure.
  8. tommy c

    slot machines

    No thats because you've been banned from fruit emu,if you want more access to the downloads then try donating you scrounging bum.
  9. tommy c

    Sinbad BWB German mpu4

    This member has just been banned from fruit emu for trying to leach layouts and moaning about his download quota.
  10. tommy c

    Sinbad BWB German mpu4

    Thanks for the layout.
  11. tommy c

    CTL Golden Spin (classic)

    Just press start.
  12. tommy c

    CTL Golden Spin (classic)

    Nice one alex,thanks for the layout mate.
  13. tommy c

    Free Bee mpu4 machine

    Looks like a cool little game tbh,must be rare.I thought it was a redraw by someone at first seeing it.
  14. tommy c

    Jpm Silver Ghost

    Excellent stuff Alex. Thanks for the layout mate.
  15. tommy c

    Reel bands

    From that pic band 1 is reel 1 band 2 is reel 3 and band 3 is reel 2.