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  1. BF74

    Just Got This

    Press Adverts Criss Cross in November 1985 Treasure Trail January 1986 Give us a Break October 1986 Suit Pursuit October 1987
  2. BF74

    For sale

    Depending on condition, Working machine's average selling prices around £60 to £100 with plenty of 70s electro's still appearing on eBay Frank including JPM Winner, It is possible that machines in need of tlc and restoration can be offered and indeed bought very cheap but others do ask silly money, Sorry to say the last Winner on eBay I can remember was in 2017, not complete.
  3. BF74

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    A blast from the past in 1980 for Frank.
  4. BF74


    Dutch export, Here is one of the machines from 1980 Rich..
  5. BF74

    Electro virgin

    It only accepts the old big coins 5p &10p or shilling and two shillings as they were pre decimal.
  6. BF74

    Electro virgin

    Saw these machines up for sale and great to see they found a good home. Good point with the Kicker is it's glass is still original and the Bars 50p token win decal has not been scratched out in favour of a £1 cash sticker. If you remove that yellow sticker on the reel glass that says all wins paid in cash you will reveal the original print to say wins over 20p paid in tokens.
  7. Now that would be interesting.
  8. I can't wait to hear your JPM experiences from that era Frank, I worked and operated with an independent company after leaving BF and Indeed it was Colin Taylor at CTL that tempted me away. As he was a distributer for many manufactures in the 70s I think JPM was his favourite as 80% of the brand new machines sent up to the new North East operation from his Leicester base were JPM. For the clubs to start it was Super Chance and Money Multiplier but AWPs were varied, a few names in similar around the same time you might recognise Mr Nudge, Target Four, The Hit, The Joker. I can see why Colin sent so many Super Chances up here too.😁
  9. No problem Frank, it's getting sorted and will pin your thread too so it won't drop down the listings and members can easily access. Regard's, Ron.
  10. BF74

    electro ebay

    The Gambler club electro from AFD (Automatic Fruit designs). A follow up to their previous Super Jackpot only this one has higher jackpots. No inside pictures as usual to show condition.
  11. BF74

    Bell Fruits been sold (with others)

    For me the death of the A.W.P. was the removal of tokens to all cash machines, After all AWP was Amusement With Prize.
  12. Welcome Frank and If I'm right great to meet someone else from the electro era.? Money Multiplier was one of two club machines (Superchance was the other) from JPM we installed into North East clubs. This pic brings back memories.
  13. BF74

    Crediting up Electro's

    Removing credit counters for single coin credit on electro's was simply to avoid tube starvation. With the credit counter that could hold a vast amount of credit and the later introduction of the 50p coin for change, if the machine went into a high sequence of payouts there would be the chance of very little amounts of coins going back into the tubes to refill so run empty, Most electro AWPs especially only held £14 in 10p coins. Adding strimming which became a serious problem on the S1 mechs so a credit counter would assist many a scammer. Pub landlords in the 70s were culprits for not helping tube starvation by using the 50p mech for change, the 50p for 1 credit and 40p change was brought in to help deter them. Although good for holding multiple credits, credit counters did have a drawback of regularly sticking either preventing the correct credits being added or the subtract solenoid jamming, even return spring breaking would prevent the count down of credits resulting in free plays. If you wanted to make an electro with single coin entry machine into multiple without adding electronic circuits you would virtually have to either add a relay and timer switch for each credit or a rotary stepper unit.
  14. BF74

    Bell fruit electromechanical

    That's right they are the busy bee type and could be a different colour however if it's a later electro mech it could have the anti strim black plastic cover fitted to the back of the mechs in which case the coin switch will be hidden within the black cover. Any pictures of the machine and inside the back would be a great help to identify.