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  1. mabby2000

    Guitar and my Big 50

    Nice video! Not seen big 50 since I had 1 in the arcade. The £15 version hardly ever repeats, unlike the £10 version! Strange... loads of game play esp all these "hidden features" Glad you got it back at last. Cheers.
  2. mabby2000

    fruit machine

    Wow! U seen this in a pub!? Looks very electrocoin cabinet! What's the jackpot? Or is it just for fun by the notice on the top glass....
  3. mabby2000

    Anyone seen a Cash force before?

    Brings back memories! Played in a pub in 1990, hard to get jackpot! But then 2 quid repeaters go mad at times.
  4. mabby2000

    Maygay machine delivered today

    Worth an ask...
  5. mabby2000

    Maygay machine delivered today

    Found this on 1 of the face book groups,
  6. Oh yeah I forgotten about the 10p £4 cash roms! They should have the yellow 7's £3 repeater decals not printed on to the perspex, that way could upgrade to £4 repeater and £8 token for red 7's like they did with surprise surprize.
  7. Oh, I had loads of these tall bell fruits, big breakfast, casino royale hyperactive, cash explosion, Showtime speculatior etc.. what are these cabs then? Not tall Phoenix?!
  8. Ahh now i get it! The Phoenix mk1 had lower glass just under the button panel? I owned ss in this version. The phonix mk2 would this be the 1 with 3 red lamps just above the pay out tray on the right, like around the town etc? Then yes I've seen ss And played it on £6 token, then £8 token down rank amusements at Devon cliffs haven in 95/96 Thanks player for your help on cab build names!
  9. Surprise first started out on £4.80 then £6, never thought it was £8 token! Party time, only £6 token that's it! Never seen £8 token never mind £10 all cash! Bingo halls had loads of surprise surprizes, £6 all cash !
  10. That would be awesome to have a look! I didn't think surprise surprise was a rebuild!? I love that fruit! Yes they made a mk1 in early smily cab and the mk2 in phonex cabs (correct me if I got the cabs wrong!) I ran an arcade, had loads of Bfm's come and go also skipped 2 !
  11. Wow interesting pictures! Did you ever come across party time and surprise surprize? Wonder how many bellfruit churned out surprise surprize' s? Not seen one since I had 1 back in 97/98.
  12. mabby2000

    2 SRU machines discovered

    That mk5, wonder if it's Still on the original roms, when you win jackpot with melons held 3 times on average like it did when I had it new on £15 jackpot!
  13. mabby2000

    Astra io-3 board repair...

    Hi mate, what Rom card? The roms are 8meg, I made sure the jumpers are in correct position. It's the mk2 io-3 board not the mk1 io-3 board with expansion like the 1 in astra double cash!
  14. mabby2000

    Astra io-3 board repair...

    Yes I have a few of the same fpga chips, all the same.
  15. mabby2000

    Astra io-3 board repair...

    Second board, looks great, no battery leaks.