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  1. mabby2000

    A mystery yet to be solved!!

    Ah.... the name rings a bell... trying to picture the machine!
  2. mabby2000

    Cloud 999 flyer and £4.80 all cash roms

    It just lights up when u win jackpot? Later machines with that top lamps, white for customer service, red think error, can't remember the other lamp..
  3. Hi, yes it's worth having. Most common to fail is the procceser board with battery on. As for the coin mech, it can be up dated to new coinage. Usually at least £300 in pound coins to fill the tubes up as well as about £40 in 20p coins. Hope the mpu board works. P.s. didn't realise it's a worker!
  4. mabby2000

    Barcrest Spiker Biker Fruit Machine

    Hi, I have brand new decals and complete roms for £25 jackpot for spiker the biker... let me know if interested.
  5. mabby2000

    PCP In for a Penny, In for a pound

    I remember 2 of these in for a penny in for a pound in Exmouth amusements back in late 80's, they were 1p play £1 jackpot! very hard to jackpot it!
  6. mabby2000

    Scorp 4 and 5 psu's ?

    these psu's! I find they come in different voltages, BUT if you open the cover, theres a dial that you can turn up or down voltages only the 36-48v the 5/12/24v stay the same. that's why they come with 36v,44v,48v etc stickers on
  7. mabby2000

    MDM Star Trekking

    Shill bidding comes to mind....
  8. What machine is it? If it's hopper, then open machine, put more coins In hopper close the door then it should auto collect.
  9. mabby2000

    PAL ic

  10. mabby2000

    PAL ic

    I have a few of these mpu 4 Rom cards, got these pak chips on too...
  11. mabby2000

    Ace Top of the bill mystery

    Thanks for an intresting read!
  12. mabby2000

    Does anyone have any maygay m1 10mm bulb holders

    I have new yellow bulb holders, with diodes in.
  13. mabby2000

    Looking for 90's hot road/road and vegas six etc

    There's 1 or 2 on fb fruit machine groups...