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  1. Hi bud would you take a tenner each for the mps Mpus?


    Any pics of the impact rec?


  2. netdent

    Can anyone identify this machine

    Fairly sure it is that type
  3. netdent

    Wanted old bulb holders

    How many do you need
  4. netdent

    Can anyone identify this machine

    System 5 I had a mint one and ended up scrapping it and selling the boards to a member on here for £120 inc psu etc, no one wanted the machine!
  5. netdent

    Project 7 Heaven

    That's it! well done, I loved that glass with the chrome frame would have made great wall art
  6. netdent

    Hi from UDC

    Welcome Rob, do you have a list of parts? I guess Kash Kong pushers are your bag too? Ronnie
  7. netdent

    Nudge Double Up Deluxe

    Nice one Stef, I think the reel bands might be a bit slack!
  8. netdent

    Project 7 Heaven

    I remember years ago I had 2 project machines in that style cab I'm sure it was called rock'n'roll ? had a pink Cadillac in the bottom glass, it looked great, mpu went on fire so I scrapped it! Kept that glass with it's frame and mask to make wall art but a wife split i lost most stuff I had due to having to move out!
  9. Still no progress with the graphics But been looking at the sound issue, I pulled another speaker from another cab and it was also OC! They are speakers you would probably see on old portable tv's maybe? 35 ohm 1 watt. Anyway the volume pot was eaten by the acid so I bodged in a resistor and had it set at full volume and the horrible noise has gone and I have an expected hiss from another speaker I hooked up on the bench, no sound on boot up? Would have expected something? Will not know until I fit board back into machine and play a game but don't want to do that until I get somewhere with the graphics fault! Cheers Ronnie
  10. netdent

    Capacitor ID?

    Thanks guys, it had legs but fell off will see what I have to fit it
  11. netdent

    Capacitor ID?

    Funny looking thing, in the sound section on JPM blackjack and in the acid area! Any ideas what I can put in it's place? Marked 100 and below U47. Thanks Ronnie
  12. Sorry that should have read pin 14 (DOUT) stuck lo on all pins in the 2 columns apart from one which is stuck hi! Also discovered the speaker in this cab is OC but on the bench I had a speaker hooked up but just got static noise! Cheers Ronnie
  13. I think I have a combination, have the whole 2 columns of ram on the right with pins 15 (cas) stuck lo?
  14. Another nice touch which you can't see in the pics the playing cards have JPM on the reverse
  15. Yeah which one's though, buffers also suspect possibly