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  1. stonyat421

    Does a machine really need meters ?

    i think a lot of people on here are full of shit but i keep my opinions to my self
  2. stonyat421

    fruitlink flc 1.6 mpu4 roms

    as above fruit link flc1-6 mpu4 rom.rar
  3. stonyat421

    action bank club mpu4 rom

    action bank club mpu4 roms.rar
  4. stonyat421

    sunset boulevard abc 1.4 mpu4

    as above sunset boul abc 1.4 mpu4.rar
  5. stonyat421

    final post for club elite

    will do mate when i get the time
  6. stonyat421

    crystal mpu4 board with a jpm rom [ update ]

    ok pete could come in useful some where for some one as for me never want to see another crystal machine again
  7. stonyat421

    Rollercoaster Club

    never heard so much shit
  8. stonyat421

    final post for club elite

    well that is that sorted then mate
  9. stonyat421

    final post for club elite

    i did wonder if the alpha had something different in the no 2 to the no 4 that is actual in the machine pete
  10. stonyat421

    final post for club elite

    well like i said shame about the crack in the bottom glass [appeared half way through the tidy up ] what a nightmare but nothing a price of play sticker cant sort out sounds are pretty good for a clubber machine 75 /100/200/250 jackpot plenty going on in the actual game itself with loads of features sorry for the quality of the vids but best i can do and if any one wants to take this on for emulation let me no i have all the decals and a video of the decal lamp numbers 1.mp4 2.mp4 3.mp4
  11. stonyat421

    final post for club elite

    a bit of attract no game play 20190419_201449.mp4
  12. stonyat421

    crystal mpu4 board with a jpm rom [ update ]

    well to say this has been a project is a under statement well finally this machine is now up and running thanks to pete who had his work cut out with sorting out the game card a lot of the top lamps were in the wrong places so i had to figure out where they went what seemed to take for ever there is plenty of game play on this machine and has some good features as some of you no the bottom glass met with a slight problem but this did not stop me from getting this machine to run as i wanted to see the game so on that note THANKS TO ALL INVOLVED FOR HELP AND PARTS i will add a video on my other post the weekend for any one who wants to see the machine in action and some of its features also i am hoping this will be emulated by ploggy cheers all
  13. stonyat421


    its not about hacking any think in my book its about saving machines that are missing the one piece of software that means there game could be lost for ever
  14. stonyat421

    crystal mpu4 board with a jpm rom [ update ]

    thats good mate
  15. stonyat421

    crystal mpu4 board with a jpm rom [ update ]

    ok mate if you have the other card running you can try it for fairground any joy with that yet mate