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  1. orchid

    Roller Coaster - Large DX

    Yeah, I might dig this out again. Actually I still have it kicking around and it can be 2160 pixels deep now J
  2. orchid

    scrapping a machine :(

    If you could take some hi-res pics of the machine, I don't think we have the roms either so they could be sent to somebody for dumping purposes, definitely worth getting the resources for emulation. J
  3. orchid

    AMOT's MPU3 roms

    Thank you J
  4. orchid

    IMG 1540

    Do you have the game roms with this machine fella. If so, what version is it running? J
  5. orchid

    Astra's ring a bell classic

    Thanks Chris J
  6. orchid

    Astra's ring a bell classic

    Not sure if I missed this release but many thanks if I have as I didn't thank you for the layout fella I didn't notice when I load it in V6 of mfme it tells me that the door is open.... is there a way to fix this? J
  7. I released this over at DIF a few weeks back..... Special thanks to Riche100 for the hi res pics resources... I do plan on fixing a couple of minor bits, token mech isn't correct but not going to get chance to take a look for a while. CROWNJESTERDX.zip
  8. Here is a DX for Lucky Lady by BWB. Played these a lot back in the day, great little machines. Thanks to... Wizard - MFME/technical help with triacs Steve L - Pics of his machine and roms supplier Roadrunner - Dumping and supplying the 2p play roms J LUCKYLADY_AE_DX.zip
  9. orchid

    Ghost Buster (BWB)

    Thanks, not a machine I played a lot. The only one local was 2p play £2.40 or £3 cash jackpot. Quirky little game, but actually quite playable
  10. orchid

    slot machines

    I'm no IT expert but have you tried adjusting the height of your chair? 80% of the time it works all the time. J
  11. orchid

    Free Bee mpu4 machine

    Wonder if it streaks. Free spins feature is just basically a nice way of spinning a lose, seems a little pointless. J
  12. orchid

    Free Bee mpu4 machine

    I did say back then that I would need the version that pays out in 20p's to be able to do it. Potentially time consuming but not too difficult. J
  13. orchid

    Free Bee mpu4 machine

    Yeah I could change the 10p payout to 20p I imagine. I'll see if I can find the P300 roms kicking about. J
  14. orchid

    Free Bee mpu4 machine

    Can you upload the P300 version, I could change it to 10p payout instead of 20p or vice versa J
  15. orchid

    Free Bee mpu4 machine

    Project Coin was the best in my opinion, low tech machine especially, so easy to make money on 777 Heaven back in the day, there were rows upon rows of these in arcades and they had a massive tell with the pause starts. My all time favourite lo-tec machine is Blue Moon by Barcrest, just has the edge over Cloud 999, technically the same machine but some very minor gameplay differences and just love the artwork. J