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  1. Wizard

    Noisy electromechanical machines

    Pictures or Video speak a thousand words....
  2. Wizard

    Razzle Dazzle MPU3 -Push Button Bulb Replacement

    The white part clips into the button housing. Just grab it and pull it out. It's usually easier to get out if the microswitch is attached, just lever it up and down and it will come out.
  3. Wizard

    Site Donations

  4. Wizard

    Razzle Dazzle MPU3 Coin mech locked

    Value of Total Play
  5. Wizard

    need route plug or help with routing 126 DFX

    Those were used as a voltage divider to reduce the 12v mech output to 5v for the AUX inputs
  6. Wizard

    Scorpion 1

    I'm sure I've seen Scorpion 3 mentioned before, it was a short lived technology used in foreign machines.
  7. Wizard

    Scorpion 1

    Blackbox was one
  8. Wizard

    Scorpion 1

    Just named Scorpion as you can make out in the picture above.
  9. Wizard

    Gold coast

    It's a BFM reglass
  10. Hi Trevor, Welcome to the forum, looks like a Gemini machine to me, they are rare to find these days but not particularly sought after, so I can't see it being worth more than £50-£100 tops
  11. Wizard

    MPU1 reel deck logic

    That stud pattern is just the binary position of the reel, you can that the pattern on the next set of studs after the wiper is 11001 which is 19, the next is 00101 which is 20, then 10000 back to 1 and 01000 for 2 etc ( The Hi bit is the outer stud ) The inner stud is the common. The mpu will have a lookup table that converts the positions to symbols to determine the winning combinations, so the reel deck itself is the same for all machines. So just write down the reel symbol order with the corresponding position and you can then determine the positions needed to signal the various wins.
  12. Wizard

    Guitar and my Big 50

    That's not good, hope you get it sorted!
  13. Wizard

    Maygay eastenders

    D27 shouldn't even be fitted if you are using a coincell, it's used to charge the battery with R42 limiting the charge current. Only the LIR or ML 2032 variety are rechargeable.
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