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  1. Road Runner

    NEW Machine / Project - PCP Hit Money!

    Ive seen machines fitted with the wrong wattage 10mm bulb(used in some cars) 12v 1.2 watt is what should be fitted https://www.fruitmachinesales.co.uk/10mmlamp?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxZPd0uPH4wIVSrDtCh3jKgl-EAQYBCABEgLWS_D_BwE the link above is just an example as they can be found cheaper on eBay. the higher wattage bulbs can possibly damage the mask or artwork over time. it may not be the bulbs btw it could be one of the transistors on the MPU(swap a bright bulb for a dim one and see what happens)
  2. Road Runner

    NEW Machine / Project - PCP Hit Money!

    Looks a nice restore there fella
  3. Road Runner

    Reel Band Production

    The printers I used switched to a minimum order of around £50 thus making prototyping too expensive. i do have one or two other options in the pipeline later this year.but the one thing me,you or anyone reproducing bands,glasses,PCB,s or anything else is the "small run off problem"
  4. Road Runner

    Reel Band Production

    That's the stage I got to on backlit bands. the reels symbols are on one layer and the mask is on a second.(the mask layer has to be a fraction smaller than the symbol layer) mine where printed on light box plastic(loads of company's do them)
  5. Road Runner

    Royal Exchange(MPU3) Project

    Because the machine was in decent condition most of the parts just polished up nicely. Clean,test and refit the S1 mechs Note the refill meter also fitted More metalwork cleaned and refitted. Speaker and PSU done Backdoor done along with new locks Inner cashbox door Outer cashbox door The next bit is to get the frame,contray and other bits stripped + powder coated. This bit always makes any project complete.
  6. Road Runner

    Royal Exchange(MPU3) Project

    Right on to that cab fault. Look at the pictures below and you will see the fault. This is the 50p reject chute(this must have had coins resting on that ledge at some point) The Blue arrow is the approx position where the hole should have been. As can be seen the hole has been cut about 2 inches too close to the front of the machine and the red arrows show an actual hole on the front of the machine.(the coin tray has been removed) As said above how this passed QC i will never know. The pic below shows the extent of the damage with the reel shelf removed(the orange masking tape on the outside of the machine shows the hole. So i needed to fill and shape the hole so coins will fall into the coin tray. Then paint the filler. Looks better now from the outside. Now do some testing.
  7. Road Runner


    That brings back some memory's Must admit i miss the likes of vinny and others that used to be regulars here.
  8. Road Runner

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    Thats ts the one Ron the 8 ball symbols on the first 2 reels have the same function as frog hop symbols IIRC (3rd reel steps down to the next ball with a win on it or lily pad in FH) i have stus red one for a while(the one that you could nudge up) i think it was a modded original with extra relays and a nudge up motor.
  9. Road Runner

    Old fruity storage conditions?

    As long as they are dry and reasonably warm they will be fine. a lean to built of wood maybe ok but even if it appears dry from the rain the damp cold moisture over the winter will start to settle inside the machine . ,keep them dry keep reasonably warm. run them for an hour a week. and all should be good.
  10. Road Runner

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    Nice work Ron those switches and relays are the noughts and ones of the later MPU machine rom code. as a matter of fact one of JPMs EM machines called Pool Play has very similar features to the system 80 machine Frog Hop(by that i mean the 3rd reel prize feature)
  11. Road Runner

    Royal Exchange(MPU3) Project

    The next bit is to give the base a good once over and deep clean the cab ready for the rebuild. Next is to clean the wheels and clean all bits and bobs around the base. The base was in decent condition and just needed some elbow grease and some paint to bring it up to scratch. And then polish the cab inside and out. Cab now has had its first major clean but will be done again on the outside when the machine is rebuilt. I will do the back door and outer cash box doors later. There is a slight repair on the 50p reject tube that was a mistake from the day the cab was built(im surprised the cab wasn't rejected by barcrest QC) I will cover that in a later post.
  12. Road Runner

    Royal Exchange(MPU3) Project

    I did start on the gamble restriction last year but never completed it as I needed to add routines to some of the MPU3 rom code(more than I originally thought would be needed IIRC)
  13. Road Runner

    Royal Exchange(MPU3) Project

    Well 4.5 years later and with a little more spare time i have decided to get this one finally done(including the unblocking the gamble restriction). Just a few standard stripdown pics. Cab now stripped of all parts A small bonus while stripping the machine down.. They cleaned up ok and as all my machines are on old money they will be used.
  14. Road Runner

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    It had a night club in the 80s and 90s and I went there a few times myself(admittedly it wasn't my regular one as its in the middle of nowhere and taxis where few and far between) my missus worked as a chef there for a while in the 80s plus most of the builders who worked on its conversion to a hotel lived in the same village as me but it took far longer than it should have to build.(I remember this because 90% of them would go for a few lunchtime scoops in a pub a short distance away and never return that day). Edit I was chatting with the wife yesterday about her time working as a chef at kilhey court and she remembers being told that Rodstock enterprises had purchased the hotel (around 85-87ish) and they are her new employer.They still owned the hotel when she left around 1990 I think Rodstock went out of business a year or two later because they used to hold car boot sales at Rodstocks old premises in the mid 90s.(we would go there the odd Sunday morning and i remember walking round the boot sale and reminiscing about my previous visits buying the odd machine).
  15. Road Runner

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    Im not sure how many they had but I know they owned this one for some time. https://www.google.co.uk/travel/hotels/keighley court standish/entity/CgsI27LK2YHxj6usARAB/photos?g2lb=2502547%2C4208993%2C4223281%2C4253230%2C4254308%2C4258168%2C4260007%2C4262509%2C4265959%2C4274032%2C4274649%2C4250437%2C4251519%2C4263909%2C4265427%2C4270859&hl=en&gl=uk&un=1&q=keighley court standish&rp=OAJAAEgB&ictx=1&ved=0ahUKEwi3murB7onjAhUySxUIHauqBBsQoioIcDAA&hrf=KhYKBwjjDxAGGB0SBwjjDxAGGB4YASAB&tcfs=EhoaGAoKMjAxOS0wNi0yORIKMjAxOS0wNi0zMCIYCgoyMDE5LTA2LTI5EgoyMDE5LTA2LTMwUgA This one is close to where i live and it's still used by the odd football team when playing Wigan Athletic.