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  1. Homer_1209

    fruit machine

    Hi Mick, I have the sound rom somewhere save on a computer, I can have a look for you... I have a game rom as well in the machine I have at the minute but it’s on £4, not £8 it may switch up to £8, never tried as I don’t have the artwork!
  2. Homer_1209

    JPM, my view from the inside. Frank Bird.

    👍🏻 Good read chaps! Hope there’s plenty more to come!!
  3. Homer_1209

    Anyone Remember Rodstck Enterprise ltd

    Mike Carr did indeed work there... (only just seen this thread through reading Franks post!) And yes a very nice chap too I might add... Any one else remember any other names from back in the day??
  4. Homer_1209

    £6 Roms for JPM Indiana Jones

    Token tube bottom sensors were “made” as if the token tubes are full... at mine showed the “TT” (Token Tubes) low light so first thing I did was sort that! The glasses on the vouge cabinet come out from the front! Honestly couldn't be simpler! A little while since I’ve done one, but 6x wing nuts and half a dozen screws I think... button panel hinges out towards you, too glass out first then bottom glass... honestly really easy! I’d be happy with a good quality picture of the decals I can then play about with... Ill see how it goes... I just thought it would have thrown jackpots more often at 20p play £6, 88%! It may just need time to settle down...
  5. Homer_1209

    £6 Roms for JPM Indiana Jones

    In all honesty it played shit! I thought after it having a ram clear it would have gone mental! Over £40 it cost for the first £6 jackpot... I’m hoping it might level out a little! But did expect much more at 88%! The boot was slightly different too... the status light flashes much quicker to start with... then slows down to the norm... Ill see how I get on with it and keep you posted! Don't suppose any has any spare £6 decals/artwork do they?? Or even a high quality picture of there’s would do that I can play around with... Thanks all! 👍🏻
  6. Homer_1209

    Bellfruit Big Breakfast Roms

    Sorry can’t help you with any decals... as the only ones I have are what was already fitted when I got the machine on £4! No probs and thanks! 👍🏻
  7. Homer_1209

    £6 Roms for JPM Indiana Jones

    Gents! I believe the problem to be with U4! With a s61-6 in the later combined program and processor card it won’t boot! I’ve swapped mine out for the one in the picture and it now boots! (An S61-5) With my proms I blew last night... hopefully you’ll find this helpful!! 👍🏻
  8. Homer_1209

    £6 Roms for JPM Indiana Jones

    Thanks for the inputs... Mine were blown in to two brand new ST M271001 proms and mine doesn’t boot! Put the newer version back in and all works fine... Ive since re-download the zip, verified and checked the checksums of the downloads and I still get the same checksums on the proms for both new and old download... As has been said in the other thread, I’m thinking the problem may lie with the U4/5 chips as Indy is quite an old game and I’m sure had separate prom and cpu cards at the time not combined as was in mine when I received it...
  9. Homer_1209

    £6 Roms for JPM Indiana Jones

    Thanks for the suggestions and offers... The “-12F1 and -10F1” are just the speed of the prom... if I remember right the lower the number the quicker the data can be read from them! (I’m sure if I’m wrong someone will correct me!) If I can’t get it working I’ll take you up on the offer of a set if I can’t sort it my self... id happily supply you the blank EPROMs! Think im going to download the zip again, unzip compare checksums when they’re unzipped, and then blow myself another set and see how I get on with those... Maybe even verify my sound prom with the one in the zip file... Although I thought JPM’s of this era would work with any sound prom and just produce the wrong sounds... When they didn’t work in my machine I even went to the trouble of downloading the emulator and tried them in there and the £6 token ones work just fine on the JPeMu....
  10. Homer_1209

    £6 Roms for JPM Indiana Jones

    Sometimes it’s the obvious that needs pointing out! 😂 Yes I’m using a combo memory/prom card... picture below... No not running 4 proms/2 memory cards at the same time! My assumption was the lower number would be P1... Both the cards I have are running a S61-6, is this compatible? I’d never even considered this! Could it be that £6 Tokens need an earlier version? Blue squares are Original parts out of my Indy, yellow square is my spare card and my roms I’ve blown.... Both cards work fine with original roms, neither card works with my roms either way around... Dont suppose you made a note of the checksums of the files when you blew them did you?? Thanks! 👍🏻
  11. Homer_1209

    £6 Roms for JPM Indiana Jones

    Gents.... I might be having a blonde moment here but how did you work out which was P1 and P2?? I know they are the 128kb files (that are blown in to a 1meg prom). Ive blown both in to two new 1Meg proms, but my machine doesn’t boot with my proms in my prom card, either way around P1 & 2 switched over (not upside down obviously!) I put my original £10 cash ones in and it boots fine... After it’s failed to boot, Ive removed the proms loaded the file back in to the programmer verified both proms with their file in the programmer, and they both verify as good... For the life of me I can’t see the obvious that I’m missing!! HELP.... Please!!
  12. Homer_1209

    Bellfruit Big Breakfast Roms

    Is it the game or sound rom your needing?? I have these running in my machine, but can’t get to pull it out at the minute to see what they switch to.... My machine is running 10p £4 at the minute...
  13. Hi All, Im looking for some tubes and not sure what you’d call the other (blue) bit to put my Indian Jones back on tokens! when I got it it had already been butchered and the token tubes removed! I have some tubes and token solenoids I could make fit, but if any one had any original (tubes) and blue part they were willing to part with I’d be great full in exchange for beer tokens! The pic is what I have that’s original... my complete stumbling block is the blue part that sits below the solenoid... these are what I’m most in need of!! Or if any one has a complete pay out tray they no longer need?? Thanks in advance! 😁
  14. Homer_1209

    MPU4 Test Jig Software

    Thanks for the input and replies gents! Just so you all know where I’m up to with this... I’m waiting on some more parts arriving, I was just trying to put together what I had... And see how far I got with it! To answer questions above... I’ve used a green label, and a sanken switch mode (MPU5) power supply, currently waiting on the older style turning up... both give the 50Hz error on start up! After reading and rereading and rereading the test jig instructions I came across this... Assuming the “up” position is in the closed circuit state, mine were all open circuit, as my toggle switches still haven’t arrived I shorted between the switch input pins and hey presto, I got the RS233 error... I found shorting the two below pins got past the 50Hz error! This then shorted the RS232 error, shorting pins 2 and 3 got the alphanumeric to then show MPU4 UNITEST.... 👍🏻 The newer display when I had that connected didn’t say 50Hz FAILURE it just showed a collection of characters and hieroglyphics resembling nothing like the 50Hz! So all heading in the right direction... Many thanks all...
  15. Homer_1209

    MPU4 Test Jig Software

    Chaps, little more playing about on my part, found an older display, now I get this far with the UT2 software running, all I have connected is the power and display... Have any of you come across this?? Is it looking for an input I don’t have connected? Or Have I just missed the obvious?? Ive tried two different power supplies and two different mpu4’s.... I get the same with them all. As always... thanks in advance! 👍🏻