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  1. CanonMan

    Keeping fully working boards in storage

    No point, not worth the effort.
  2. CanonMan


    What a terrible introduction. Do you really think you'll get any help asking like that?
  3. CanonMan

    Does a machine really need meters ?

    I'm teetotal as well 🤣
  4. CanonMan

    Does a machine really need meters ?

    Not me, I'm an atheist.
  5. CanonMan

    Does a machine really need meters ?

    I have been a bit like that with you. Sorry, it won't happen again.
  6. CanonMan

    Does a machine really need meters ?

    How do you know it's definitely a board fault? A faulty meter or a poor connection in the wiring to the meters can also give a meter 60 error.
  7. CanonMan

    777 heaven mpu schematic

    Not exactly the same board, but as close as you'll probably get unless anyone knows different..... Procon PCL MPU.pdf
  8. CanonMan

    Maggi Maggi multicash machine

    There's nothing in the program code that sets up various values in RAM. There's plenty of free space they could have used for a setup routine like this but they didn't bother. Never mind, I won't spend any more time on reverse engineering the code.
  9. CanonMan

    Can anyone identify this machine

    They might even be MPU4, not unknown on this vintage of Crystal machines.
  10. CanonMan

    Wanted andy capp barcrest original machine

    I suppose you want it delivered as well?
  11. CanonMan

    Brenco or bell fruit

  12. CanonMan

    Brenco or bell fruit

    Can't you arrange your own courier? It's not exactly difficult.
  13. CanonMan

    Maggi Maggi multicash machine

    Been having a look at the code disassembly.... Is there a serial or parallel printer port on the machine? If so, I've managed to find the routines that send out audit data to it. Buried away in the ROM as text: "========================================.. CASH TRANSACTIONS.... FROM . TO .....========================================... MULTICASH 2....--------------------- ..DAY S# C# GR/SG PCS CASH IN h/m..--- -- -- "
  14. CanonMan

    Maggi Maggi multicash machine

    Would you be able to reverse engineer the address decoding part of the circuit to determine the 6502's memory map? It would help if anyone's feeling brave enough to disassemble the ROM. I'd have a look myself but I'm much better on Z80 than 6502...
  15. CanonMan

    Maggi Maggi multicash machine

    I've got some spare 6502s somewhere... The machine wouldn't be a great deal of use to me though!