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  1. Wizard

    Can you identify this?

    Yes Moon Bug used an electromechanical reel mech with a motor and solenoids
  2. Wizard

    Can you identify this?

    Bummer, it might as well be going to the moon 😞
  3. Wizard

    Can you identify this?

  4. Wizard

    Can you identify this?

    Wow, You are the first person that has ever owned up to having one! Do you have a dump of the ROMs for emulation purposes? It would make a lot of people very happy if we could get this one emulated.
  5. Wizard

    Can you identify this?

    Well it says so in the pic Ron posted above 🙂
  6. Wizard

    Can you identify this?

    Probably a PCL Maxi based machine
  7. Wizard

    Line up bottom glass strip bulb

    They are a fixed wattage based on the length of the tube.
  8. Wizard

    Line up bottom glass strip bulb

    I have bought them from these people before: https://www.thelightbulb.co.uk/light-bulbs/fluorescent-tubes/t5-16mm-standard?limit=all
  9. As I said, it's a feature of MFME. I have made some changes to fix it. Check your pm's
  10. ok that is happening because MFME works out the length of sample 9 as 0024 - 0024 = 0 and decides it's a blank entry whereas before it would have been 00F0-0024. I can change the code to fix this but this a special case which is not found in real games where the addresses are always ascending
  11. Post up another screenshot and I'll explain ( or try to lol ) By "changing" a sample, I presume you mean editing its table entry? You can't add any new ones because it will smash the start of the 1st samples data
  12. read my post again. yes sometimes they page the ROMs and each has a complete table. When they flip ROMs you have to reset the chip as it seems to scan the header after reset
  13. ok, I've looked at this again and here is the definitive answer 1st byte in ROM is the index of the last tune, so number of tunes is this value + 1 next 4 bytes is the magic number 5A A5 69 55 which is always the same next is the lookup table, 2 bytes per entry and 1st byte * 2 bytes long, multiply by 2 for actual chip address next is a padding byte next is the start of the sample data for the tune pointed to by the first lookup table entry tune data always seems to start with a zero so to your ROM 07 = 8 samples ( lookup table is 16 bytes long ) 5A A5 69 55 = magic number 00 0B start of sample 1 data = 0016 1A 6D sample 2 data = address 34DA 3B 35 etc 49 C8 etc 69 20 etc 8C 03 etc 8F 17 etc CF 1C sample 8 data = address 19E38 00 padding 0053 start of tune 1 sample data ( pointed to by first table entry 00 0B above ) Forget what I was saying about a stop code, there isn't one, you just have to reset the chip MFME cheats a little by making a silent tune 256 samples of silence so it can be played by the code and also assuming a tunes length is from its starting address to the address of the next tune which would explain your 256 entry because the address is less than the previous one
  14. I assume you mean it plays as intended in MFME but not on a real chip? or vice versa?
  15. The 1st sample 00 0B is not shown in MFME as it's the stop code and played by setting the port to 0 on the NEC, I have no idea if you can put a real sample as the 1st ( none of the games we have use the 1st one, it's always blank ), it kind of suggests you enter code 0 to stop the current sample but all the games just reset the chip so I'm not sure if you can do that, the datasheet is ambiguous in that respect. The 1st real sample begins at 1A 6D ( chip address 34DA ) and the 2nd is another blank 00 0B and the 3rd is a copy of the 1st Some roms appear to have samples removed and that is done by simply replacing the entry with a copy of the 1st entry in the table 00 0B in this case