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  1. hitthesix

    Popeye Ultra Hd Wdx

    I am sure you have to do a refill for the note acceptor to work.so give that a go mate.
  2. hitthesix

    Bust Out DX - Maygay - MMM

    Superb looking dx , as per usual , many thanks dave.
  3. hitthesix

    Popeye Ultra Hd Wdx

    Thanks yet again mate, you are spoiling us.and thanks to all involved.
  4. hitthesix

    Quid Vicious (UltraHd) Wdx

    Now!!!! that looks fantastic mate, many thanks to all involved.
  5. hitthesix

    Monopoly In A Spin Uhd Wdx

    Very nice, many thanks for the layout mate.
  6. As per title i have updated this old one of mines for mfme 19.8 set on 20p play with the jackpot at £4.80p thanks to the rom provider and wizard for the amazing emulator. 5WAY SHUFFLE FINAL.zip
  7. hitthesix

    Jpm plus nudge

    Here is 3 rom sets i have, you will need someone to burn them for you. there is two 5p roms and a 10p play one as well (should you like to change it to 10 play) you only need 1 of the roms for the game to run. Plus Nudge jpm roms.zip
  8. hitthesix

    JPM Casino Crazy (£250) Manual Request

    It may be worth a try asking the seller of the machine if he could scan a copy for you, maybe offer a couple of quid. as he is selling the machine, which includes the service manual. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202901108731
  9. hitthesix

    BFM - Jackpot

    Thanks for this.
  10. hitthesix

    Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

    Reel deck 4 is loop the loop qps on mpu4. nice find btw.
  11. hitthesix

    Crystal - Gold Rush

    Thanks for the layout, looks nice and neat.
  12. hitthesix

    ROMS for Del’s Millions & Andy Capp

    Here is 3 sets of andy capp on £6, and one of dels millions. 6 QUID ROMS.zip
  13. hitthesix

    More money classic

    Set on 5p play with the jackpot at £1.50p thanks to fruitsim for all the resources superbank, charlie raymondo and player for the pre release bash. and to wizard for the help on the meters, and for the amazing emulator. if you wish to play it on 2p play, config and turn dip 3 off or for 10p play turn dip 2 on (bank) 1 MORE MONEY final UNPUBLISHED.zip
  14. hitthesix

    Crystal - Gold Fever

    Thanks for the layout, looks neat and tidy, well done.