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  1. orchid

    Global Games Thrills 'n' spills

    You only have to play Global Bangin Away to know that some machines are just total garbage. J
  2. orchid

    How about this lol

    Wow, nice one Steve.... You are bonkers.... in a good way of course Loving the Cherry and Melon ones. J
  3. orchid

    Body match classic

    Wonder if that lamp is for change? I know some machines offered that. Or the coin mech lock out? Many, many thanks for this. Loved this machine, thanks for this great looking classic J
  4. OK Rich. Here is another version I actually found the original font used. It's a font called Belwe italic. I also added about a cm all the way round so you have a bit of play when cutting. See if it's ok fella. All the best J BarcrestPaneextraedgel.bmp
  5. If you can take a straight on hi res image of the 2p play I can sort it. It has to be a high res image for reprinting. JPG uploaded here get compressed to lower quality files, you can either email me the original sized jpg or bmp file. PM Richie, lets get it bang on fella J
  6. I can do that if necessary. Is it necessary? I don’t have the original font either, so it’s not perfect. J
  7. Hmm, the forum compresses the file, try this one. J BarcrestPanel.bmp
  8. OK Rich, this is the best I could do fella, should be ok for you. J
  9. Doh!!! Thanks fella, hoping to look at this for you over the coming weekend 😊
  10. Sorry not been back to you Richie. Could you give me the dimensions of this panel. Only the specific panel with the artwork that I’m going to sort out. So length and depth, again only that specific panel. Cheers dude
  11. orchid

    Barcrest MPU4 Crystal Maze CHR issues

    Did you have a code for the older CHR? It's going to be difficult for me to locate this one as I my boards are unpopulated apart from CHR chips Let me know if you can find out any info relating to this. J
  12. Brilliant fella. I didnt forget you helped me out with some images before mate. I might get this done tonight for you is the background that colour or is it a true black. I’ll try to redo the whole panel, that way it will look like one piece. What are the natural colours? Black background red lettering and gold bordering? Like I said might get a chance this evening, if I do I will upload to this thread Richie, cheers dude J
  13. I will take a look for you, won’t be able to take a look till later in the month thouch. If I’m understanding correctly you want the taped up bit restoring so the 2p play pattern will need redoing. If you can get an image directly straight on, that would be a help J