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  1. stanmarsh14

    2732 ROM burning HELP!

    Heh, place can be addictive with what they have. They still have ready stock of lead based solder, selling it in meter lengths if needs must (Which I had to do after mis-placing my massive coil of the stuff the other week, finding the bugger last night in my comp spares drawer, after looking for a SATA cable), fully understanding how shit the lead free stuff is. Quite rare these good old fashioned electronics places these days, and even harder these days, now Craplins has bit the dust. Andrew, if you are ever up Derby way at any time, get yourself over to this place on Babbington Lane, you will not be disappointed.
  2. stanmarsh14

    2732 ROM burning HELP!

    Hello Mark, Thank you for contacting eBay Customer Service regarding the "M2732A EPROM" you recently purchased. My name is Prem, allow me to assist you today. I’ve reviewed the details of the Return and since the seller has failed to provide label, I’m delighted to let you know I’ve issued you with a full refund. It will reach your PayPal account in a couple of hours. Also, you are not required to return the item. - Refund amount: $3.98 - Refunded PayPal account: *****@virginmedia.com I hope you have a great day. Thank you for being part of eBay. Kind Regards, Prem B. eBay Customer Service Seams E-bay are not gonna give me any grief, and very surprised it was sorted so quick and over xmas too..... Yes it's only a few quid, but would hope folks would challenge every one of these small orders, so these sellers will get the message. Andrew, will give it the acetone treatment and report back soon as I get some.
  3. stanmarsh14

    2732 ROM burning HELP!

    Place has been in Derby since year dot, starting out as a radio hobbyist place, but does a fuck load of electronic stuff, testing gear, disco stuff, 2nd hand comps (Quite reasonable prices), with hangers, drawers, and shelves all over the place, and can almost always help out. Just yesterday went in, and saw some capacitor's size of 2 baked beans cans stacked on top of each other.
  4. stanmarsh14

    2732 ROM burning HELP!

    Bonus today..... Did buy an ST 2732 off ebay, but an AMD arrived, legs appear to have been solder dipped, and suspect it's been blacktopped too, so arguing with the a hole on ebay as we speak, so will update later. Been in to Derby today for some bits, and popped over to my fave electronics shop, RF Potts. Picked up a project box, and I asked quite randomly, if they had any eproms, especially the 2732 type, thinking they would have next to nowt. They have quite a few ST 27c4001's, a pair of old 2764's, and lurking in the bottom, was an Hitachi HN462732G (Used), so I could not believe my luck. Best thing of all..... they gave it me for free!
  5. stanmarsh14

    2732 ROM burning HELP!

    FFS, I'm a thick twat! I forget sometimes, that Hitachi don't always follow the main naming conventions (It's a HN462532G, not HN4627 etc as you would normally expect), so eventually finds it in my programmer, loads everything up and hit's burn..... bugger appears to have worked.... D'OH! Mind you, still don't explain why certainly the Texas Instruments 2732 ones don't work, even in generic mode, so waiting for word back from Mcumall.
  6. stanmarsh14

    2732 ROM burning HELP!

    I'm just about leaving work now, so will upload the files when I get back.
  7. stanmarsh14

    2732 ROM burning HELP!

    Now I remember why I gave away my old stock of 2732's. For whatever reason, my Mcumall GQ-4x hates dealing with 2732 ROM's, despite it having the Texas Instruments and Hitachi ones listed, yet all the other 27 series rom's, it's fine with. I have a number of blanks ready (The unit will blank test them no problem mind), and wondering if someone can give me a hand burning one off for the Adders & Ladders (£2JP / 10p) game for me?
  8. stanmarsh14

    some true classics songs of the 60s -70s and 80s

    Cover stuff this time, from a chap called Leo @ Frog Leap Studios. There are a few of his covers I have fallen in love with, like Pantera - Fucking Hostile, and Dire Straits - Money For Nothing, however the following has been his best work to date, and the lass with him adds the cherry on the top. I bring you..... Leo Moracchioli (Feat. Mary Spender) - Sultans Of Swing (Metal Version)
  9. stanmarsh14

    Barcrest MPU4 Crystal Maze CHR issues

    Sorry for the late reply..... will contact the person in question. FB have me on block for 30 days, so not sure if my spare account will work, but give it a bash.
  10. stanmarsh14

    WANTED - Epoch MPU

    Now look at what you made me do!
  11. stanmarsh14

    WANTED - Epoch MPU

    You know what, still can not believe he got his mum to clean that seat
  12. stanmarsh14

    Barcrest MPU4 Crystal Maze CHR issues

    Long as we can get a match with the roms I uploaded and the board / CHR, all is good
  13. stanmarsh14

    Barcrest MPU4 Crystal Maze CHR issues

    Be grateful for any help in this field. Yes folks, issue is not exactly what I thought it was, but least I now know when I get a CHR warning, it's a little more than just a simple checksum fix.
  14. stanmarsh14

    WANTED - Epoch MPU

    Old Rustybollocks? If so, may have to bring out some of the FME Hall Of Shame Pic's, including a certain Mondeo one I am thinking of right now Speaking of his creations, got a few sat on my drive here, including this one....
  15. stanmarsh14

    Barcrest MPU4 Crystal Maze CHR issues

    Needing some help for a local friend on this. Pulled needed roms from a layout to set up as a £10JP / 20p game, but got a CHR issue. Dose anyone have a pre-patched rom for this, or can show me how to patch what I have? (See attached). Crystal Maze £10JP 20p (WDX - Barcrest).zip