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  1. cliffc

    New Computer

    Hi I used to build my own but I need a new PC recently as I am looking to move to home working and the PC I had was not fast enough, however cash is tight, so I thought I would look on Amazon for a refeb PC as the one I had was a Dell referb (not by Dell), and for £125 I found a nice Dell machine with a I5 quad core with windows 10 pro 128gb SSD and 8GB RAM and it flys along, runs the latest version for MFME fast and allows me to record vids for my you tube channel.
  2. cliffc

    mr p's arcades

    Hi Andy Why not go to Maidstone and Reel Fruits its all so one of Mr Ps arcades and there is a wide selection of classic games on all stakes and prizes in there
  3. cliffc

    Supertron (Almost finished)

    But plenty of window shopping
  4. cliffc

    For Sale My Super Red Bar

    Hi If any one is interested the machine can be picked up from nr Middlesbrough tomorrow at any time between 10am and 2.30pm, If a deffinate sale could may be hold it until one day the week after but I am willing to take £50, PM me for infomation
  5. cliffc

    For Sale My Super Red Bar

    Hi This machine needs to be gone ASAP now as I am going to have to move sooner than planned if its not gone soon I may have to consider just taking it apart for parts but I would prefer to sell it completed the machine is located in teesside
  6. cliffc

    For Sale My Super Red Bar

    Hi Please see below some photos of the machine and also a short video of it in attract mode GEDC1052.MOV
  7. Hi I reluctantly have for sale my Super Red Bar machine fully working other than some bulbs that are out, however some bulbs are included, there is also a small bit of woodchip missing from the bottom right side of the machine, and the machine has not been converted to new pound coin, however I am told that it can be updated. there case has wheels at the back f for easier movement, and the battery has been recently changed Currently running a Concept Games kit on 50p £35 pound jackpot this is fully adjustable see also list of extras below Extras with the machine bulbs, 2 x Z80A CPU, some chuzzy kits, and a 8 pound token genuine electro coin kit that can be used on its 4 pound all cash setting. I am looking for £70 for it however I cannot deliver so collection would be needed.
  8. Hi On a slight tangent when in Scarbro at the weekend, in Gillys I noticed some Fair Games small foot print cabs with the return of the pull handle Cliff C
  9. cliffc

    Hilo Silver

    Hi it might be difficult to pull off on the emu but this is how it worked When you get the choose a hold you press cancel and hold on 2 reels then as one your not holding steps down you press the hold and it will jump down one repeat this every move down until you have the bell or what ever symbol you want to go for the win on, then keep this hold pressed and release one of the other hold buttons and repeat as above, then hold that reel and release the last reel repeat above you will now have a complete win line release the cancel button keeping hold of the hold buttons then release the holds press start and your winning combo will hold and pay out.
  10. cliffc

    Hilo Silver

    Hi And not forgetting the choose a hold cheat, or choose your win as it should have been called Cliff C
  11. cliffc

    Bell-Fruit Nudge Gambler help please

    Hi Ron is your go to guy for electros what he don't know about them is not worth knowing I am sure he will look at this soon and give you some sound advice
  12. cliffc

    RED Gaming Super Line Up Rio & Arcade

    Hi The £5 pound version plays a game very close to the origianl and it does have a nice £30 pound streak in there, I got it once at Scarbro in the wild for me it started with a mad gamble from the £2 to the Jackpot, in the wild I will not normally do this, then 3 holds on the jackpot, followed a set of smaller wins then a final jackpot for just over £30 off about £5 in, there are some differences to the original like the auto hold on the number to feature wins, but the cherry trick is there as are most of the others I am led to believe but I have not had the chance to test this, I don't like the game play at all on the bigger jackpot version that is not line up at all. But the £5 one will still get a few quid of my cash even in the wild and plays better than all of the modern stuff, and I believe in later versions of the game a dip switch setting was put in to disable the auto hold on number wins Cliff C
  13. cliffc

    (Electrocoin) Super Bar X £4.80

    Hi This is not a super bar x and the sounds are the same on both super and non super I can confirm this as I own a Super Red Bar same sounds different game, the reason the sounds seem deeper is down to the position of the speaker in the cab I beleve
  14. cliffc

    (Electrocoin) Super Bar X £4.80

    Hi Yorkie This game is one of the early versions of Bar X its not a Super Bar X as is thought as all the games in the super cabinet have the sec chip and cannot be run, I think the super games came in when the jackpot went to 6 quid, on these early non sec chip versions it is and was in the wild possible not to get a win on a hold after nudge, this normally meant the machine had just gone on a big pay out run, well all but one of the times this happened with me this was the case Cliff C