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  1. CanonMan

    Solder Joints!

    I've worked in places that repaired boards that used both lead-free and leaded solder, so there had to be two identical soldering rework stations to avoid cross contamination. You can imagine the trouble caused when somebody took an old board with lead-free solder to the wrong rework station....
  2. CanonMan

    Solder Joints!

    Oh do sod off, you're fooling nobody but yourself.
  3. CanonMan

    Solder Joints!

    Lead-free solder does not mix well with leaded solder though. If you insist on using that lead-free tat then you have to remove as much of the old solder from a joint as possible before you remake it with lead-free. Read the tutorial I linked to, it's very good.
  4. CanonMan

    Solder Joints!

    I bet that's lead-free solder as well! Tell him to get some proper 60/40 leaded solder. Also, see here: http://www.epemag.wimborne.co.uk/solderfaq.htm
  5. CanonMan

    Can you identify this?

    I'll take that back now I've found a photo of it!
  6. CanonMan

    Can you identify this?

    Is it Bezique?
  7. CanonMan

    Can you identify this?

    Looks like a BFM board though.
  8. CanonMan

    Can you identify this?

    They did a machine called Queen of Clubs.
  9. CanonMan

    Can you identify this?

    No shit, Sherlock.
  10. Somebody's having a laugh if they think they can get nearly £200 for that heap!
  11. Yeah, right 😂
  12. CanonMan

    Pick Yer Pesos Wdx

    First time I've seen anyone suggest that M1 was a Dave Powell design. Anyone got any proof to back that up?
  13. CanonMan

    Mpu5 battery

    Do multimeters come with instruction books these days? The last one I bought did...
  14. Warlord has already told you.... second post in this thread.
  15. CanonMan

    Castle Big Fifty Repair

    Lithium batteries like these don't tend to leak when they run flat unlike most rechargeable batteries.
  16. CanonMan


    ....and with some of those wires carrying a few amps each you'd probably start a fire, you lazy bodge-merchant!
  17. CanonMan

    Through hole rivets?

    WPC driver board?
  18. CanonMan

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    Has anyone seen Frank lately? Still looking forward to more of his recollections on the good old days at JPM.
  19. CanonMan

    BFM - PSU

    A good tickle with a soldering iron wouldn't be a bad idea, I think I can see some cracked solder joints.
  20. CanonMan

    Hope all is well BF74

    Get well soon Ron
  21. CanonMan

    BFM - PSU

    That says dried-up electrolytic capacitors to me.
  22. CanonMan

    Mps green label psus

    With a suitable series resistor they can be.
  23. CanonMan

    Mps green label psus

    The lamp voltage on these is 12v, so it wouldn't work too well!
  24. CanonMan

    m1a problem

    The later ones did and they needed a hopper drive board to control it.
  25. CanonMan

    Big Breakfast scorp2 reel 5 fault

    The wiring to the sensor looks a bit of a mess. Surely it never left the factory looking like that? As for the motor getting hot, it has to be energised all the time to keep the disc in position. The resistance of the windings is marked on the label, so you could grab a multimeter and measure them. If they're much lower than specified then it would explain the heat!