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  1. Wizard

    just got this

    You can never have too many 🙂
  2. Looks great, well done
  3. Wizard

    Lucky Casino SRU.

    I can't remember tbh, the rom labels may have been missing. My machine started life as a Club Casino which is the £50 JP version, though I subsequently obtained a set of Lucky Casino glasses from another machine purchase. The ROMs are switchable. I think there is a picture of it somewhere on here from about 5-6 years ago. https://www.fruitemu.co.uk/ib/index.php?/topic/12915-what-are-these-off-jpm/
  4. Wizard

    Lucky Casino SRU.

    Yes it works in the EMU and a layout has been done for it, I have the machine too.
  5. Hold down the 2nd Hold button then operate the Refill switch, you then use the left 2 buttons to adjust the volume. Once done remove the refill key.
  6. Wizard

    MFME v6.1 Released

    Also make sure the Effects Volume slider in prefs is not set to 0. Failing that I have no idea, it's seeing the wavs otherwise the effects wouldn't appear in the effects player window
  7. Hi Guys, Does anyone have a close up picture of a Maygay M1a OKI 6376 based sound board? I need to know what clock frequency it's operating at, it will either be crystal or RC based. I have a NEC based board but need to check the other type. A schematic would be ideal but I've never come across one. Thanks, Chris
  8. Wizard

    MFME v6.1 Released

    Make sure all the effects checkboxes are checked in preferences
  9. Wizard

    MPU3 machine key switch function??

    It's the Token Refill Switch, it allows you to insert tokens without giving credit.
  10. Wizard

    jpm sys80 fruit lines ?

    Here are the ROMs for Fruit Lines. They seem to run fine, many thanks to Riche for supplying them. FruitLines.rar
  11. Wizard

    jpm sys80 fruit lines ?

    I can do them Riche, pm me
  12. Wizard

    H E L P !!!!!! Maygay, Manual, Shematic, PCL Board

    No sorry, they are quite rare now even in the UK
  13. Wizard

    H E L P !!!!!! Maygay, Manual, Shematic, PCL Board

    PCL Maxi Manual here:
  14. Wizard

    Tales from Midibobs workshop, Sys80

    Yes I mentioned that above
  15. Wizard

    Tales from Midibobs workshop, Sys80

    I've used these before: https://www.rapidonline.com/truconnect-turned-pin-sil-header-32-way-22-1705