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  1. CanonMan

    Hello from Somerset

    It may have been working three months ago but it won't stay working for long in that condition.
  2. Have some patience! Somebody will be around sooner or later with the answer...
  3. CanonMan

    Coronavirus and Arcades

    Sorry, I can't give that a 'Like' because of the poor grammar.
  4. CanonMan

    Barcrest Horizon Cab button bulb replacements

    The bulb/microswitch holder should pull out of the rear of the button assembly as one complete unit. Change the bulb, then push the whole lot back inside the back of the button.
  5. If the buttons are still sticking, pull the bulb/switch holders out of the back of them, remove from the machine, dismantle and clean in warm soapy water. It's worth doing anyway because there will be years worth of spilled beer and who knows what else inside them!
  6. CanonMan

    Coronavirus and Arcades

    Tell me about it. I'm IT staff at a medical school. Double whammy....
  7. CanonMan

    Coronavirus and Arcades

    That's utter shite and you know it.
  8. CanonMan

    flintstones / alien invasion FREE ..........

    At last.... two machines of your very own!!!
  9. CanonMan

    Australian deal em.. Please help

    Swap over the two connections to the vertical scan coil.
  10. CanonMan

    New Machine! JPM Give Us A Break AWP

    Oooh, has riche100 finally got a machine of his very own? He's been longing for one for as long as I can remember 😉
  11. CanonMan

    Eachway nudger mk2 chewing coins

    Taking the coins but not giving credits?
  12. CanonMan

    Roms Roms Roms and More Roms!

    Not necessarily. Sell the EPROMs on eBay as used, people will buy them as you can't buy them new any more.
  13. CanonMan

    what are these please

    I've never seen anything like that in a pinball machine of any vintage.
  14. CanonMan

    JPM In 2019

    Where's Frank? We're all looking forward to more JPM stories.....
  15. CanonMan

    USA 110v

    No, you probably overloaded it.