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  1. CanonMan

    Hi :)

    Epoch machines are a terrible choice for a beginner. You could end up having to replace every board in there to get it working again - they really are that bad!
  2. CanonMan

    Scorp 2/Del's Millions

    Plenty of threads on here about properly cleaning up and repairing battery damage, if you care to search for them. Doing half a job just won't cut it with that kind of fault.
  3. CanonMan

    Old 2 shilling change machine

    Nice..... and not a Z80 in sight!
  4. CanonMan

    Tms9902 alternative help.

    With 8051's not being used in any home computers it makes them a bit of a mystery to most people, unlike the Z80 and 6502 for example.
  5. CanonMan

    change machine

    I've got a couple of projects on the bench at the moment.... as soon as they're finished I'll let you know
  6. CanonMan

    change machine

    Do you still need the DIP switches figuring out?
  7. CanonMan

    Maygay EPOCH MPU repair

    I'd be interested. I always enjoy seeing other people's handy work, in the hope that it inspires me to do something similar!
  8. CanonMan

    change machine

    That's the kind of thing I'm expecting! It's powers of two though... 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 etc. Not 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 etc. If you can count in binary it will all make sense 🤣
  9. CanonMan

    change machine

    That might save me a bit of work!
  10. CanonMan

    change machine

    I'm hoping it will be less complicated than fruit machine code 🤣
  11. CanonMan

    change machine

    It will all be in the program code somewhere. I did a fair bit of Z80 back in the 1990's and still do a bit of reverse engineering of other people's code occasionally. Good brain exercise!
  12. CanonMan

    change machine

    The aim is to work out what the DIP switches do. They must be there for a reason, like adjusting the setup, otherwise they wouldn't be there. I'm surprised there's no label inside the machine explaining what the switches do, to be honest.
  13. CanonMan

    change machine

    Ta for the photo. It's a simple system based on a Z80 CPU, running code that's in the EPROM with the 'EUROCHANGE' label on it. The DIP switches must be for changing the settings on it, but without any info it would be a pain to figure out which switches do what! One way to tackle it would be to dump the EPROM and reverse-engineer the Z80 code. Not an easy job either. I would offer to have a look at the code myself, but I'm snowed under at the moment and won't be able to for a month or so
  14. CanonMan

    change machine

    It's the wrong manual for that board, so no help at all really. Anyone can see that the diagram of the board in the back of the manual looks nothing like the actual board in the change machine! Warlord, any chance of a high-res photo of the board please?
  15. CanonMan

    change machine

    Just out of interest, what's the number on the largest chip on the board? Is it a Z80 or 8085 by any chance?