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  1. hitthesix

    Barquest £10 Swp - Dx

    Thanks for the layout, and to wizard. i quite like the quizzers. nice looking layout.
  2. hitthesix


    That's is just finished and off to the play testers all being good , it will be ready for release at the end of the week.
  3. hitthesix


    AH!!! that explains things, thanks riche😄
  4. hitthesix


    MMM!! could well be i will try later and get back. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Win plan seems strange on this one for bells it pays 50p and for , melons it pays £1 , £'s it pays 20p surely it must change on the 2p version so bells would be 20p ,melons =50p and £'s= £1 or i am i thick (don't all rush to say yes) 😆 anyone any ideas?
  5. hitthesix


    Well i have started one, but not too sure if anyone is working on it? if not i will crack on, as i have a couple of weeks off.
  6. hitthesix

    CC & SG

    Many thanks for those classic roms guys, much appreciated as always.
  7. hitthesix

    Body match classic

    It was uploaded here by louise bee, a few months ago (with some others), i will have butchers to see if i can find the thread. Here it is mate>>>
  8. hitthesix

    Cash n' carry classic

    Yeah i know mate, but!!!! as wizard has already told me it has no meters, that's why i left it as it was, as i was playing it before release to make sure i had the lamps correct for the " insert 10p for 5 plays" and the coin bezel.
  9. hitthesix

    Cash n' carry classic

    Strange as it was working fine, anyhow to get it registering coins in hit "config" and put(bottom) dip 7 on it will only let you play 5credits at a time
  10. hitthesix

    Body match classic

    Here it is mate, mps_128_unknown.zip
  11. hitthesix

    Body match classic

    Yeah could be mate, thanks for your input. AH!! sounds more like to tbh, i just found it strange , so left it.😉 wonder if it worth changing to 10p play just to see if it works properly now? as i have found another rom that is the same game, one of the zzz---unknown128_ roms anyhow thanks for your input.
  12. hitthesix

    Body match classic

    Here we have a fun seaside machine , set on 2p play with the jackpot at £2 thanks to the rom provider, riche100 for the image, bf74 for info on the static lamps., captain haddock , superbank, and stiffy for playtesting, and of course to wizard for the amazing emulator. shortcuts are 2p in =8 10p in=9 50p in=0 start/collect=spacebar gamble=g bank=b nudge left=l( press down and nudge relevant button) or use nudge matic top reel=1 mid reel=2 bottom reel=3 nudge matic =n there is one lamp that i don't know what it is used for (35) it goes off when credits are at the max, and comes off when credits are low. BODY MATCH.zip
  13. hitthesix

    Bar Sevens DX

    Thanks for this one, very nice dx mate.
  14. hitthesix

    couple of roms

    Thanks for the roms louie, always appreciated mate.
  15. hitthesix

    Cash n' carry classic

    Set on 2p play with the jackpot at £1 massive thanks to riche100 for the roms and images provided, thanks to stan marsh for the rom dump and upload, the playtesters, captain haddock, superbank and launton and of course a massive thanks to wizard for the amazing emulator, and the advice. shortcuts coin in=o start/gamble=spacebar start/collect=z cancel/autonudge=a holds/1-2-3- CASH N CARRY.zip