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  1. I did tap on a 560 ohm resistor but it was 1/4 watt it right away started to smoke so can't be tube related the tube that was with this chassis got necked
  2. Thanks Mike, yes getting there, the big challenge is the boards! That's on going at the moment but nothing to report yet Ronnie
  3. Hi Andrew, yes the chassis powered is sweet no popping or crackling, only thing I can think is replace all 3 transistors in the red drive along with the resistor? The old 900 may possibly carry the same parts
  4. I have 3 of the monitors mostly working Kortek 1 worked from the get go possibly needs a re cap as it looks well used Kortek 2 Worked on initial power up. 2nd try it popped the bridge rectifier! Now replaced and working well, nice clean chassis. Kertek 3 Sounded good on power up then the flyback popped like a firecracker! Lots of magic smoke, replacement seems expensive part number is KFS-60737 again a nice clean chassis Hantarex MTC-900 This never worked and is ancient and hard to work on. So I had a spare 900E chassis fitted and tested that but prior to this I noticed the burnt resistor on the neck card! it's on the red drive, screen works with a bright red raster, none of the transistors in that line seem to be shorted so wondering what caused the resistor to burn up?
  5. netdent

    Nudge Double Up Deluxe

    Great get Stef, missing mine! I asked a don't want to sell it price and someone bought it! gutted! but needed the space and money. Looking forward to seeing it done
  6. Lol, if I had the electronic skills needed it would be a breeze! But hopefully will get there
  7. I know will be a long shift! Last board tested, not working! reset light comes on for 8 seconds goes out then straight back on and repeats
  8. Not much to report so far. I have all four mpu boards out the machines and a setup for powering the boards where I can work on them. Board one- The roughest acid leak and rusted leg wise so probably scrap Board Two- decent condition, some poor repairs that damaged tracks so lots of jumpers! This was in a reset loop! Board three- best of the four, it boots with graphics glitch Board four- again decent condition as yet untested, I need to fit 2 new sockets and chips right beside the battery as they were destroyed by acid. Going back to board two, I managed to get it to boot but not stable I suspect possibly a bad z80 socket although they are turned pin and look clean enough. It has a worse graphics glitch!
  9. Thanks for that, it might help but not my brain lol, hopefully it will ring some bells for Wizard. Still working on board 3 trying to clean up pin holes after removing the 2 rotted sockets! will also need to order 2 x SN75189 to place in them Cheers Ronnie
  10. Ah board 3 needs a bit of work! the 2 chips nearest the battery have been socketed and need new sockets due to acid, the pins have fallen off the Z80!
  11. Right I will do that, it will be board 3 looks clean enough, looks like the roms have been replaced as stickers are hand written but the smaller rom is missing from the board? Not sure if it was not needed with the new set of roms or it has fallen out etc!
  12. I'm wondering if I should clean up another board and test that, just a case of cleaning everything in sockets and check battery area?
  13. No none are on this board!
  14. The smaller IC is a 74LS165 and larger one is a 74LS541? The pic I used is board one which has had some heavy duty repair in that area of ram and buffer? Thanks Ronnie
  15. Oh and the rest are all pulsing, maybe this pic better shows the locations? White is no lo or hi green is lo red is hi The pic is not the actual board just showing the locations