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  1. BF74

    em5 test box

    Yes and yes.😉
  2. BF74

    em5 test box

    It's to test the output of the four coins from the coin mech Rich Normally 1= £1 2= 50p 3=20p 4=10p
  3. BF74

    cam setting tools on ebay

    Not yet Simon, Everything on hold at the moment....On Tuesday my other half was out in my car when some crazy idiot came flying up behind her then overtook at speed on centre road hatchings into oncoming traffic. Because another car was coming in opposite direction the lunatic had nowhere to go and to avoid a head on collision they pulled into my car going right down the side. More annoying is they drove off at speed not bothering to check if she was ok or to exchange details. Scrapes and damage to rear wing, drivers door, completely ripped out the drivers door mirror and wiring, front wing plus hit front drivers wheel....Needles to say on the information the insurance have written off my car so really pissed as although it was an 08 plate it's been a great reliable motor. Lucky Cath managed to get their reg number so passed onto the police and insurance happy she is not to blame and I will get a quick payout but don't amount to much. I know some people don't like Facebook but we look on local groups to see what's going on, Yesterday we hit gold as someone very annoyed posted that they were in the car going in opposite direction and raging at the areshole that had just missing their car and seen them hit mine, not only now have a witness statement but have their dash cam footage too. We met up with them and now have a copy of footage and the evidence is conclusive who is at fault. Copies sent to insurance and going to send to police with hope they can do something about leaving scene of accident, I'm sure dangerous driving can be included. Pleased to say Cath was not seriously injured in the crash just well shaken up with little sleep the last two nights. Salvage picking my car up tomorrow (Friday) so goodbye faithful motor. Not the best time of year having to start looking for a replacement with limited funds.🤬🤬
  4. BF74

    Help . JPM Money Multiplier

    To eliminate that switch can you remove either of the wires, it makes no difference which one as long as it is removed from switch but don't break the link in the double wire as they are still used in circuits. Once removed then try start button in credit.
  5. BF74

    Help . JPM Money Multiplier

    There is a key switch on the machine if activated disables the start button. There are 6 on/off switches situated on the main control panel and trying to both identify what they are used for?
  6. BF74

    Help . JPM Money Multiplier

    Right, This is interesting for me as it's a U.K. manufactured machine for the Dutch market. It has no payout tubes or payslides and should have according to the schematic both a hopper with a win stepper to payout which I personally have not encountered installed in a JPM machine from that era but, as they too have been removed are now leaving the machine with no payout units at all? Looking at this last picture the hopper has been missing for some years. The schematic also shows a Knocker solenoid, this is like the old early pinballs that would go off with a bang when replays are won. This unit might still be in the cabinet and expect it to be located in the top somewhere which I would say is not practical to operate to replicate win payouts I would have thought more probably to indicate a successful gamble win. What the machine does when you do win anything providing the reels still connect to the win relays which in turn does not amount to much rather than just the payout timer turning but as it has nothing to operate for payouts has got my head scratching. looking into your start button problem so.. Do the metal bars across the coin mechs open when machine switched on, does it accept money and does it show the machine is in credit.?
  7. BF74

    Help . JPM Money Multiplier

    Thank you for these...There are a few changes made, Like you say a missing hopper whereas the U.K. version had coin tubes and payslides. There are step up and step back solenoids shown on the schematic that says there would be a win stepper to be part of the win cycle and normal to run with hopper payout on an electro machine.. I can't see in your pictures where actually the win stepper is mounted in the machine as it has 2 solenoids fitted and all those in view are just normal timers, plus are there any mountings or even position you can show where the hopper was removed from. Although the machine won't start with the start button, If you turn the main control timer (13 cam switches) by hand, as soon as you do this the motor should take over and run one full cycle and in that should start and stop the reels before stopping at rest again...
  8. BF74

    Help . JPM Money Multiplier

    can you post some pictures of all the parts in the back from coin mechs down to the main control panel please.? I will be able to see some of the differences.
  9. BF74

    Help . JPM Money Multiplier

    It started as a double wiper, Looking at your picture I would say that wiper has been deliberately cut off as the brass arm has been bent back around the plastic drive arm. If it had simply broken off or snapped due to wear then the bit that is left would have been straight. Whether it was to stop a certain feature from working or because it started out as a U.K. game, there might have been a feature or part of that was not under your countries gaming regulations. The schematic does show alterations and additions to the machines hardware. Does the machine operate as it should or are there issues with it?
  10. Schematic in the Downloads section... https://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/index.php?/files/file/1630-money-multiplier-electro-schematic/
  11. Wow, Slight difference to our 70s electro.. Not sure if I have the schematic for ours but does yours have a fault?
  12. BF74

    cam setting tools on ebay

    Won them Simon, getting posted tomorrow.😁
  13. Been through everything with Ben's machine. The problem is that it's a conversion and not a good one with no paperwork and not even a schematic for the original machine. Without the machine in front of me now, I have really gone as far as I can with possible causes.
  14. BF74

    cam setting tools on ebay

    I lost my kit with these tools in the 70s so got my bid in for these.😁 Timers and the cams on electro mechanical machines are set in degrees of rotation from 0 to 360 where the cam switches can be operated either just once or multiple times during one rotation. To set those cams is normally done as said above with a screwdriver of by hand but is a bit of trial and error to get them set accurately. These tools were made to lock into the cams much like a spanner making the job easier to set them to the correct settings.
  15. BF74

    Super suits bgt

    An interesting look back at BGT...