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  1. mabby2000

    Electrocoin roms

    Tried the early 1987 bar x with a known working mk1 psu, it won't run.... universal Board etc looks good.. Tried the 1997 super red bar, but the super red bar Rom must have came from an earlier super red bar? Due to different reels! Also original big 7 sound rom, power on, made a noise straightaway.... Could do with correct sound rom and £10 rom too. 1991 super bar x needs sound rom. Bloody night mare for me ! Beer tokens waiting... Cheers
  2. mabby2000

    Golden ghost/golden stepper inbreed

    Golden steppa roms might have been erased then replace with golden ghost version, didn't bother to remove that label? Strange the 4th reel left on! Very nice find. I remember playing an ace with the little leds! Cash arena looks great!
  3. mabby2000

    Project Coin roms

    The project coin with the black 7's pull handle first came out on £6 token... isn't there a hidden streak? Seen it pay loads of tokens!
  4. mabby2000

    Electrocoin roms

    The only ones I have is bar x £6 token, Super Bar x 4.80, £10 roms. Super red bar £10 Rom. Mab £10 card. 2 x mab £15 cards too. Going to be busy trying to get them to run.
  5. mabby2000

    Electrocoin roms

    Yes I have the early bar x. Borrowed the correct psu to try it. That long reel spins lol! I have 3 others, 2 mk2 psu's 5v needs looking at !
  6. mabby2000

    Picked up a bargain Impact! ;)

    Didn't jpm offer front openers as kits too? I might be wrong....
  7. mabby2000

    Electrocoin roms

    Yes z80 chips. I've lost 5v off the psu! I hope I can find the fault! Then will test them both.
  8. mabby2000

    Picked up a bargain Impact! ;)

    Wow! Never ever seen Indy in a system 5 cab ! Looks great thou! Yes I first saw monopoly 60, roller brand spanking new ! Has to be in 1994. The 8 quid token release was in '94 too.
  9. mabby2000

    glass artwork help needed

    Yes be patient. Hes a very busy man running 4 arcades. Met him once, will visit again!
  10. mabby2000

    Coin mech

    I have some coin mechs on new coinage
  11. mabby2000

    Electrocoin roms

    Yes I am aware... just maybe early sound rom migt not work with a later Rom being super red bar...
  12. mabby2000

    Picked up a bargain Impact! ;)

    I think jpm started making these vogue cabs in 1993.... What was the very first one? Might be Indiana Jones?
  13. mabby2000

    Electrocoin roms

    Hi, I'm looking for 2 sound roms, one for a 1991 super bar x and 1997 super red bar... I have the original big 7 sound rom, wonder if this might work with super red bar £10 roms? Many thanks in advance!
  14. mabby2000

    Picked up a bargain Impact! ;)

    Oh yeah I had cash buster in the arcade! True skill on stop n step !