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  1. BF74

    Who is ron ?

    I'm back, just had a couple of days away R&R.😀
  2. Yes that's right and the standard plug used on Bell Fruit electro machines and here is picture of the standard door socket.
  3. BF74

    bellfruit electro

    Looks like someone offered good money to pull the auction.! It is a genuine Bell Fruit, They actually built an experimental MPU version of this machine with a large flat board in an alloy housing replacing the electro control panel on the bottom shelf, Before the arrival of Black Box.
  4. This was the original and standard version Bulgin plug BF machines used with that half moon cut out.
  5. BF74


    Yes there is a white cabinet version and a penny spinner was around about the same time
  6. BF74

    repeater deluxe

    It would be a pre decimal machine, the description says late 70s, early 80s but in fact it's a converted late 60s early 70s. Compared to other games from that era,The top right hand cash slot would be for old 6d (2.5p) & 2 shilling (10p) coins, the left slot was originally a token slot and expect it was token payouts. On the top glass where it has the 2p for credit label was the window for a credit counter, whether that is still in situ behind the label will only be known with a look in the back.
  7. BF74

    Noisy electromechanical machines

    depending what machine it is, Bell Fruit machines usually have a diagram inside the back door showing the location of all the timers. variator times should normally be located on the main panel of relays in the lower shelf in the machine, if you could possibly upload a picture of your machine could help quite a bit in pointing out these parts.
  8. BF74

    Noisy electromechanical machines

    Basically,The Variator is a timer motor controlled cam which basically stops the reels from running in a sequence. Variator or scrambler described on some schematics cam is made in raised steps of unequal size, It these steps that the cam switch rolls over and in turn causes the switch to make and break a circuit. This circuit is connected to the main game control timer. The main game control timer has a 3 second revolution so without the variator it would normally take it 3 seconds to complete it's 360 degree in every game cycle. Once the start button is pressed and the main control timer sets off on it's cycle and the game begins,Just before the reel solenoids lift to let the reels spin the switch running on the variator cam takes control of the circuit to the main control tmer motor. Because of the make and break action or the variator cam switch, the circuit to the control timer motor is now switched with an on/off action as the variator cam turns. It's during the reel spin and while the variator has control of the circuit that the control timer motor cycle is increased anywhere between 3&5 seconds. It is this difference in the rotation time of the main control timer that in turn makes the difference in the release point of the reel solenoids.This is measured in m/sec but enough to stop the reels running in sequence. The variator returns control of the main control timer to finish it's cycle once all three reels have stopped......... The variator timer does not always have red cam or wheel looking thing it can be any colour depending on which components the manufacturer used. the example above is from a Bell Fruit Timer It may have more than one cam fitted but nearly always a small single motor unit separate from the larger units. If you have a timer that runs constantly when machine is switched on before credit then that should be your variator.
  9. BF74

    Noisy electromechanical machines

    As all electro machines have many motors, timers, switches, relays and solenoids, from the start of the game until finish they make nothing else but noise. Some manufacturers built their game having the variator run from switch on rather than game start so you will here that constant clicking noise as long as the machine is switched on. The noise only increases as the game is played with the many components running to give the player a game on each press of the start button. this is a sign that all is well and every click of a switch and noise of a motor running means that they are doing what they were meant to do, As Brigham said you get used to every sound and eventually you will know if something is not right but more usual because the machine relies on all the components to run together it just won't work and in most cases probably won't work again until the fault is found and rectified. Not only does the game running makes noise but then once a win is payed out the noise is ramped up considerably. Bell Fruit especially and a couple of other manufacturers fitted payslides that operated on mains 240vac so when one of those pays out it makes quite a racket then add the great sound of many coins dropping into the pay cup you know you are playing an electro machine. To add with Fruit 58s statement, these machines were designed for commercial work only and sited in pubs and clubs back in that era, the noise was much reduced that is until a payout when everyone could hear if a player just had a good win. In a home surround then they become a noise box so those that like peace and quiet then I don't think an electro is the type of machine to collect. These old machines were designed and built for a very short working life and really should not still be around but some have escaped the land fill and so lucky to be here with more and some quite rare examples still surfacing today. Not everyone's cuppa I agree but many with me like these old machines and pleased to find a few not only still around but collected and loved by so many.
  10. BF74

    Brenco money bank machine

    Can you post some pictures of the inside workings of your machine please and it might be a bit easier to point out the units to look at?
  11. BF74

    Golden Cherry/ Plum Crazy.

    If replacing the relays fails to cure the problem the another point of interest to look at. There have been different Cam Switches used on a mixture of BF games on the main control timer to keep the credit relays energised, cs2 with it's own relay, cs7, cs8 with it's own relay and even cs10, Depending on how or even if they have utilised the four relay credit system on this machine. Quite possible for a spade connector on one or more of the main control timer cam switches are loose or a switch is beginning to fail.
  12. BF74

    Golden Cherry/ Plum Crazy.

    Normally a credit counter was used for more than 2 credits as without it then a relay will be required for every credit and why most electro's have a 2 credits which consists and labelled on the back door diagram as a 2 credit relay and a credit relay for the single credit...Unfortunately I don't have a back door diagram but if it's using relays then expect 4 to be used. 1 to hold each credit. on 10p credit the 4 should lock in and as each game played and the main control timer makes one complete cycle and in turn 1 relay should drop out until the last credit cancels the last relay stopping anymore games being played.
  13. BF74

    Bellfruit big deal sys85

    20p stake on club machines was already in use in 86 Nick but only £100 jackpot until 87
  14. BF74

    Bellfruit big deal sys85

    The new stakes and prizes were announced in December 1986 to take affect in 1st January 1987...AWP increased from £1.50 cash £3 tokens to £2 cash £4 tokens... Club machines from £100 jackpot increase to £150.