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  1. stonyat421

    Cloud 999 flyer and £4.80 all cash roms

    cheers mate do you no if the roms was dumped by any chance as i have found token roms
  2. stonyat421

    Cloud 999 flyer and £4.80 all cash roms

    is that the 4.80 token or all cash mate
  3. stonyat421

    Cloud 999 flyer and £4.80 all cash roms

    no problem dave
  4. stonyat421

    Cloud 999 flyer and £4.80 all cash roms

    mark is your man for this job
  5. stonyat421

    Making 3D EWN - can you help?

    looking good mate
  6. stonyat421

    Bingo Clubber Fruit Machine

    did any one bag this if not i may give him a call see if its still available for parts
  7. stonyat421

    PCP In for a Penny, In for a pound

    looking good well worth the effect
  8. stonyat421

    Super suits bgt

    piano keys spring to mind on this one
  9. stonyat421

    CTL Eachway Shuffle (SRU)

    that is not cheap for sure but if needs must
  10. stonyat421

    Jpm processor card

    think he means the socket itself as he asked me if i new any one that could solder a new one in for him so i told him to ask on here as im no good at soldering 👀 also did wonder why he needs a new one maybe there could be some damage under it
  11. stonyat421

    Bouncer DX (JPM) System80

  12. stonyat421

    Bouncer DX (JPM) System80

    kicka /bouncer /step - a round all great machines cheers for the dx mate
  13. stonyat421

    C435a coin mech reprogramming

    hartley hate im sure he will love you
  14. stonyat421

    BWB Line Up

    think the 5p plays better than the 10p roms as for the 2p no idea
  15. stonyat421

    BWB Line Up

    well if you have the 2p rom cart in that set of yours mate means we have all 3 sets 10p /5p i have wonder if there is a 20p play cart 😁