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  1. BF74

    Golden Cherry/ Plum Crazy.

    If replacing the relays fails to cure the problem the another point of interest to look at. There have been different Cam Switches used on a mixture of BF games on the main control timer to keep the credit relays energised, cs2 with it's own relay, cs7, cs8 with it's own relay and even cs10, Depending on how or even if they have utilised the four relay credit system on this machine. Quite possible for a spade connector on one or more of the main control timer cam switches are loose or a switch is beginning to fail.
  2. BF74

    Golden Cherry/ Plum Crazy.

    Normally a credit counter was used for more than 2 credits as without it then a relay will be required for every credit and why most electro's have a 2 credits which consists and labelled on the back door diagram as a 2 credit relay and a credit relay for the single credit...Unfortunately I don't have a back door diagram but if it's using relays then expect 4 to be used. 1 to hold each credit. on 10p credit the 4 should lock in and as each game played and the main control timer makes one complete cycle and in turn 1 relay should drop out until the last credit cancels the last relay stopping anymore games being played.
  3. BF74

    Bellfruit big deal sys85

  4. BF74

    Bellfruit big deal sys85

    20p stake on club machines was already in use in 86 Nick but only £100 jackpot until 87
  5. BF74

    Bellfruit big deal sys85

    The new stakes and prizes were announced in December 1986 to take affect in 1st January 1987...AWP increased from £1.50 cash £3 tokens to £2 cash £4 tokens... Club machines from £100 jackpot increase to £150.
  6. BF74

    Bellfruit big deal sys85

    Just to add, Jackpot from 1987...
  7. BF74

    Bellfruit big deal sys85

    Big Deal from 1986....
  8. BF74


    The original top payout was 12 in a white circular decal or 1 shilling ( 5p in todays money), the conversion as you say was just the coin mech and payslide and the top decal but none of those conversions were from BFM, they would change the reel bands and glass for new. Once converted to decimal coinage the maximum payout at the time was 10p cash so the hence the 10 decal The penny badge above the coin mech is original Bell Fruit which is the same in any coinage used old or new but, Operators are the culprits for the conversions, sticking symbols over the top of the reel bands and wiring alterations but you are right they would have been doctored to reduce the % payout. Do you have both Penny Targets Red and Blue?
  9. BF74

    Bell fruit Valentine

    BFs first Black box club machines although they still held on to some electro parts, The old reel units with reel stop solenoid assemblies and electro reel motor but opto board, no brass wipers and studs.
  10. BF74

    Bell fruit Valentine

    Yes Valentine had Nudges, Holds and hold after win, Half gamble options. Wins were doubled if corresponding symbols were lit on the centre panel. 10p Play it's sister machine Sweetheart was the 5p version.
  11. BF74

    Penny Nudger help needed!!

    Here is a link to some spares on eBay now.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Fruit-machine-parts/202516115510?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  12. BF74

    12v meter alarm on my Barcrest Lucky Strike

    On the subject of checking all the meters, is the cash refill meter in the top of the machine still connected or even still there.?
  13. BF74

    Penny Nudger help needed!!

    It's possibly one of two Cam switches on the main control timer.Cs12 and Cs8. Cs12 removes control from the variator returns the control timer motor back to it's 0 degree start position. Cs8 via the Cs8 relay temporarily removes and restores the 0volts to the main control timer motor just before it completes it's full cycle. As 1pA/B relays are in situ in front of the main control timer wiring, it's possible a spade connector is very loose or one of these cam switches are starting to fail.Moving the relays may have pulled on the wiring making the contact again. as the nudge and payout caused the same fault it may be just the vibration that broke the contact again. Every spade connection must be tight and should not easily slide off the switch, they should need some pressure to disconnect them. If a connection is loosely fitted then it is possible for a cam switch not to operate. Looking at the door diagram then the main control timer is the one at the front with the grey cover removed, the cm switches are numbered 1 to 12. Number one being nearest the motor end and count along to cs 12 which is at the other end, cs 8 is 8 switches along from the motor. Check the security of all wires to these two switches. two adjust the reels position just loosen those two wing nuts holding the clamps and the whole reel mech will be able to move, just adjust till it's right in the window and clamp the wing nuts finger tight.
  14. BF74

    Penny Nudger help needed!!

    I'm looking that they have used the old token mech side for the 1p coins which was probably 1 token/credit and would be ideal for the 1p, just change the mech over and as the token side used the refill they may have kept that to use to refill 1p coins if it run empty. Just in case I ask to look at the refill switch by chance it's putting credits onto the refill meter ( Buzzing sound) rather than the credit relay.
  15. BF74

    Penny Nudger help needed!!

    Check this switch, the lever on the lock should be keeping the arm pressed on the switch to keep it closed