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  1. Funfairwayne

    Red Eachway Shuffle has Landed

    Great post. Could I ask who supplied the new reel bands? I would like to replace mine if you could advise.
  2. Donation made thanks to scoodyemu gifting reel bands to me and wanting just a small donation to the site.

    every credit to him.

  3. Funfairwayne

    Wanted 50v payout unit JPM

    Sorry sir dunelm I sent the pm to the wrong person hope you got it now cheers Wayne
  4. Funfairwayne

    Wanted 50v payout unit JPM

    Hi Riche, they would help a lot I may have lead ref payout units. So the tubes and top end would be great. I will PM you. Thanks Wayne
  5. Funfairwayne

    Wanted 50v payout unit JPM

    i know he had spoken to a couple of people about it but was unsure who and if anyone could help. Someone did have something but was not the right ones?
  6. Funfairwayne

    Wanted 50v payout unit JPM

    Was he called Chris?
  7. Funfairwayne

    Wanted 50v payout unit JPM

    I will get some pictures of the inside. My mate is repairing it so I will need to ask him about it. I am sure it's a removable shelf that bit I have. I will post pics tomorrow. Thanks Wayne,
  8. Funfairwayne

    Wanted 50v payout unit JPM

    Hi, I have a JPM double up mk4 but the payout units have been lost and tubes missing. Would anyone be willing to sell me any? Thanks Wayne
  9. Funfairwayne

    Wanted Old size 10p coins

    Cheers mart I may have found another on eBay in burntwood who will do a deal for £150 for 1000 that's including postage so looks like I might get these. The Notts guy was very helpful as well. Cheers guys for the advise and help.
  10. Funfairwayne

    Wanted Old size 10p coins

    16p is the cheapest they can do them for that's 1,000 but same if I wanted more. So I got a starting point thanks for the help.
  11. Funfairwayne

    Wanted Old size 10p coins

    Thanks for that I will give them a ring tomorrow. I live in Blackpool but I may be able to get them collected if they ok with price for them.
  12. Funfairwayne

    Wanted Old size 10p coins

    Hi would anyone have any old size 10p to sell as I want to try and keep my machines original if possible. I know it may be a long shot as you all may want your machines the same. I have seen some on eBay but was hoping not to pay over double the face value. Thanks Wayne
  13. Funfairwayne

    Original £3 moneybelt jpm

    Thanks for the compliments. It's the only thing I really understand about machines but love them
  14. Funfairwayne

    Original £3 moneybelt jpm

    If you was near by I would have been happy to repair it for you FOC. How the hell do you get 45 machines in the house? Enjoy all your machines.
  15. Funfairwayne

    Original £3 moneybelt jpm

    Hope these help