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  1. alex74

    PCP Mirracles & Nudge Money

    Very very nice Barrie. Nudge money is a superb game for a 2p machine. Miracles i have never seen but looks good. These PCP machines are super machines. Nice to see something come up that hasn't before. Love everything about nudge money apart from when the gamble kills on a 2 or queen when its had enough!
  2. alex74

    MPS REEL Deal roms

    Thanks Louie. Much appreciated
  3. alex74

    PCP Royal Line :)

    a great row of decent playable machines. Inespecially like blue streak
  4. alex74

    Money Madness

    Thanks for the release.not one I've played will have a go
  5. alex74

    PCP Royal Line :)

    very nice to see. Looks in good enough condition. I always liked online but royal line was good having nudges aswell as super series.
  6. alex74

    PCP Royal Line :)

    Very nice little game and fun to play as many of these PCP machines were
  7. Here we have one of the 2p versions of Supa Steppa. It seems there was this one and another called Silver Strike. Big thanks go to Louie Bee for the roms. Great to see these good old games in the emulator. Thanks also go to Superbank and Decaff for the excellent photo's a good while back of the Supa Steppa symbols.Thanks to Ploggy for the bands from his excellent Supa Steppa DX which I have just coloured using bucket fill. Thanks to Wizard for MFME and the great sound effects we have now also. The 4p payout sound sounds great.. This is a really enjoyable game.the main differences to Steppa nudge/ Supa Steppa are the nudge trail ends on 10 nudges and doesn't end on £1 or £2. Presumeably to help with target percentage as it's only a 2p game. (Though at least you dont have to worry about having £2 melons on for nudges and it going all the way up to a £1! as happens on Steppa Nudge) CTL have adapted the gamble sounds and have taken out the De De da da sound fromm the gamble which is a shame though their sounds are quite good, and they create a wonderful lighting delay on losing gambles. This does play a nice enough game and isn't shy about letting you nudge melons for the £1.50 Hope you enjoy Alex G_SPIN.rar
  8. alex74

    Jpm Silver Ghost

    We never thought we would see this beauty from Jpm emulated but here we go. One of the nicest feelings when roms to a classic machine we never thought would be emulated turn up. Thank you so much Riche 100 who achieved mission impossible by discovering a Silver Ghost and then kindly provided the roms. Very grateful to you. Thanks to Wizard for sorting all the 7segs, meters and some coin input tweaks on the Silverreels classic I did, which was used as a base for this release. Wonderful machine by jpm. I very much remember branches of Nobles having rows of 4 or 5 of these and them all being played. Attractive glass design with the need for few bulbs, great gameplay, and good sounds going up a pitch fore each win obtained up the scale. So simple but so clever. I always thought these were an original base machine but they were in fact a rebuild on Supa Steppas and Bar 7. That feeling when two bars come on the first twp reels and that third one comes. Sometimes you could get a right run of 50p wins on. I remember as a kid when down to my last 20p or something, normally played 2p ers but I would put last bit into a Silver Ghost praying for a win then if I got 50p or more! would go back to Win A Gain or something similar and play for ages. This does like to drop 3 x 7's in from time to time aswell. Whoever wrote this game should be extremely proud of themselves. A simple machine, very entertaining, decent wins for player, and decent profits for the operator. Hope you enjoy Alex Silver Ghost (sys 80).rar
  9. alex74

    Cash Explosion £4.80/20p Wdx

    Thanks Vectra bet this plays a good game
  10. alex74

    Globe Trotter DX - ACE - spACE

    Thanks very much. Excellent DX a machine I've never seen before looking forward to playing it.
  11. Thanks so much for the excellent layout Dave. Looks brilliant. I too though am having problems downloading your layouts as your section on DIF requires a minimum number of posts etc just like DIF itself. Brilliant DX thanks Dave.
  12. alex74

    Bear X

    Super Andy thanks very much for the release
  13. alex74

    Step 'n' Skip [BWB]

    Absolutely brilliant. This has made my weekend. A fantastic 2p play machine that was seen in many coastal arcades back in the day. Your Classics are out of this world Steve. Many many thanks
  14. alex74

    WIP - Step 'n' Skip - [BWB]

    Very very nice steve. Your classics are fantastic. So much work and detail. Really looking forward to step and skip
  15. alex74

    Jpm Silverbonanza

    Here is a classic of a nice Mps JPM machine. They came in 3 types, Nudge Bonanza being the big daddy, this one the 5p play version and a 2p version called Tuppenny Bonanza. Firstly a big thank you to Stoneyat421 for the roms for this and he has uploaded the tuppenny Bonanza roms aswell. Whilst these machines can be quite tight at times they are still a really nice game, and the runs can be quite good with repeats. This version likes to fill the chip pot regularly and award Melons for £4 which is good when the next win down is grapes for £1. Thanks to Wizard for the emulators. Thanks to both Ploggy and Compost Corner as the reel symbols came from their versions of Nudge Bonanza.Thank you to Quatrohead as I used effect settings from his re release of Supershot. Hope you enjoy. I think I have left you with a nice full chip pot. Jackpot could be imminent. Alex Silverbonanza.rar