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  1. PurpleAngels

    Americana 32 Weekender

    That is true, the Hells Angels who normally do the security would not of stood for any of it. Seriously, in the venue that had the most aggro, they decide to put a security guy on the door, on crutches!! He even had a chair so he could sit and rest his poorly foot!!! :lol: The pikeys are now bitching at me for calling the kids feral in a f/b post, but actually, i described the behaviour of the kids, i did not specifically say 'pikey kids'- they've actually taken that responsibility themselves!! :lol:
  2. PurpleAngels

    a "reely" nice surprise

    See, you're getting into it already! I'll book your appointment while i'm in the shop on wednesday :lol: :lol:
  3. PurpleAngels

    a "reely" nice surprise

    Hahaha, i did wonder how we'd not noticed it before! Looks a lovely tat. I could see you with a shaved head and a train or something tattooed on your head......or maybe not! lol :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. PurpleAngels

    a "reely" nice surprise

    Erm, Sulzerned....is that your arm in pic 2....? Fab news about the reels! :clap:
  5. PurpleAngels

    Fruit Machine Collecting Question

    Hahahaha, my dad would be quite often revving the engine.....in the kitchen!! Now that's bad! hahahaha :lol: But actually, looking at how old before his time my mum has made him now, i wish my dad was still revving them engines, getting on mums nerves, so if a reeeelly crazy hobby is what keeps Steve happy, so be it. :D
  6. PurpleAngels

    Fruit Machine Collecting Question

    I agree, all women are proper mental! :lol: I remember going out somewhere with my mum when i was younger and coming back to find a motoerbike engine or exhaust pipe on the dining room table, if we were really lucky, there'd be a whole motorbike in the kitchen, several times, so when i look at Steve with his reels out or his boards and soldering iron, i do remind myself it could be much worse!! lol :lol:
  7. PurpleAngels

    Fruit Machine Collecting Question

    Yep, i guess i'm a bit like that! One minute they do my head in, the next it's all ok! lol. Our rule has always been the same, i don't want them in the house. If i let Steve have just one in the house, i know in less than 6 months time we'll have as many in the house as he does in the garage! He knows that as well, and he's never tried to push it............ too much!! hahahaha :lol:
  8. PurpleAngels

    Fruit Machine Collecting Question

    The kids absolutely love them and our boy loves going with his dad to pick up machines, so i can never be moody for long! Hahahaha :-) :-)
  9. PurpleAngels

    Fruit Machine Collecting Question

    I already know what the answer to that question would be...so i've never asked! hahahaha, i'll find me a proper sugar daddy first! hahahaha :lol: :lol:
  10. PurpleAngels

    Fruit Machine Collecting Question

    Well this is an interesting topic, i like it!! My views are mixed really. I don't have any problems with the machines themselves, my main issues have always been Steve getting his prioritys right. (We have talked about what i'm typing! lol) Too many times i have struggled to feed us, to top up the gas, electric, etc and he goes and spends a few hundred quid on a machine, and then i still have to top up his own funds so he can afford the petrol to work after spending all his own cash on a machine. Money i never get back. I said we needed to save up the money for a house deposit, our daughter is desperatley needing her own room, to which he said we couldn't afford it,but spent more than we needed on 2 machines.Then i was pissed off about the whole thing, the whole pointless stupid obsession. He works so many hours that we as a family hardly ever see him and when we do, he's not awake enough to realise we're talking to him! All because he wants to buy every machine machine he sees, which of course, is as rare as the last one and has it's own sob story like the last one. If he was less selfish with the 'hobby', i wouldnt have a single issue with it, we have both often said Steve is very much a single person in a relationship, i think he tends to forget he has a wife and 2 kids!! :lol: But on the whole, generally, i don't mind it. There are far worse things he could be in to, and we've met some amazing people through his hobby, I just wish he wasn't so selfish......buy me some flowers every once in a while you tight git- and not a 30p dead bunch again! hahahahahaha :lol: :lol: So there is my brutally honest opinion :)
  11. PurpleAngels

    Birthday in the house

    Happy Birthday!! Have a fab day :)
  12. PurpleAngels

    Facebook fans please!

    Even i have done it, just coz i'm nice like that! :D :D
  13. PurpleAngels

    look at this

    Too true Vinny, it's the girls that worry me on a night out. They wouldn't think twice about bashing your face in with their stilletos- that must be why most women wear them coz they can't walk in them, nor do they look attractive!! hahahahaha :lol:
  14. PurpleAngels

    face book

    I think facebook is like a lot of other things- it's not the tools that cause the problem, it's the people using them.
  15. PurpleAngels

    look at this

    Of course, i am the Queen of Sheba too! hahahaha