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  1. hitthesix

    Project Coin Double Up

    orchid said in another post that he was taking a break from fme for a few months and would probably be back mid summer i don't know him personally mate, but he will respond to you when he reads your p.m. just wish i could fix the rom myself, i am still having a dabble, but!! the machine stops after every spin.
  2. hitthesix

    Project Coin Double Up

    Something with the char, i have changed bit of it, and managed to get it initialising, but it is probably not quite correct yet. layout included so you can see it starts up hopefully orchid will up the roms working. if he still has them and the original roms (that don't run as yet 896_(Double Up).zip double up original rom.zip
  3. hitthesix

    Project Coin Double Up

    Found the thread regarding the roms it is 10p with £4 jackpot we have the roms but!!!! as stated in the thread they don't run.
  4. hitthesix

    Project Coin Double Up

    we have the 5p roms for this, and there doesn't seem to be a layout for it. i think!!! orchid had a hacked the rom to alter the pop and jackpot. anyhow here is the 5p rom(just in case you want it. double up 5p rom.zip
  5. Welcome to the site, there will be a manual in the downloads section (courtesy of riche100) i think there is a rule about posting in around 10 topics before you can download though. good luck
  6. hitthesix

    Bell Fruits "Eggs on legs"

    Thanks for the rom, we have the sounds for this , as bugs and trouty (geddy) released a classic years ago. "eggs on legs tour"
  7. hitthesix

    Project Coin roms

    The roms posted by louie , are 10p play jackpot is switchable to £5 or£8, all cash the roms i have in my "to do list" are for the 30p £15 version.
  8. hitthesix

    Project Coin roms

    Got the bugger, it is casino jackpot 7's by the look of things. like i said in my previous post i had seen that text (jackpot jungle) in another machine years ago and dave(captain haddock) said back then , that they sometimes kept some of the old code in. here is casino jackpot 7's in test mode and it displays the same on the alpha when testing the reels e.g 3 cherries, the alpha reads triple bars. and you can clearly see the same code in casino jackpot 7's confusion over chaps.
  9. hitthesix

    Project Coin roms

    This is weird for sure, the alpha says it is "jackpot jungle" even though as you say there is none in gameplay. in testing the reels it misses positions 2+6+10+15 and it is supposed to be single-double -triple bars-red and blue 7's and jackpot symbols. yet if i add those, and go into normal play the reels are wrong. it sounds like jackpot 7's to me, anyhow maybe an early version 10p play with switchable jackpot £5 or £8. here is the layout if someone would like to have a look to see if they can make any sense of it. proconn layout.zip
  10. hitthesix

    Sinbad by BWB

    £6 TOKENS looks the first set, the roms that end with 4_1 are all £6 jpot the roms that end 5_1 are £8 jpot and the roms that end 1-1 are all £10 jpots.
  11. hitthesix

    Pound Stretcher (Ace) Rom request

    Here you go mate. Pound Sterling (Ace) [Rom].zip
  12. hitthesix

    Albert square 3D

    You will find it on fruit -emu. i had some images of this ages ago but binned them, i am not keen on eastenders, pure shite. but hey ho!!!!! we all have different tastes.
  13. hitthesix

    Project Coin roms

    So it is, i remember i had an image of this one ages ago, but!! can't find it now, oh!! the old memory is getting worse, ta for the heads up mate.
  14. hitthesix

    Xpress classsic

    Set on 20p 92%with the jackpot at £4.80p tokensthanks to the rom provider, ploggy for his tech help, old skooler , superbank ,for the pre release bashand to wizard for the amazing emulator jimbo bold font enclosed. unpublished layout is kept in case someone is doing a dx XPRESS4.80.zip
  15. hitthesix

    Starstruck classic

    Set on 20p 92%with the jackpot at £4.80p cashthanks to the rom provider, ploggy for his tech help, old skooler , superbank ,for the pre release bashand to wizard for the amazing emulator Starstruck 4.80 all cash.zip