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  1. mabby2000

    Epoch engineers!

    I picked up an epoch machine last week for a laugh. Gemini rebuild big goulies, working but 4 lamps stay lit! Swapped out the lamp driver board with a brand new mk2 version! All perfect. Got some spares for epoch. But no main boards mind!
  2. mabby2000

    Lock Tongues

    For camlocks or the usual 250 locks with star in ? Also how long ? I have small and large of the same type as in pic
  3. mabby2000

    Here to Learn My Machine

    Hi, Welcome to the mecca. This machine is far too new for our forum! Is there a wiring loom for the note mech? Usually behind the blanking panel? I think nv10 or 11 usb should work.... Cheers
  4. mabby2000

    Electrocoin board for super bar x

    Hi, I'm in need of a working electrocoin board for my 1991 super bar x. I have 5 electrocoin boards that don't work. They are on eBay, but can trade them in against a working board? Cheers
  5. Oops forgot rat race... Ah money line
  6. Lovely machine there! Reminds me of loony bin and another....?
  7. mabby2000

    Ace system 1 cash arena

    Lush ace there! More intresting than today's crap!
  8. mabby2000

    Castle Big Fifty Repair

    Wow! Well advanced being a 1987 fruit. Love the attract! Very glad you got it eventually. A nice line up of castles! Don't forget to put cans of castlemaine xxxx on top of the machines 😂🤣😁
  9. mabby2000

    50p payouts

    Yes I remember these fruits used to pay 50p coins which seems odd!
  10. mabby2000

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    Very impressive to see pics and stories! Keep going !
  11. mabby2000

    Bell Fruit buying used cabinets?

    Bellfruit got sold a few days ago under novomatic group apparently!
  12. mabby2000

    Frank Bird ex JPM Hello! ;-)

    Bring it on Frank! Welcome to the mecca! Love to read loads about jpm machines, sru, system 80, mps and (system5?) esp 80's! With the likes of each way shuffle, each way nudger, nudge double ups, win sprint! And loads later £4 token ones. Were you there when designing the £4.80 token ready for release in Jan 1990? Can't wait to read very intresting stories of jpm. I do miss so many brilliant fruit machines of 80's and 90's. Cheers. Mabby.
  13. mabby2000

    BWB Line Up

    That's the 1. Take your pick! I remember customers complaining about where these fruits were! Mdm made the kits, u could buy either kits or rebuilds. Quite easy to do it up my self. They took off!
  14. mabby2000

    Project Coin Double Up

    Yep, saw a 7th heaven on 4.80 in a Cornish pub, didn't think I ever see lo techs in pubs! Had a go on it... token streak paid rounds of pints!
  15. mabby2000

    BWB Line Up

    Oh yeah, I had rich n famous bwb rebuild and the one with keys cant remember what it was called... anyway I put 2 tuppenny nudgers kits on both in 2000!