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  1. Homer_1209

    fruit connexion pcp on mps2

    I’ve had more than one of those old power supplies do that to me... In my experience it’s always been a capacitor that’s gone up... judging from the amount of smoke it should be fairly obvious which one!!
  2. Homer_1209

    maygay m1a eastenders red top glass

    Is it still on there now?? I’d love to add some Maygay stuff to my collection...
  3. Homer_1209

    JPM Vouge Cabinets

    Afternoon all, I’m looking for 2/3 JPM Vouge cabinets to add to my collection if any of you have any for sale or know the whereabouts of any that are for sale?? Not too fussed what games they are at the minute... just looking to expand my collection!! - I already have a Monopoly, Casino Crazy, and a Roller Coaster, so any with the exception of those three... thanks in advance everyone!!
  4. Homer_1209

    Replica JPM System 80 CPU cards

    You must have a very very very understanding other half Andrew!! Very nice job!! ??
  5. Homer_1209

    JPM Monopoly 60th £8 Token rom

    No sorry... on my googeling around I did read somewhere v1&2 had percentage bugs in and were critical updates so I would imagine you’d struggle to find them!!
  6. Homer_1209

    JPM Monopoly 60th £8 Token rom

    If your wanting a token program give me a shout... if I remember right when I had them fitted I have the following: Version 3: £8 token only with some interesting bright lamps on feature entry and jackpot! Version 8: £8 token only Version11: £8 token/£10 cash And... Version 11: £8 cash/£10 cash (rather oddly the £8 cash displays token on boot but pays £8 cash! Presumably an IOM version??) Swichable via the white rocker switch!!
  7. Homer_1209

    Hello 👋�

    Nice try guys!! Like I said I’m not completely new to the forum... I’d already seen this £50 trick from you two!! However donation made!! ðŸ‘ðŸ»
  8. Homer_1209

    JPM Monopoly 60th £8 Token rom

    I might be wrong but I though this came out on £8 token and then £10 cash was an update when all cash first came out!! Thanks for the code breakdown too... I’ve done some digging around via google and I’ve got a couple to try I’ll let you know if they’re any good!!
  9. Homer_1209

    JPM Monopoly 60th £8 Token rom

    Thanks... but the rocker switch was my guess to as I know this is how you switched Money Talks before they went on to stakes and prizes keys... I know they exist I’ve seen them on £8 token... If you want a copy of the £10 ones let me know!!
  10. Homer_1209

    JPM Monopoly 60th £8 Token rom

    When it boots up it says “M09 C†on the display, picture of roms below... All I can do is alter price of play between 20p/25p (via dips 1&2), I might add this doesn’t tie in with the switch setting on the back door!! Not unusual I know... The white rocker switch on the right hand side of the cabinet it doesn’t alter the jackpot at all... There no stakes and prizes key in the machine either!! I assume the “C†in the boot stands for cash (only I presume??)
  11. Homer_1209

    JPM Monopoly 60th £8 Token rom

    Hi everyone, I’m fairly new to posting on here, (been a member a while though!!) I’m looking for JPM Monopoly 60th £8 token roms if any one can assist?? Thank Mark
  12. Homer_1209

    Hello 👋�

    Ok... so how and where do I donate??
  13. Hi everyone, I’ve been a member for a while on here, just never really taken the interest that I have over the past couple of weeks... I’ve read about donations... What’s this about and what else does it get you?? I don’t seem to be able to reply to some of the posts, and I’m happy to try and help out if some one can point me in the right direction to... Thanks Mark.