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  1. duomat

    new e/m coming

    ok guys,this its what its about,im collecting a rare and unusual machine on saturday,will post pics when im back home,also might get 2 more soon,pics of them as and when,i must say,im excited about these,one in particular has great sentimental value.ive also just got a 1932 counter top pinball bagattel on old penny.whatch this space
  2. duomat

    newbie from bridlington

    yep,as mavroz said,mpu is shagged.i cant remember if it was mentioned,if its epoch,no chance of repair.and boards are rare unless you spend 50 quid or so from stemik etc.you will spend more than machine is worth but it gets to a stage where it feking has to work so at least you can enjoy it
  3. duomat

    bellfruit "superclimber " blackbox

    count me in on that,carlsberg please.to wash a chip butty down lol,great job dude,always good to see a machine saved.enjoy
  4. duomat

    newbie from bridlington

    dont think it needs coins to fire up,it just wont payout,or if you get a win,some machines just make a light dinging noise as it counts as if it were paying,better to have coins though,so come on derek,does it work or not
  5. duomat

    hot dog restoration job

    thanx stef,its here to play dude
  6. duomat

    newbie from bridlington

    yep,been there done that,especially with epoch.do you want it to work or not
  7. duomat

    newbie from bridlington

    i may have a supply for that,post a pic of front showing connectors.If its anygood to you,£20 inc postage.
  8. now my machines are all done,im starting these,not mine but will all going into a vintage arcade.I think its botany bay,3 are seventies vendors and a bollands burgler.This type of working model was made from old crane cabinets.by arcade owners just after the war as toy and sweets were not availabe.and it provided income,this is why most working models look a bit heath robinson but never the less lasted well.starting these today.
  9. duomat

    time to give this one some lovin'

    good work dude,nice to see these things getting the tlc they so deserve.and what a pleasure it is to play on a mint machine when finished.its so satisfying to play and enjoy some hard work.
  10. so,when you get this machine what will your new mecca name be,as this one will be out dated
  11. ive got 9 fruities,1 pusher,1 pinball,1 jukebox,2 german wall machines and a mega touch tabletop which is being sold.oh yes and my conveyor.so thats 16 .and seen plenty more i would like,problem is they take up more space than stamps lol
  12. duomat

    Remember this

    cool,i can remember galaxy counters in a white bag with girraff on the front.like buttons.and texan bars
  13. duomat

    some of my collection

    well i sold them,wish i hadnt though,my best two were its a knockout and great escape.im glad i owned a mint screen play and did enjoy it but in my view not as good as most other maygays,tech was superb for the time though
  14. duomat

    mpu3 acting squiffy again

    like my hot dog,thats about as far as e/ms go then mpu took over,the hot dog is very heavy,and very full of timers etc