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  1. Road Runner

    the fruity holy grail

    Fruit Snappa or Road Runner obvs
  2. Road Runner

    Nudges Unlimited MPU 3 Restoration

    Yes 99% of the time and I would always gamble the grapes
  3. Road Runner

    Nudges Unlimited MPU 3 Restoration

    For me gambling 70p and seeing those £ £ £ symbols on the win line was the one that got the adrenaline going.
  4. Road Runner

    Nudges Unlimited MPU 3 Restoration

    Here we go The last bit.😎 Inside now all done and the machine is running As can be seen the cab has cleaned up better than i expected All up and running Just check the pic below while final testing i noticed the light poking through the artwork and as the masks has already been re fixed i didnt want to risk making things worse while trying to make them better.So after i had done the video at the end of this post(back in may)it was corrected carefully a month or 2 later but i decided to use the old vid as there is a gamble up to £2 in there plus its not too bad anyway Below are 2 pictures taken today(24th October 2018) Im happy now Well that is it and i have to say a big thanks to Rich for putting me on to this machine and getting me that bottom glass Also thanks to nick for the footplate matting and offering me the loan of a glass for reproduction.B)B) As in the first post this is in my all time top 5 wants and i remember it well back in the day as it was in quite a few pubs when i started frequenting them back in 82-83. Plus i agree with nick that this is the first and best MPU3 machine bar none as 99% of Barcrest other efforts more or less used this machine as the template in some way or another for all machines that followed, Right here is the video I still shudder to think that this machine was days from going to the tip but after a few phone calls and some elbow grease its now good for another 35 years.
  5. Road Runner

    Nudges Unlimited MPU 3 Restoration

    From this point i have reconstructed and re posted the final part of this project after it was deleted for some reason(site issue) Sorry for the lack of updates on this project as ive been flat out on other none fruity related stuff for near 6 months solid.:blink::blink: Right lets carry on with this thread.... The next bit is the MPU repair As can be seen the MPU is in its original MOD 0 state(As far as i know anyway but please correct me if wrong)and using the 6561 ram(pre march 82) The machine doesn't boot but the board looks in good condition. The battery area is not to bad and a new battery will be fitted(obviously) The reg board will need good a overhaul reg board serviced Looking at the serial numbers on the rom carts from the project and the scrap machine the original machine has the serial number 176 and the scrap machine 1828 and upon dumping the roms they are not the same(meaning different versions) It may be worth all NU owners with original carts in to check numbers as these may be the order they rolled off the production line.(Maybe) If so i could have one of the earliest NU machines still intact(but this is just guesswork) Anyway enough rambling on. << The fault on the machine turned out to be IC24(74LS03) not the 74LS12 shown on the widely available MPU3 circuit diagram.New battery also fitted. The red circle in the diagram is the under volt part of the board and was repaired after the photo was taken as the machine was locking up when testing in the early stages. All boxed up and ready for fitting All in and ready for the the last post
  6. Road Runner

    Nudges Unlimited MPU 3 Restoration

    Looks like the end of this project has been deleted
  7. Road Runner

    A joke that I thought was rather good...

    Someone just asked me to sing any line from "Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” I couldn't if I tried.
  8. Road Runner

    A joke that I thought was rather good...

    Every day Steve walks up to fellow co worker Sharon stops and inhales quite deeply and tells her, her hair smells nice After a week of this, Sharon cant stand it anymore, she takes her issue to a supervisor in Human Resources and asks to file a sexual harassment case against the guy. The supervisor is puzzled and asks "What's threatening about a co-worker telling you your hair smells nice "It's Steve the dwarf"
  9. Road Runner

    Any one remember this

    Each to their own but that machine looks like a pile of shite I Might be wrong tho
  10. Road Runner

    Super Line Up

    Don't think so but send them up and I will have a look
  11. Road Runner

    Super Line Up

    That's a good point Post some pics of your machine to see if it's not one of those rebuilds
  12. Road Runner

    Super Line Up

    Upload the roms so we can check
  13. Road Runner

    Super Line Up

    It could have had a rom mod
  14. Road Runner

    80`s awp glasses & acrylic panels

    The best and most cost effective way for lamp mask reproduction is to make individual bulb holders and making 4 or 5 different sizes should cover about 90% of what may be needed I will upload a pic later of the 3 masks for Nudges unlimited(one of the masks is just covers the left hand start button and is used in other machines like Super Series)
  15. Road Runner

    80`s awp glasses & acrylic panels

    Fair play to ian for at least having a go but the same problem will always crop up(costs with small run offs) It will cost over £500 just to get one decent lamp mask made but every repeat lamp mask after will be about £10(at a guess) It's the same for reels,boards,glasses etc. So if someone ordered for example the items below for an expensive machine like line up 1x Top glass and mask 1x Reel glass and mask 1x set of reel bands 1x set of button decals You could be looking at well over a £1000 in set up costs alone. I think at least 10 sets need to be sold to make it worthwhile or a group long term investment(if the whole list is to be reproduced) Even just one glass is going to cost the buyer a £250 upwards. Not putting a downer on it but it's not going to be easy unless someone is prepared spend some serious time and money on it.