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  1. Road Runner

    chances unlimited

    This machine yes. but I was more referring to any hard to get classic that pops up on eBay from time to time. 99% of them are gone within 2 days.
  2. Road Runner

    chances unlimited

    Yep and by using the old trick that infested this hobby around 10 years ago Person reports it to eBay ebay then pull the item person contacts seller and offers them £500 and the seller will think that's as good as it's going to get so the offer is accepted.
  3. Road Runner

    JPM In 2019

    Nice collection. i have Atari 65xe Atari 1040ste x2(one has a 4 meg upgrade) Atari jaguar x2(one has the CD drive) Atari Jaguar Apline development board(that's the official one from Atari) Adman grandstand pong game from 1976-77 Sega dreamcast and I have just bagged a boxed PlayStation 1(1002 audiophile). you can't beat a bit of retro.
  4. Road Runner

    JPM In 2019

    Indeed i got the dreamcast on launch day back in 1999 and for retro purposes I rebuilt my collection last year . it was probobally the most underrated console to date. segas problem with the Saturn was its difficulty to code for and the way they had been pissing off developers for the last few years so quite a few gave the dreamcast a wide birth(EA being the main one with its popular FIFA football game)even though they embedded it with Windows CE to make porting PC games easy. SEGA had the idea of using the gigabyte CD rom disk known as a gd rom to help curb piracy that the PlayStation suffered with a normal cd rom disks (oddly not the Saturn)but they left a weakness in the system by allowing mini disks to boot without the proper security checks thus allowing those boot CDs to surface and gd rom games could be ripped down and burned to normal CDs and the whole anti paracy measures could be bypasses without the need for a mod chip. segas thinking must have been that the system would be more secure as gd roms could not be read by a normal CD/DVD burner found in a PC but software was coded using the easy to program dreamcast that actually used the consoles own GD rom drive to read the disk. the later verson dreamcast motherboard had this back door hack fixed but it was then too late. had they used a DVD drive with better security and had a better relationship with developers the console would have succeeded and we could have now been on the DC 2,3 or 4.
  5. Yep i thought those where out already.
  6. The £1.50 version called 7s Up is now in the downloads section.
  7. I'm 99.9% sure I have the uk roms for this. will look tomorrow
  8. Road Runner

    JPM In 2019

    JPM died in the mid to late 90s when the original owners sold up. im hoping frank bird comes back in the near future to give us the full insight(not only the glory days of the 80s but its demise during the late 90s when it was flogged off (to sega IIRC) and on his thoughts of why it all went tits up).
  9. Road Runner

    PAL ic

    I suppose Barcrest upgraded their security on later machines. it maybe one of yours fella to re create that pal chip.
  10. Road Runner

    PAL ic

    I think thats guitar that I mentioned in the linked thread from 2012(boy does time fly)
  11. Road Runner

    PAL ic

    Mpu4 is as easy as mpu3 to crack. Its not the PAL that is hacked it's the part of the rom code that addresses it.(a bit like cracks you see on computer software that needs a dongle to run)
  12. Road Runner

    PAL ic

    Here you go some of my old work.
  13. Road Runner

    PAL ic

    Iirc it's the security protection chip that mpu3 and 4 carts have. verry easy to crack btw.