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  1. netdent

    Ten Up -BFM Electro

    No it never had any faults Chris but as you say the movement may have dislodged a spade?
  2. netdent

    Ten Up -BFM Electro

    When I had it Chris loads of the spade connectors were broken and making poor contact! I replaced heaps of them but not all of them. Might be worth a check on the controller board? Ronnie
  3. netdent

    Scorp 4 mpu wanted

    Yes Andrew, I was not there I usually check the rom card and plugs etc, he tried 4 other power supplies, knowing him it might be stuck on initializing which I have seen before. He has dozens of spare boards but they all corroded!
  4. netdent

    Scorp 4 mpu wanted

    Thanks mate, this belongs to an op mate of mine and is sited so he was looking for a quick swap to get it back working, I see some for 60 quid on ebay that might be an option
  5. netdent

    Scorp 4 mpu wanted

    Thanks for trying. Constantly re setting like it would with a faulty psu but tried a few other supplies so must be the mpu
  6. netdent

    Scorp 4 mpu wanted

    Brilliant, thanks for that
  7. netdent

    Scorp 4 mpu wanted

    Anyone got a good clean tested working scorp4 for sale please? Cheers Ronnie
  8. netdent

    Can anyone identify this Resistor (R2) please?

    It's likely something else cooking the resistor, bad diode or partial short somewhere
  9. netdent

    Mpu 3 reel deck cleaned up !

    Bloody hell Nick, it's better than it was new!
  10. netdent

    My history with fruit machines

    Hi Chris, Great story, I think that's my ten up you have there? Cheers Ronnie
  11. netdent

    Somebody save this

    Agreed needs saving! looks like it's mpu based?
  12. netdent

    Cops and robbers dice reel?

    Looking for the actual reel not the stepper it's for scorp 4 club cops and robbers on a yellow reel with dices 1 to 6 I think? Cheers Ronnie
  13. netdent

    Pac man ball pusher problem

    There was a thread on another forum where a guy retro fitted another screen it was either jamma+ or ukvac, Namco wanted silly money for a new one
  14. netdent

    Pac man ball pusher problem

    Is the game working as normal? as in sounds etc? in the bottom it has 3 power supplies one for 5volts one for 12volts and 24 volt one, if there are no sounds you need to check the first 2 and re seat all the connectors on the namco jamma board Ronnie
  15. It's ok Chris I converted it to pound and got £14.10 so that more than covers it, will post today, get well soon