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  1. Lemmo

    BFM Cops N Robbers

    My light turned up yesterday... Refurbishing mine in the summer..
  2. Lemmo

    BFM Cops N Robbers

    Just now ordered a light for mine after reading this thread... Going to give it a good going over in the summer... want to return it to £6 token Jackpot got the decals for £10 - £6 - £3 Jackpots just got to sort roms for £6 & £3. Great Machine... 😎
  3. Lemmo

    Cops n Robbers Deluxe (red) original

    Ive got the blue version on £10 all cash.
  4. Lemmo


    Though back in the day there were many Mpu3 machines converted to Win-A-Gain... it is a machine you rarely see up for sale or even see in peoples collections... must have been lots smashed up and scrapped... though I personally prefered the games they were in their previous life before conversion.
  5. Lemmo

    Lost machines

    The building was an old bakery...which was converted to offices when sold and still is the same... The Sainsburys was built on the old coal depot/train station site next to it... Tunmore didnt sell to the general public either...This all happened around the time they were bought out although I can't recall the company who bought them.
  6. Lemmo

    Cops n Robbers Scorp2

    Mines on £10 Cash... 20p Play... got decals with it for £6 token 20p play & £3 cash 5p play..would like to get the roms to go with these.
  7. Lemmo

    East Enders Albert square

    Goods sounds on this one...'Watch out for that tricky dicky' ;-)
  8. Lemmo

    My Super LIne Up

    Seen an Adders jackpot drop straight in and hold 5 times many many moons ago.
  9. Lemmo

    jpm double top

    Had one in the eighties good machine
  10. Lemmo

    Two questions ....??

    TT meant to an operator tokens were low and to a player avoid playing cause it's been fleeced..
  11. Lemmo

    Possibly Buying A New Machine...

    Board all cleaned up and area washed with vinegar... Ready for fly wire and new battery when I've got some more time to spare😳
  12. Lemmo

    Possibly Buying A New Machine...

    That battery is in the best place for it..The Bin... LoL
  13. Lemmo

    Possibly Buying A New Machine...

    Board removed to remove leaking battery... Not to much damage to board caught it in time... It all still works fine so just a matter of cleaning up and fly wire a new battery...
  14. Lemmo

    Possibly Buying A New Machine...

    Had a little go before removing board to remove battery. trim.2F0A763A-05DF-4E95-9C85-2E6EC92DC475.MOV