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    old fruit machines, arcade pcbs and super street fighter 2turbo grand master challenge:)

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  1. bogeuk

    unknown machine

    Yes defo, I will do a long video of the machine I'll put it on my YouTube channel:)
  2. bogeuk

    unknown machine

    picking up Bonus Talker mpu up on Sunday:) so fingers crossed all will be well:)
  3. This room is for old fruits only, why would anyone in here want this none working junk? bin it best place for it.
  4. bogeuk

    unknown machine

    Here is the instruction manual:)
  5. bogeuk

    unknown machine

    sulzerned ive decided to keep BT if the mpu and roms are ok:)
  6. bogeuk

    unknown machine

    ok steve thanks just been on a cleaning spree:) cab buttons etc, bul i will leave the reels till the mpu is sorted and the roms are checked.
  7. bogeuk

    unknown machine

    what would be be best way to clean the copper tracks and wipers on the reels?
  8. bogeuk

    unknown machine

    if any of you experts out there in the fruity world have any advice tips on restoring an old machine like this would be greatly appreciated as ive never done anything like this before, it would be great to get this machine running and then get it emulated if thats possible:) also anyone who would like to play the machine once all working (if thats even possible) are more than welcome:) thanks Tony Bogeuk
  9. bogeuk

    unknown machine

    sulzerned i can get some more reel pic tonight
  10. bogeuk

    unknown machine

    psu pics
  11. bogeuk

    unknown machine

    sulzerned what does that mean one step of an electro deck?
  12. bogeuk

    unknown machine

    reel pics:) the 15 ways to win and 45 ways to win make sence now didnt realise they were 3 cross bars vertically.
  13. bogeuk

    unknown machine

    yeah sure ill get the manual scanned as soon as i can there are 32 pages:)
  14. bogeuk

    unknown machine

    i can upload pics now lol