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  1. Wizard

    Ace Top of the bill mystery

    Yes it works 100% in the emulator, I found the opto connection by using the debugger. Can you get the owner to take some pics of the machine?
  2. Wizard

    Ace Top of the bill mystery

    It won't run in V6 as I needed to make a few changes to support it. I can tell you the 99 appears just before it spins the Flip Reel and if it doesn't see the opto correctly then it goes into alarm mode otherwise it then proceeds to spin the other reels as normal. Now the key thing is that the opto doesn't connect where the other optos go ( the SIN pins ), it goes onto the switch loom IN15 P1-17 and is not multiplexed by the strobes so there are no other connections to that pin, it goes low when the opto flag is interrupted. Also the flip reel itself is 64 stops and 256 steps, so 4 steps per card.
  3. Wizard

    Ace Top of the bill mystery

    Could you please take pictures of all the numbers and the blank card for emulation purposes? I now have this machine running in MFME, the ROM dump is fine. Are there any pictures around of this machine or a flyer?
  4. Wizard

    BFM Hot Dog Electro

  5. Wizard

    Ace Top of the bill mystery

  6. Wizard

    MPU6 - Error 52-36 No ID No characterisation.

    MPU6 uses Dallas Keys for Refill and also internally for character. It should be mounted on a small chain and connected to a socket
  7. Wizard

    MPU6 - Error 52-36 No ID No characterisation.

    Check the Dallas Key inside the machine is seated properly in it's holder.
  8. Wizard

    Miami Vice/Dice MPU4 Video

    They are called potentiometers or "pots" for short.
  9. Hiya,

    Many many thanks for all your dedication to fruit emulation - truly a star!

    I will be donating to show my gratitude as soon as my personal financial status allows, but in the meantime, i am  truly grateful for this fantastic free service you provide

  10. Wizard

    club seven

    Yes time to upgrade, I wouldn't leave it to the last minute.
  11. Wizard

    club seven

    I've already given this a spruce up, here it is: club77.zip Requires MFME v19
  12. Wizard

    club seven

    You can change the percentage using the Rotary Switch (SW1) as follows: Position 0 - 80% Position 1 - 73% Position 2 - 74% Position 3 - 75% Position 4 - 76% Position 5 - 77% Position 6 - 78% Position 7 - 79% Position 8 - 80% Position 9 - 82% Position A - 84% Position B - 86% Position C - 88% Position D - 90% Position E - 92% Position F - 94% I verified this with MFME, even though the flyer states a maximum of 87%?
  13. Wizard

    club seven

    Running in MFME, set DIP 3 on for 20p play and all others off. The ROMs we have seem to only go to £150 JP as the flyer suggests.
  14. Wizard

    Spot Light MPU2

    Getting the ROMs for these will always be the problem.
  15. Wizard

    Derby's hidden electronics gem (RF Potts)

    FYI Your link is bad, it points to the index page here It's great to still have shops like this, the shop I used to buy from in my teens is still there too. Does anyone here remember a shop called Proops in Tottenham Court Road, Central London? Long gone now but was an Aladdins cave of old electrical equipment and Surplus Supplies