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  1. BF74

    Can you identify this?

    Nudge Bug is listed in November 81, Cash or Nudge in December 81
  2. BF74

    electro facebook

    ADMC were well known for rebuilds especially on Bell Fruit base electro machines in both awp and club versions. A company profile from 1979
  3. BF74

    Can you identify this?

    it is a Maygay called Nudge Bug from 1981
  4. BF74

    fruit machine

    About right, one of the favourites were plastic coins bags from the bank.
  5. BF74

    fruit machine

    Many "engineers" for years have stuffed objects into speakers to reduce the volume.
  6. BF74

    Coin mech

    I can reprogram it, give me a P.M.
  7. BF74

    ebay electro

    Nice machine and like Hot Dog (10p version) a great game, first electro to use the half gamble before Black box, hence every bit of available space used in the cabinet to fit the huge amount of timers plus 50 relays to make that game work. First Bf clubber to use lamps in the hold buttons rather than the main glass, buttons used on Black box games. Downside is the glass is badly faded.
  8. BF74

    What is this fruit machine?

    1986 Conversion kit on Top up/Tumble.... First Reserve (top left)
  9. BF74

    Day trip to Ron's

    Great day lads and fantastic to meet you both, time went all too quick as sure we could have talked for hours more. Bacon butties are the usual supplied to any visitors. Sorry the E. W. Treble was not in such a generous mood but pleased it fired up and played without fault as been stood switched off for virtually a couple of years in the back room Ten Up in good hands and it will be sorted.
  10. BF74

    Happy Birthday Sulzerned

    Happy Birthday Nick, All the best.
  11. BF74

    board 6

    Seen many of those Excel credit boards from many years ago now, Used on many a video game and other equipment that started using an electronic coin mech. Some boards had more sets of dip switches so you not only had a multiple choice of price of play and if required bonus credits for higher value coins.
  12. BF74

    "Time Out"

    Count down is the £3 upgrade on Time Out. Switch over is the £3 upgrade on Time switch.
  13. BF74

    "Time Out"

    Count Down.?
  14. BF74

    "Time Out"

    Switch over too..
  15. BF74

    "Time Out"

    Time Switch from 1983
  16. BF74

    Glass reproduction and reprint

    Which years were you there Chris and I will have a look if there is anything on the company?
  17. BF74

    Glass reproduction and reprint

    On the subject of glasses, here is an article from 1980 on Applied Screen Print LTD.
  18. BF74

    associated leisure bullseye one armed bandit flyer

    I have not found a flyer on that Bally conversion but not the first from A.L. to have the Bullseye name.
  19. BF74

    associated leisure bullseye one armed bandit flyer

    Typical of an Associated Leisure Limited or later A.L.Games. conversions on many major manufacturers machines in the 70s & 80s.
  20. BF74

    Who is ron ?

    I'm back, just had a couple of days away R&R.😀
  21. Yes that's right and the standard plug used on Bell Fruit electro machines and here is picture of the standard door socket.
  22. BF74

    bellfruit electro

    Looks like someone offered good money to pull the auction.! It is a genuine Bell Fruit, They actually built an experimental MPU version of this machine with a large flat board in an alloy housing replacing the electro control panel on the bottom shelf, Before the arrival of Black Box.
  23. This was the original and standard version Bulgin plug BF machines used with that half moon cut out.
  24. BF74


    Yes there is a white cabinet version and a penny spinner was around about the same time
  25. BF74

    repeater deluxe

    It would be a pre decimal machine, the description says late 70s, early 80s but in fact it's a converted late 60s early 70s. Compared to other games from that era,The top right hand cash slot would be for old 6d (2.5p) & 2 shilling (10p) coins, the left slot was originally a token slot and expect it was token payouts. On the top glass where it has the 2p for credit label was the window for a credit counter, whether that is still in situ behind the label will only be known with a look in the back.