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  1. stanmarsh14

    Barcrest MPU4 Crystal Maze CHR issues

    Sorry for the late reply..... will contact the person in question. FB have me on block for 30 days, so not sure if my spare account will work, but give it a bash.
  2. stanmarsh14

    WANTED - Epoch MPU

    Now look at what you made me do!
  3. stanmarsh14

    WANTED - Epoch MPU

    You know what, still can not believe he got his mum to clean that seat
  4. stanmarsh14

    Barcrest MPU4 Crystal Maze CHR issues

    Long as we can get a match with the roms I uploaded and the board / CHR, all is good
  5. stanmarsh14

    Barcrest MPU4 Crystal Maze CHR issues

    Be grateful for any help in this field. Yes folks, issue is not exactly what I thought it was, but least I now know when I get a CHR warning, it's a little more than just a simple checksum fix.
  6. stanmarsh14

    WANTED - Epoch MPU

    Old Rustybollocks? If so, may have to bring out some of the FME Hall Of Shame Pic's, including a certain Mondeo one I am thinking of right now Speaking of his creations, got a few sat on my drive here, including this one....
  7. stanmarsh14

    Barcrest MPU4 Crystal Maze CHR issues

    Needing some help for a local friend on this. Pulled needed roms from a layout to set up as a £10JP / 20p game, but got a CHR issue. Dose anyone have a pre-patched rom for this, or can show me how to patch what I have? (See attached). Crystal Maze £10JP 20p (WDX - Barcrest).zip
  8. stanmarsh14

    Maygay Screen Play audio fault

    I am starting to think of going down the write once route on some projects for sure, especially as you have pointed out previously, you don't get the same degradation issues with write once chips, over using old stock EPROMS. Guess I am not the only one to fuck up with ROM's like this before
  9. stanmarsh14

    Maygay Screen Play audio fault

    I'm fucking kicking myself here over a very simple mistake! Had one of the members from the FB COAMAS group send me some parts for testing, and whilst mine still works, got the audio fault still, so I plug in the sound board complete with the guys ROM's I made previously, all worked 100%, so I start thinking, is it my sound rom or board that is shagged? Most easy thing to try, is a ROM swap at this stage..... fault returns! Makes another copy from the good one, fires it back up, same fault comes back. Pissed off, I glares at the ROM I just fitted, it's back to front, so corrects it, fault still remains..... plugging in a sound ROM on an M1V machine at least wrong way around, fucks up the ROM.... DOH! Makes another one, plugs in right way around, all works, so lesson learned!
  10. stanmarsh14

    Attention Call Manager

    Power it all off, and do what fruit58 has said.
  11. stanmarsh14

    Attention Call Manager

    Many thanks for that bud
  12. stanmarsh14

    Attention Call Manager

    Think I have found it..... though for a corrupt ram issue, should still work for your issue, after you have replaced the battery.... removed Batt to clear error and then, acess engineers menu to run a self test to reset game ​Unfortunately I don't know the MPU6 system at all, so suggest finding a field enginer's guide, read that, and should tell you how to access the engineers / test mode. This one is for their 777 type games / cabs, but should tell you what you need to know https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjqgoH45fHbAhXCuRQKHen-DrwQFgguMAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.merkurengineering.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2016%2F08%2FTRIPLE-7s-FIELD-SERVICE-MPU6-BASE-MANUAL-2-2-2.pdf&usg=AOvVaw1B8cq-pi64iZr11PV3DcUC
  13. stanmarsh14

    Attention Call Manager

    Not good! Replacing the battery on the MPU is no problem, but afterwards you need to run a RAM CLEAR reset, which I can not remember how to do, but I have heard mention somewhere (Possibly on the FB COAMAS group) how to do this.
  14. stanmarsh14

    Attention Call Manager

    Beginning to sound like either an on / off alarm, or hopper levels are not right. Pic here of the main MPU6 unit, which shows where the main connections are. This cable is for the speakers, so advise to unplug this, and let the alarm time out, after which you can reconnect it. If you still have an alarm message, will help to get a pic / description of this message, so we can work out what the issue is. mpu6 pinouts main mpu.pdf
  15. stanmarsh14

    A joke that I thought was rather good...

    As it's 1st June (Blame Geddy for this).... [11:46am] <@Hisao> !quote strawberry [11:46am] <@sm14|lappy> "I went to the world strawberry picking championships today.... a woman with no legs won....... jammy cunt !!!!! - Troutman - 03/09/2003 " {(mpu34 #287)} {(1 results)}