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  1. coral

    lamp mask

    He works extremely hard! They will always be a constant battle keeping the old machines running but in my opinion well worth it well done putting time back into a machine that needed it
  2. coral

    Bally Target restoration.

    VERY impressive. I am really amazed, a great thread. I enjoyed reading through. Well Done!
  3. coral

    Spellbound classic

    Heard loads about this from years back, although never saw one. Thanks, will be good to have a play on one after all this time. Gonna put the kettle on now....lol
  4. coral

    Balley EM superline

    This will be amazing if you can restore it. Great to see that you have even entertained the idea!
  5. coral

    help please mc14528cp

    cheap as chips!
  6. coral

    JPM SYSTEM 5 sound cards needed!

    I have some spare SWP bits if you want them...I will dig them out, you can have them. I will also sort a picture out too for the sound card I have I would be grateful if anyone does have any... all these bits are hard to come by now! I think I have Monopoly and Cluedo SWP cards, with roms too I believe...I will look through my boxes at the weekend!
  7. Hi People Do any of you guys have a system 5 sound card? They are used in games like Popeye,Fairground,circus,hagar etc. I will pay £10 for each working one as my Popeye has a faulty one. Its not the rom, its the card itself. let me know if you have and i will arrange payment. Thanks!!!
  8. coral

    jpm's indiana jones

    Just a VERY lazy update. A bit like the Money Talks when it was updated to £8 and £10 the big money remained as £3 & £6! They did the same thing with the clone of Indiana.... I guess it saved the glass being scratched out more. Some manufacturers (especially on the £25 updates) made the jump from the win nearest to JP £10 to £25. These days is still £30/£40/£50 to £70 so its just to make the Jackpot more attractive perhaps?
  9. coral

    Just got this

    The £10 version is actually a very good game too, so well done!
  10. coral

    Arcade pics

    very nice pics, a lot of machines I love there too. Big 50 is a superb players machine.
  11. coral

    Project: The heat is on

    Anything ever come of this?
  12. coral

    Maygay/Project Coin Tech Manual

    Nice one thanks!
  13. coral


    Cool vids of the steppa nudge. Brings back memories
  14. coral


    Yeah I saw that, ebay seem 'more relaxed' again too
  15. coral

    bellfruit water wheel 1968

    Sorry, it was SUPPOSED to be one post not 2 (now its 3) lol whoops. It is late (early)!!