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  1. hitthesix

    Bfm's countdown classic

    Set on 10p with the jackpot at £3 massive thanks to amot for the roms, the manual, uploading a video , and riche for uploading the manual.and superbank for the pre release test. and of course to the main man himself wizard for this piece of brilliance mfmev19. shortcuts as follows token in=6 10p in=7 20p in =8 50p in =9 start= space ,stop=s nudge ups left to right 1-2-3 nudge downs left to right 4-5-6 gamble nudge time=g collect nudge time =c cancel gamble =` COUNTDOWN final.zip
  2. hitthesix

    Bellfruit system 83 coundown classic

    Ok as we all know v19, has been released so!! if anyone wants to give this a good test to see if everything is correct then p.m me thanks.
  3. hitthesix

    BWB System 80 Fruit Swap roms

    Buttons 22-25 will credit it mate. thanks again for the roms
  4. hitthesix

    MFME v19 Release

    Brilliant, many thanks for the updates emus. much appreciated.
  5. hitthesix

    BWB System 80 Fruit Swap roms

    many thanks for the roms louie,much appreciated
  6. hitthesix

    mdm's snowball bingo

    OH!!!!!! ten years on , bloody hell i can't believe it was that long ago. massive thanks for the image, i may just have another go of this after my break. if i can find the layout again, it was probably on my old p.c (which went tits up) cheers
  7. hitthesix

    Silver Ghost (system80) £3 Dx

    Thanks for the layout, these were all over the uk back in the day, and almost everyone that had a pocketfull of tokens played them to get some cash.
  8. hitthesix


    I see you posted on the other forum asking for it , and fuitsnappa replied, with a link UNDERNEATH the image of the machine Super nudge gambler dx bfm electro mechanical that IS the link.
  9. hitthesix


    As above ^^^^^^^^
  10. hitthesix

    Project Coin Double Up

    Easily the best setting imo, they were great to play back in the day. i am trying to get "jokers wild" on that setting, i have changed the win values(on the ten quid version) and have it set to 10p £4.80 or £5 and £8 jackpots the £8 version plays great melons =£1 bars=£2 7's =£4 and jokers £8. hopefully i can get it to 20p play as i would love to have it on that setting rather than the flat 10p/£4
  11. hitthesix

    SRU 2p Each Way shuffle

    Smashing.many thanks fellas.
  12. hitthesix

    £6 Roms for JPM Indiana Jones

    Here is the other 6 quid set i have, hopefully you will have better luck with them. idy 6 quid roms set 2.zip
  13. hitthesix

    £6 Roms for JPM Indiana Jones

    No worries.
  14. hitthesix

    £6 Roms for JPM Indiana Jones

    I posted the roms at fruit-emu, but here they are in case you missed them, sounds also included. indy 6 quid roms.zip
  15. hitthesix

    Bellfruit system 83 coundown classic

    No idea mate.