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  1. BF74

    good looking electro on ebay

    Early 70s Bell Fruit Cabinet but another companies conversion. When BF produced those cabinets with games like Spin wheel, Lucky Twos to name two machines from that era, The max credit then was just 2p, the max payout was either 10p cash or the none replayable 25p gold award token. This machine in auction is 5p play, Has a 50p changer with 50p cash payouts which arrived later in the 70s... To note in the back where a newer set of none BF reels/wiring in the top, In the bottom left hand side of the cabinet above the control panel a later none BF timer. Having said that it looks like a different, descent game still working and like many conversions will be limited in the amount of machines still in circulation.
  2. BF74

    ebay machine

    Two great BF electro's. Fore and Aft and Super Nudge Gambler https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/vintage-fruit-machine/202882676898?hash=item2f3cbff8a2:g:o08AAOSwoSleJaCU https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/vintage-fruit-machine/202882681011?hash=item2f3cc008b3:g:qkEAAOSwPa9eJayc
  3. BF74

    Manual for nudge machine ADMC

    If the electro Whoopsie Nudger is anything to go by Nick, It's just the ability to have the reverse nudge.
  4. BF74

    Manual for nudge machine ADMC

    The Nudge machine ADMC. Advert from October 1982..
  5. BF74

    ebay machine

    One of the many converted electro machines. Can't see any markings as to which company built this conversion but can say what it started out as a Bell Fruit Jokers Wild club (in pic). Two other points, The description says "opened never used" Then the price 1p change out of £1000 won't see this machine sold in a hurry.
  6. BF74

    Bell Fruit closing

    I would have been digging in the bin too.
  7. BF74

    Bell Fruit closing

    My wish would have been able to get hold of all the older BF electro era schematics/manuals now lost.
  8. BF74

    Help . JPM Money Multiplier

    That video shows that those parts are as they should be, the timer on the left marked progressive only operates when jackpot win lines are achieved so it should be idle. The timer on the right is the scrambler and should run continuously while the machine is in credit. Sw 1 nearest motor controls the gamble feature motor and stops it running in a sequence so the result is a random gamble. Sw 2 Is the lamp flasher and flashed the hold bulbs. Sw 3 Is the variator and controls the main control timer motor during the game by stop starting the motor and scrambles the reel spin times, Again preventing them running in a sequence. Sw 4 is the jackpot control, if this switch is made when a jackpot symbol stops on the 2ns reel the made switch will keep the 2nd reel solenoid activated an extra millisecond. enough to allow the jackpot symbol to pass the win line thus preventing a jackpot win line. for the none start you now need to look at the coin switches, if any do not return or stay in circuit when at their return position then the machine start is disabled. To be sure you would have to meter the spade contacts of the coin switches or if possible replace these switches.
  9. BF74

    PCP Variety Club

    Multiplay & Stake Up Advert 1984..
  10. BF74

    PCP Variety Club

    Pot Luck advert 1986
  11. BF74

    PCP Variety Club

    Crackpot advert 1985..
  12. BF74

    PCP Variety Club

    I would say It was most probably Pot Luck. Being the only cabinet that had the 'G' for George button the kit is fitted, the fourth button in the centre button bank which does not look used in that PCP game.
  13. Advert from January 1986....
  14. BF74

    em5 test box

    Yes and yes.😉
  15. BF74

    em5 test box

    It's to test the output of the four coins from the coin mech Rich Normally 1= £1 2= 50p 3=20p 4=10p