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  1. Wizard

    Popeye Ultra Hd Wdx

    Yeah it's numbered wrong should be 40
  2. Wizard

    Sys 85 board bit crediting coins

    ok was just a thought
  3. Wizard

    Sys 85 board bit crediting coins

    Is it stuck in Refill mode?
  4. Lamp 0 seems comes on for 1sec after initial power up, suggesting that 19 is doing a reset. In the emu it just initiates a loop with interrupts on, so locks up, not sure how that resets a real board. If you press the bushbutton on the board ( RAM reset ), lamp 0 and Lamp 1 light up after it restarts
  5. switch 11 is a full lamp test switch 12 is a lamp column test switch 13 is a lamp row test switch 6, 7, 8 & 9 advance the reels, switch 5 does a reel reset and switch 6 does a similar thing but then steps them 3 steps extra switch 25 steps through Triacs, Inhibits and Meters switch 20-23 seem to do Duart testing switch 29 tests the Alarm signal switch 30 tests the watchdog timeout ( non functional atm )
  6. I did nothing special. Here is a screenshot of what my test layout looks like:
  7. Test ROM works fine in the Emulator. The only things not emulated are the NMI interrupts for Reset SW and Watchdog timeout. oh and DUART Loopback. All these will be fixed in the next release.
  8. Wizard

    More Money 5p (VFS conversion on MPU3)

    np, oh but your effects and meter setting need sorting MPU3 only uses triacs for meters when there are 7 Segment displays
  9. Wizard

    More Money 5p (VFS conversion on MPU3)

    I wouldn't expect the Nudge Up to light up tbh and some of the Barcrest MPU3's don't have lamps for Cancel and AutoNudge. Perhaps just remove the Cancel lamp?
  10. Wizard

    ebay machine

    £999 for a BFM rebuild? 🤡🤡🤣
  11. Wizard


    Erm this is a 11 year old thread lol
  12. Wizard

    MFME v19 Release

    I have just released MFME v19, it can be found here: http://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3062-mfme-v19-release/
  13. Wizard

    Sunday Sport

    You need to set the Sound Type as Serial in Config:
  14. Wizard

    Sunday Sport

    I have already sent the sound ROM to Westy, not sure why the layout hasn't been updated?
  15. Wizard

    Fire Cracker DX - BFM - Black Box

  16. Wizard

    fruit machine glasses 80s ?

    And what a Pile of Shite it was too!
  17. Wizard

    Best Of British DX & Club DX

    Are you the official spelling police? Making the odd typo doesn't mean they have been on the sauce, have a little respect mate.
  18. Wizard

    epp1-1f programmer set up issues

    Just make sure the communication setting you choose matches the setup in the BIOS.
  19. Wizard

    epp1-1f programmer set up issues

    As it mentions that Flow Control is not working I would check your Serial Port settings in the BIOS and make sure flow control is set to cts/rts
  20. Wizard

    Electro Mechanic Emulation

    It's only as good as the sound effects that are used.
  21. Wizard


    I was responding to this post. I guess he couldn't be arsed 😂
  22. Wizard


    Did the ROMs for this ever get dumped?
  23. Wizard

    Club X DX (MFME 19.8 Edition)

    Or just hit F7
  24. Wizard

    sys80 manual help ?

    Yes they do, they are the data lines to the display board, there will also be another two outputs that are the strobe lines normally labelled as Strobe 0 and Strobe 1.
  25. Wizard

    Epoch Madness

    Just post them on here, I'm sure someone will take it on. Your video is no longer available