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  1. Homer_1209

    Electrocoin roms

    Is your 1991 bar x running the z80 board? If so the sound rom will be the same between them all... if I remember right the red bar software gave extra nudges where as the big 7 didn't... but you could swap either way around so long as the gal was the same (colour).
  2. Homer_1209

    um. a little help please?

    What screen does it get to and is it a skill ball bingo or a skill ball deluxe?? I’d guess with the nectec it’s more than likely a bingo, not a deluxe??
  3. Homer_1209

    Can you get cheap test equipment.....

    Good read as always!! 👍🏻
  4. Homer_1209


    Before you take the old ones off, mark on the black plastic where the reel bands join now, then put the new ones on so they are on with the join in exactly the same place! I would used plenty of double sided sticky tape!
  5. Homer_1209

    Injector program

    Andrew is correct! It’s a yearly licence fee (not sure how much)... you need the interface box and leads, SR3 and SR5’s use different leads. Then you need access to another program (I forget the name), to down load the data set coin files. Which the mechs need for all the CCTalk codes (etc) for anything that uses the 10 way plug.... Different variants, ie SR3 & SR5 use one program, SR3i/e use another, as do SR5i/e’s. Then I’m sure there’s a variant or update for any that use DES too... The software may run on windows 98, I know the SR3/5 program works best on XP! Again as Andrew said if it’s for 1, 2, 3.... don’t waste your time!
  6. Homer_1209

    Barcrest T7 LED driver board wanted

    Hi Andrew, are you still in search of a couple of the T7 mux boards??
  7. Homer_1209

    EPOCH U10 boot chip V8 WANTED

    Hi Andrew, has anyone come forward with a V8 for you?? If not, PM me your details and you can borrow mine!! Thanks Mark!
  8. Homer_1209

    The Rise and Fall Of BGT

    Some of the casino cabinets were used as rebuilds... tops, and innererds ripped off and out and turned into the Bell Fruit/Mazooma (original) 3 player blue Monopoly’s. I haven’t got a pic nor can I find one... the the base cabinet are definitely BGT base.... probably another reason very few ever come up for sale...
  9. Homer_1209

    Today arrived in the post post!

    I had no idea such things were so hard to come by now... Marvellous little tool I might add.... If I could remember where mine came from I’d point you in the right direction Andrew.... Had it donkeys years!! - I’de better start taking better care of it!!
  10. Homer_1209

    Maygay EPOCH MPU repair

    Hi Russ, there’s a lot more out of shot of the camera there... like the complete workings of a machine... just rehashed in to a home made test rig...
  11. Homer_1209

    Maygay EPOCH MPU repair

    Hi Andrew, I’ll check the difference in timing on the rest LED from the v6 to the v8 tomorrow for you and let you know!! I’m guessing you’d like my v8 boot chip then.... Believe it or not the first cpu board I picked up had the v8 chip in!! On checking the others I had v4, v5, v6 and the one v8! Let me know!!
  12. Homer_1209

    Maygay EPOCH MPU repair

    Hi Andrew, is this what you are looking for?? I have it running with Phonix Nights roms, with the V8 boot rom in it takes approx 46 seconds to set up when you open the door! With a V6 it takes about 42! (Again with the door open). Is this what you were expecting or not?? Roms as pictured... If there’s some other roms you’d like me to try with it please let me know! Thanks, Mark.
  13. Homer_1209

    Maygay EPOCH MPU repair

    Good job though!! Time well spent if you enjoy it!! As you’ve said it’s a labour of love, you could never make money repair your battery damaged boards!! I’ll have a look see if I have a v6 or v8 boot rom for you!!
  14. Homer_1209

    Maygay EPOCH MPU repair

    Excellent bit of work there Andrew! Very neatly done!! Dare we ask how long that actually took you?? Also thanks for the pointers I have a couple of impact processer boards I still need to finish... Thanks Mark!
  15. Homer_1209

    Barcrest rio help and files

    What “Mk” pc does your machine have in it?? If it doesn’t say on it, could you take some pictures of the underside where all the cables plug in??