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  1. BF74

    Project golden rings has arrived

    The reel bands are same as JPM used in early 70s with squares around the symbols but never seen a JPM electro in that cabinet. As it has no manufacturer logo or I.D. on glass or cabinet I would say it's more likely to be a converted AFD base machine.
  2. looking in the back is not too bad so for the payout fault I would start with easy bit first and the 10p payslide coil, the tend to desolder from the two spade connectors on the top of the coil and causes short payouts.
  3. Over the years a few had had a go at converting Electrocoin games with their own programs and some suffered too when Electrocoin took them to court. Others like Concept Games got license from Electrocoin.
  4. Now that is or was a MAB with the round buttons, I memory serves the plug fittings are different on the two PSUs
  5. You could be right about MAB converted machines too as they fitted those chrome panels to the older Electrocoin cabinets
  6. Apart from top one being just an early Red Bar and the other a later Super Red Bar. The top one is in one of the old Bar x style cabinets as were the first Big 7 games but they were still released in the original black frames. The later Super Big 7 and Super Red Bars had the taller top glasses.
  7. Possibly one of A.F.D.( Automatic Fruit designs) club electro's before they went into liquidation in 1979. Their earlier machines started with credit counters in the top glass so has to be a later model. It has the same cabinet, style of game and relay bank as AFDs previous Club electro's. Trying to keep up with other manufacturers they had trouble developing their own MPU and cancelled orders mostly from abroad which left them stuck with 200 none U.K. machines in stock and over £300 thousand pounds of raw materials and no current production model at the time that put them out of business. So with plenty of stock cabinets available, If not their own build then one of their base machines with a rebuild from another company.
  8. Can you post pictures of the board please plus to see what game ROM it's running, When switched on are any LEDs lit on MPU? There should be four and will either be red or green.
  9. First, do all the wins payout just collecting and not using the gamble?.
  10. BF74

    My new project for £10

    Yes it is, The cam is set at a 50/50 ratio so that's the odds of the jackpot symbol being skipped or not. But I refer to Bell Fruit club Electro machines, unless I can get a look into the machines operation or better see a diagram I can't say whether that Lyngard clubber has a similar system.
  11. BF74

    My new project for £10

    Even more naughty as neither Hot Dog or Pussy Cat has that fitted to the gamble reel so it must have been done when converted as not by BF in manufacture.
  12. BF74

    My new project for £10

    Sorry to say Even slimmer if you were playing on a Bell Fruit club electro in the 70s. Fitted to a club machine variator was an extra cam and on/off type switch, This cam/switch had only one job to do. If the switch was in the closed position during a certain position during the game cycle then a 50vac circuit is completed and sent to initialise a JACKPOT CONTROL relay, this in turn closes it's contacts and makes a 50vac circuit to it's own set of studs on reel two, these studs are just basically around the WIN line position of the JACKPOT symbol of reel two. If the wipers on the reel drum where the jackpot symbol is located make contact with these studs then allow the 50vac circuit from the jackpot control relay to continue and now the naughty bit. they are connected to reel two reel index solenoid. What this means is that reel two reel solenoid is kept activated for just enough time to SKIP the jackpot symbol past the win line, this action is so quick the player hardly notices this and looks just like any electro reel skip. For the split second the wipers move past the activated studs they hit dead studs which deactivates the reel solenoid causing the reel drum to stop but by then the jackpot symbol is already past the win line.. Result that as the jackpot symbols on reel two is affected in this way then the odds of getting just three in a line either left to right or right to left are greatly reduced as is the four of a kind. No idea how this ever got past the gaming board at that time but it did and fitted to every Bell Fruit Club electro. Not hidden either as can be found in club electro manuals or schematics.
  13. BF74

    My new project for £10

    that's another point as those older tubes and payslides are designed for the larger coins too Percentage is first down to the higher number of smaller value symbols used on the reels compared to the higher value symbols plus on four reels for more combinations compared to three reels on awp machines of the era.But that is not enough. The main CONTROL timer on electro machines runs everything much like a modern CPU. from start to finish of the game. the start and stopping of the reels is a major action. if the control timer which runs at around 3 seconds every revolution were to run at the same speed every game then the reels would stop in sequence, once that started then winning sequences would fall so frequently together and just empty the machine. To stop this happening the manufactures fitted another timer called the VARIATOR, this is wired in circuit to the motor of the main control timer. As the variator motor turns a cam and in turn the cam randomly operates a switch in an on/off action and wired to the control timer motor. Simply it randomly stops and starts the control timer motor which variates the time it takes the control timer motor to turn to approximately anywhere between 3 & 5 seconds so the control timer motor does not run at the same speed virtually every game played. This is all it takes to stop the reels running in a sequence and apart from how many holds the machine is set to give out is all there is to control the % payout on an electro machine.
  14. BF74

    Ten Up repair and service

    Too many years Nick, Seriously considering making this my last year.
  15. BF74

    My new project for £10

    I keep my electro's they way they were originally built and on the coins they were manufactured to accept so all on old money( big coins ), they sound better on payout too.