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  1. stonyat421

    Mpu5 status led

    post is from 2009
  2. stonyat421

    all sorted now

    cheers Andrew
  3. stonyat421

    all sorted now

    you tell the programmer that mate will not install the drivers to run it
  4. stonyat421

    all sorted now

    as above any one got a copy on file they can let me have cheers tony
  5. stonyat421

    Nudge double up deluxe crystal leisure

    funny i was only playing the 10p lan mk2 the other day on the emulator and thinking of converting mine to 10p in the future
  6. stonyat421

    Nudge double up deluxe crystal leisure

    there was also a £6 jackpot on either the ndu mk4 or mk3 i think pook did it on the emulator chris
  7. stonyat421

    tuppeny bonanza mps2 roms

    ok guys cheers was hoping they would be something fruit machine related il remove them later was worth a shot
  8. stonyat421

    tuppeny bonanza mps2 roms

    replaced with tuppeny bonanza mps2 roms tested and working tuppenny bonanza mps2.rar
  9. stonyat421

    SLEEVING OLD 50P TUBE to take new 50p video

    not seen that before cheers James
  10. stonyat421

    Refill lock and key

  11. stonyat421

    fruit machine

    lol dave hope all is well how is that machine of yours
  12. stonyat421

    Rock On MPU2 touch up

    that glass could be sorted and would look a lot better with the right touch up paint
  13. stonyat421

    fruit machine

    nice job on the board i reckon mick could do anything if he puts his mind to it as for the battery thing
  14. as above 3 sets of roms for a machine called club elite checked and running fine sound also runs in fairground so that is a added bonus thanks to ian a member on here club elite 1.4 and 1.6.rar
  15. stonyat421

    Jpm lucky lottery in need software

    sound rom is good other rom is part of the 2 game roms when i get time il see if there good they do seem to run together but will check them out better over the weekend