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  1. PSD

    pics for bf74 club nudger help

    Well I'm glad someone from the Mecca bought this machine. I was tempted to buy it myself, it's a major collectors item. (If you like nudges that is) I've tried to do some research on Club Nudger but bad news, it's not mentioned in Coin Slot. The good thing is that the AWP version, The Nudger, is! That was advertised from 21 February 1970, so Club Nudger would have been released within weeks of that date. Club Nudger's a rather special machine because, as far as I can make out, it was only the 3rd machine ever with the nudge feature. So it looks like you've got a collectors item there Stu. It could be worth £1000's! Not sure about the talk of light beams and sensors though. I stand to be corrected, but 1970 seems a bit early for those things.
  2. PSD

    Just found this. Summit Coin? Glass.

    I've got some black and white pics from Coin Slot if you're interested, but no flyers or anything like that - I've been looking for ages but not found any.
  3. PSD

    the retro arcade in Edinburgh

    Wow, what an excellent selection of old E/M's! Even some I've not seen before such as Lolly Dolly and £2 Climber. All I can say is, great find and excellent photography:)
  4. PSD

    BFM Skyline

    Skyline features on the front page of the 8th April 1978 edition of Coin Slot. and it was billed as Bell Fruits first ever £100 jackpot machine.
  5. PSD

    does anybody no

    Sorry Brian JPM, don't know how to give you the bad news - but you're wrong! Red Arrow AWP and Harlequin Club were JPM's =6th and 7th machines, both jointly released together for the 1973 season. JPM's machines in order; 1st Money Multiplyer Feb 1972 2nd Formula One 3rd High Flyer 4th 1860 5th Formula One Deluxe =6th and 7th Red Arrow and Harlequin, first advertised in Coin Slot, 10 Feb 1973 JPM started off doing rebuilds of Ace machines in 1972 and were known in the industry as a rebuild company. Red arrow and Harlequin were JPM's first two machines that weren't rebuilds, so pehaps that's where the confusion is. So the Winner for JPM's 1st Machine is..... me! hehe:)
  6. PSD

    does anybody no

    It's nice to know you've worked with all these old E/M machines and that you still remember them. I've never worked for a fruit machine company myself, but I do remember all these old E/M's from the fairground. Most old machines didn't work properly and the machines tended to be much older than the arcades, but hey, these fairgrounds were like working museums!
  7. PSD

    does anybody no

    Super Chance was a £28 Jackpot from 1974 and both Money Multiplier and Target 4 were 1975. JPM's first ever machine was also called Money Multiplier from February 1972.(they must have liked the name!) If anyones interested, I've got documentary proof that I can post that MM was their first machine and also poor quality pic. with the company directors. I'm just waiting to hear from Brian JPM to find out what he thinks JPM's first ever machine was.!!!!!!!
  8. PSD

    does anybody no

    You're the master of suspence! Are you doing last minute research?
  9. PSD

    does anybody no

    What is it then?
  10. PSD

    does anybody no

    Hey that's spot on, it was 1972! Money multiplier was JPM's first machine. Previewed at the 11th anual northern exhibition in Blackpool, which opened on the 22nd of February 1972. Don't know if it was a club or AWP though.
  11. PSD

    '81 Summit Coin Push Over

    Original full page advert from Coin Slot! *This pic started off as a reasonale "grey scale" image but after uploading it onto the Mecca it's now only black and white and much, much poorer quality. Don't know whats happend, but if anyone can explain, I'll post the original better quality version later!!!
  12. I remember playing these a lot whilst on holiday, they were really good value for money with the big 50p jackpot, and at only 1p play it suited my lack of cash:) I remember banks of four or five of these in quite a few different arcades and also about 3 different variations. It's much later than 1976 though. If it was, it could only have paid out 15p in cash. It's quite surprising that it's as late as 1979, released in good time for the 1979 season. Unusual because most machines at that time were 5p play £1 jackpot. It was one of the last 1p play arcade machines ever to be released. Really nice machine, just hope you can restore it!
  13. PSD

    Just found this. Summit Coin? Glass.

    More... Fortune Hunter - Jan '81 Fortune Finder - Jan '81 (Summits first talking machine) Lucky 7 - Dec '80, (£100 Jackpot club machine.)
  14. PSD

    vinny some pics

    Wow, nice machine, looks like it's in good condition too!
  15. PSD

    old bellfruits

    Sams dad sounds quite interesting! Do you know if he ever collected anything from Bell Fruit such as manuals, flyers or sales litrature when he worked there? If he did, just about anything from the 60's would be of interest to some one. If not, maybe he knows some one who did.