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  1. CanonMan

    Barcrest MPU4 models

    The first machine I ever owned was a Jolly Taverner. Boring as hell, but it was cheap!
  2. CanonMan

    Collecting new project,interesting

    Just curious.... what's hiding underneath that top board?
  3. CanonMan

    Collecting new project,interesting

    I was right 🤣
  4. CanonMan

    Collecting new project,interesting

    I think there was an EVF board on eBay recently. Cheap Buy it Now price but had battery damage. Good for stripping for EPROMs though 😉
  5. CanonMan

    Bally hopper fuses

    We know. You've already told us.
  6. CanonMan

    Collecting new project,interesting

    That's a Coinmaster, probably their EVF board with a 6809 CPU.
  7. CanonMan

    Collecting new project,interesting

    Probably won't be PC-based if it's that old. PCs were still rather primitive back then!
  8. CanonMan

    How about this lol

    You're mad Steve! But in a good way..... 🤣
  9. CanonMan

    JPM IMPACT CPU drawings - fan made!

    Just out of interest, what makes you think it's a DJP design? His designs usually have his initials silk-screened onto the PCB don't they?
  10. CanonMan

    Caster wheels on a machine

    If it does, just make sure you jump out of the way
  11. CanonMan

    Eastenders albert square red version

    Probably not as rare as a Barcrest Take Five.
  12. CanonMan

    tuppeny bonanza mps2 roms

    It's something running the OS/9 operating system on a 6809 CPU. Possibly photographic film processing machinery?
  13. CanonMan

    Video Blackjack?

    Sounds like Deal 'Em to me.
  14. CanonMan

    hagar reel problem

    I'd be cleaning up all the connector pins carefully with a fibreglass pencil first, then beeping out the wiring looms with a continuity tester...
  15. CanonMan

    hagar reel problem

    Aren't System 5 reels the ones that are connected in a ring from the MPU through each reel and back to the MPU, with the reel data clocked through serially? If so, a dodgy connection anywhere will stop all of the reels from spinning properly. That's what appears to be happening in the video.