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  1. orchid

    font id please

    Yeah, the image look like the ink has bled to make it look round. J
  2. orchid

    Anyone seen a Cash force before?

    Rom dumping is a quick and relatively fast process. A decent USB eprom reader only cost £35. It all depends on the condition of the eprom and how easy it is to access them. When I had a Project Coin machine the roms fitted directly to the main board. J
  3. orchid

    Anyone seen a Cash force before?

    Doesn’t look like it, I’m sure they’d be here in this thread, have you PM’d Magic? You have to appreciate that not everyone is into the emulation of fruit machines, it is a shame, but I imagine the value of a rare fruit machine could drop if it was emulated? Certainly a possibility. J
  4. orchid

    Scorpion 1

    Was the intial Scorp tech just named Scorpion or was it named Scorpion 1? J
  5. orchid

    WTB - Club Take Your Pick module

    Also, I'm pretty sure this was from Club Take Your Pick but the actual label is missing from this cart.... but I do have quite a few hanging around. J
  6. orchid

    WTB - Club Take Your Pick module

    ...I couldn't find my original cart but I did find an alternative possibly.
  7. orchid

    WTB - Club Take Your Pick module

    I will take a look tomorrow, possibly have the pal for this on an old module J
  8. orchid

    Super line up gamcard and ROMs Inc char chip

    I didn't realise MPU3 had a char chip J
  9. Not a bad looking game artwork wise. J
  10. It's not unusual for a flyer to have mistakes. There could well be a SC4 version. There are quite a few S4 games that also have S5 version available. Deal or No Deal for example. J
  11. Well..... Even the Scorp4 roms Player uploaded are S5 roms J
  12. orchid

    Bellfruit scorpion 2 bin file

    Ahh, two different versions it would seem. Your one says Deluxe. Artwork colour scheme is different and placement of the dice. I'm pretty sure one version had the mechanical dice hardware rather than just a reel with dice symbols. If I remember correctly that is. Here is the one that is emulated.
  13. orchid

    Project coin???

    Doh... I never did post the fixed rom up. Will check that I still have it!! J
  14. orchid

    Bellfruit scorpion 2 bin file

    Actually that layout (and roms) are SC2, I'n not sure if I've got the wrong machine. Sorry about that. Unless it was released on both techs? The only other fools machine is 'Del's Millions', that's Scorp2 also I believe. J
  15. orchid

    Bellfruit scorpion 2 bin file

    Here is a layout for MFME if you required fella J Only_Fools_and_Horses_DX.zip